My Erotic Top 5 (Number 1) (L)

Most “Top 10, Top 5, or Top 3” lists don’t satisfy. By the time you get to number 1 – you’re thinking,

number 3 was better.

I’m not stressing about justifying to all of you why my number 1 is worthy of its lofty perch. Why? Because these are all great erotic memories and it is not a competition. Also, my number 1 doesn’t have to be your number 1.

At least those are my reasons – if this last entry doesn’t satisfy you!

Quick review: These are my erotic Top 5 moments I mentally go to when I masturbate. I’ve relived these many times. I’ve even had numerous hard on’s as I’ve typed each of these stories. They still get me off and I imagine they always will!

I hope you have liked them – and that they will stimulate you to ponder your greatest memories with your beloved spouse. God has graced us with memories that help us recall not only facts – but sensual feelings. Revisit some of your memories with your spouse – even as you continue to make new ones!

So far:

Number 5 – First time I stuck my tongue in my wife’s asshole

Number 4 – First time I touched her pussy

Number 3 – First time she saw my dick; and I saw her boobs

Number 2 – Our most orgasmic mutual masturbation session ever!

And now…Number 1:

Number 1) Doggy-Style to the Max

My number 1 erotic memory with my wife is not a one-time event. It is the most erotic thought that comes to my mind without a doubt.

When I masturbate, I have a treasure trove of memories with my wife to pick from. But when I am pumping my cock apart from her, the most erotic thought is of me fucking my wife doggy-style. This might sound tame compared to some of my other memories – but it is not!

Why is this my number 1?

The most exhilarating sexual position that we both enjoy is when I am pumping her pussy from behind. My wife loves where my dick hits her the best this way. We even like the way our feet can be used for bracing each other while I am going in and out.

More than any other position we fuck in – my wife feels the most reckless abandon when I’m rear ending her. There is NO doubt that when she asks to get fucked this way that she wants it rough and rambunctious. She lets me know that she wants her pussy pounded by getting on all fours – “Fuck me hard with that huge cock!”

With all this – It is a no brainer for this to be my number 1! Butt, there is more.

I love all the benefits just mentioned – plus the butt. When I’m pounding her cunt doggy-style – I feel my midsection bounce onto her ass. I can’t tell you how much I love my wife’s ass. I love to be pressed up against it in any and all circumstances. Just read about every other one of my stories and you know real quick! I’m an ass man!

When I’m masturbating, I am blessed to be able to draw on the countless times I’ve fucked my wife in this way.

I think about my initial entry into her love chamber – and the indescribable feeling my dick has. My dick is at home! We are both oohing and aahing about how good it feels to fuck. I grab her tits and jam my dick in as far as it can go – she takes all of me in her cunt.

Then, I start to pull out slowly – feeling every fiber of her glorious pussy lips. She doesn’t want me to leave – and I assure her I’m going nowhere as I push back in slowly. It feels so good, that we frequently say, “Oh fuck!! It feels so good!” It is like we’ve never done this before! We’re amazed at the continual newness. 

Our hearts are one – and they are pounding. We are so content! We don’t care what time it is or what time we have to get up in the morning. This fucking makes yawning tomorrow afternoon worth it!! We are gladly sleep deprived because of sex quite often. Honestly, we think we sleep so good after orgasms that we get enough quality rest because of it. We’ve just made love and all is right in the world. We know the Lord – and are at peace in our hearts. Who wouldn’t sleep well with all that?!

After the slow fucking, my wife will let me know that she wants it hard and fast. We clasp our legs in a way I can’t describe and we are off. It is pounding time!

I just start going in and out like there is no tomorrow! Her pussy causes a friction on my cock and my cock on her pussy that we both admit is the best sensory feeling in this world. The noise of her wet pussy sucking my cock in then letting it go is like music to our ears. My balls slapping her ass are the “bongos”!

It is our little sex orchestra. I play the “tromboner!” My wife’s tits are the “symbols” and “percussion” – depending on how they are shaking. We like to play long, tender “love songs” with our instruments – fucking in a rhythm that would make Beethoven proud (and probably blush!).     

With all this – It is a no brainer to me for this to be my number 1!

This memory never fails to satisfy! We not only masturbate to its eroticism, we continue to play new songs with it.  It doesn’t matter where we are. We can be at her mom and dad’s house, a cabin – and always at our home. We can be in a hotel with the kids – and doggy it in the shower as she holds on to the bar. They have no idea! Our doggy travels well – as do these wonderful memories. Doggy-style is so awesome!

My Number 1 has been played all over – and believe me – it is still a hit! It can be played slow or fast – quickies are good! So, this memory of doggy-style sex is strong in my masturbation arsenal because of the power of the love it represents between us.


I am so blessed to be married to a wonderful servant of God. We have full lives. Even these Top 5 erotic hits don’t measure up to the greatest treasure we have – knowing Jesus Christ. He has blessed us with salvation.

We are also unashamed to declare that God has also given us the joys that go with married life – including wonderful, erotic, raw, passionate memories. Memories that continue to fuel us to new vistas!

My wife and I are two committed, Bible-believing Christians, with conservative, biblical values – and none of those values are opposed to the blessings that come in our marriage bed.

I hope you are encouraged to be passionate and unashamed as you walk in faithfulness and fidelity with your Lord and your covenant spouse.

We don’t need Hollywood’s values or porn! God has given us what we need in our partners for life! Take note of the jewel sleeping next to you tonight.

I hope you might soon take a walk with your spouse and ask, “What is your erotic Top 5?” You might have to hurry home!

God bless you MH family!


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23 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    My number one is not singled out in one particular event or position. My number one is our previous lovemaking sessions. Every time Ben and I make love is a precious hot memory. All I have to do is recall how it feels to be held by him, how his hands feel on my body and how his hard dick felt inside my pussy.

    All I have to do is recall these memories and my pussy becomes hot and wet. I love masturbating to memories of our sexual love. I never fail to have explosive and intense orgasms. I love my Ben with all my being and thank the good Lord every day for having him in my life.

    Once again, thank you so much for this LH! Thanks to Marriage Heat for allowing us as Christians the chance to express ourselves in this special intimate way.

    God bless and stay Horny! GG.

    • Lovinghusband says:

      I love what your number 1 is! Thank you for all of your encouragement – that includes Ben!!

  2. Caveman says:

    Great story! I have really enjoyed this set of stories so thanks for thinking of it and sharing it with us.

    Mutual masturbation is a common part of our marriage bed. Although, because I am the higher drive spouse and we are frequently separated, I am more likely to get off when we are not together. My dear bride does this less often. All that said we will share these experiences when together and they certainly enhance our marriage bed. My dear bride enjoys jilling off is my presences, and can orgasm that way, but it usually leads us into other areas of love making. I know that part of her enjoyment in mutual masturbation is the reaction that her touching herself elicits from me and the show she often gets in return. Watching her bring herself pleasure in front of me is one of my favorites and she knows it. It is a gift from God that we can share this very intimate experience together.

    My top memory, my #1, happened by chance the first time. She was giving me a show. She was using her toy and enjoying the pleasure. She had slid to the edge of the bed. From that position, with her head hanging off the edge, her legs spread open, toying her womanhood, she asked for my cock. She began licking and sucking my manhood, guiding my cock into her mouth with one hand while working her toy into her pussy with the other. She let go and was lost in intense pleasure of the moment. She began taking me deeper and deeper as she ground her toy deeper and deeper. The feeling of her tongue and mouth on my cock was amazing. From that position, I could lean forward and handle her breasts while watching her use her toy to her fullest satisfaction. It was amazing to watch, all the while sliding my cock in and out of her mouth, listening to her muffled moans of pleasure. Her orgasms were intense and long lasting. Not finished, she wanted me to mount her and ride her pussy to my orgasm, moaning and speaking heated words of passion.

    We have enjoyed that method many times. Sometimes I will cum in her mouth, but most often we will finish with enthusiastic thrusting of every position–she will always demand it faster, and deeper and harder. She is more vocal and assertive in these sessions than most others. These memories are vivid and sure to be a part of my solo sessions. She knows this and when we are separated she will remind me of them and encourage me to get off to them. Because I have such a wonderful bride and great lover, I am able to enjoy these memories, guiding my solo-time thoughts toward her–bringing us closer even when apart.

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Caveman – what a superlative number 1 you two have! I’m not surprised that it comes to your mind often! Thanks.

  3. CJ says:

    Great stories, my number 1.
    One summer night we went to the drive in to watch some movies under the stars. We found a parking spot, near the back since we took my truck that night. We got all other blankets and pillows set up in the back of the truck and snuggled under the covers ready to enjoy the movie. It wasn’t too long into the movie and I was finger fucking my wife while she had my balls in her hand. Since we were parked besides other cars I asked if she wanted to go in the truck for more privacy, but without a word my shorts down to my knees and she was sitting on lap with her back facing me. I reached around her and was playing with her clot until I felt her pussy grab hold of my cock as she orgasmed silently. With that I shot my cum up into her as she was squeezing my cock with her cunt. We just laid there, cock inside her, under the blankets until the movie was finished. Funny thing though, every time she laughed her pussy would squeeze my dick bringing it hard again for another fuck. I can’t remember which movie it was, but it doesn’t really matter.
    I would like to add that the “next time” is usually what I fantasize about, but these are my favorites. God bless and happy stroking.

  4. Seeking Passion says:


    I must say that I have truly enjoyed your entire series. All five made me very horny indeed. You must do another series on a hot topic of interest. They were very erotic and passionate. It’s sort of hard for me to do a count down of my most memorable moments to masturbate to. But I will say that my number one is probably the first time we came together.

    I was on top and we were very horny indeed. We hadn’t had sex in about two weeks so he had a lot of sexual frustration pent up inside. That entire day was full of flirting back and forth, and he couldn’t keep his hands to himself. So I had three small children and a husband with a rock hard dick following me around the house. That night while cooking dinner I called him and told him that I had a big juicy cherry and strawberry hid somewhere on my body and if he can find them he can have them. He immediately pulled me into the bathroom and locked the door. He went in full frisking mode and found the strawberry down in my cleavage ( I can hide anything in there with size F breast, LOL). He started eating and sucking the strawberry. I had strawberry juice running everywhere. The more the juice ran the more he licked. The strawberry was sooo juicy that the juice ran through my cleavage, down my tummy, and into my panties.

    Needless to say that my husband followed the juice. He pulled off my skirt and panties and lifted my left leg on his right shoulder and looked up at me and said “why stop now?.” Which is how he ended up finding the juicy cherry. He nibble and ate the cherry until it was all gone. But he didn’t stop. I asked him what is he still doing? He looked up at me smiling and said, “I’m checking to see is anything else in there”. I got out of there just in time before my chicken burned.

    Later after dinner and the children were in bed I went to take a shower while my husband watched TV in the living room. After my shower I lit some candles and started preparing myself. I covered my entire body in baby oil; I was very shiny. I did my makeup (he loves my makeup heavy but not street heavy), I put on some red dangly earrings, did my hair, put on red fishnet thigh high stockings and red pumps. My hands had started to visit a few places so I became very wet very quickly. I had my womanly juice running everywhere. There was already a wet spot on the bed. I called my husband and told him I was ready for bed.

    When he got there he saw me laying on the bed propped on pillows, legs wide a part, juice running everywhere, body shiny from head to toe, and my hand covered with white creamy juice. I didn’t need foreplay I had worked myself up. He took one look at me, closed and locked the door, came over and started rubbing my pussy slipping fingers in and out. He then said “you better get on top because I won’t last long if I do.” He stripped and I got on top. I rode him like my life depended on it. He was licking and sucking my boobs and when he realized that I was on the verge of cumming he grabbed my waist and started slamming up into me with force. I told him I was cumming and he grabbed my waist tighter and slammed up into me harder than before (literally taking my breath away) and pulled me down on him hard and held me there. We came very hard together; his dick was twitching as he coated my walls very well.

    I had to remind him that the children were sleeping and he grabbed me, wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me down to him and moaned and groaned into my breasts. He put his hands on my hips and started rocking me back and forth until he went limp and we just laid there wrapped in each other’s arms. The wet spot was now even bigger now that our combine juices were running out everywhere. When we finally moved he opened my legs and started kissing my pussy over and over and over and said ” I love you, I love you so much. I thought you had forgot about me”.

    Anyway, that’s my most memorable of all. I hope you enjoyed reading it as I had waaay too much fun writing it. Now I have to go and finish what my fingers have started. Typing with one hand is not easy when the other hand is completely coated in a white creamy liquid:-)

    • hornyGG says:

      Wow, Seeking Passion! Your not the only one typing with one hand! Your comment has my pussy dripping! God bless you girl and stay horny. Gotta go so I can cum!

    • Seeking Passion says:

      I am so glad, GG, that it had that effect on you. Remembering it got me to! That was years ago, but it felt so good writing about it. Hopefully we will get back to that stage soon.

      God finally softened my heart to my husband. God allowed us to communicate effectively with one another. I can actually hear and see the pain my husband is going through. He was finally able to communicate to me what’s going on with his health which is seriously affecting his sex life. At this point he can’t maintain an erection. It has had a major impact on his sense of self as a man. Add to the fact, that the company he invested all his time an energy in filed bankruptcy and closed; so they were all laid off indefinitely. As a result he feels less than a man and a husband, and honestly believe that I am no longer satisfied being with him. It’s all really too much for him right now. His manhood has really been challenged.

      It hurts me so bad that I assumed he wasn’t interested in me sexually, and that wasn’t the case at all. However, we are going to be okay and make it through this. I refuse to let him give up. I go out of my way to cater to him and make him feel special and wanted. I have also shown him that we can still have romance even without intercourse. I think his spirit is lifting, he’s so hard to read at times, LOL.

      Oh gosh, let me stop babbling and boring you:-)

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Seeking Passion, this is an answer to prayer. I’m so glad neither of you are in the dark about what is going on – and that you have great confidence in one another’s love. You still have many ways for the two of you to get hot! I will pray for you!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      What a hot story Seeking Passion! I think you will never forget it! I’m glad you could finish it to the end! You are proficient typing one-handed!

  5. hornyGG says:

    My dear Seeking Passion, I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s hardships. You obviously love him so very much. I will pray extra hard for him and you as well. Hang in there girl and stay strong. He is so lucky to have you as his wife. Btw, you never bore me!

    God bless and stay horny my dear!

    PS. Thank you for your sexy post and helping me get my rocks off! ( So to speak! Lol.)

  6. smitten says:

    TO SEEKING PASSION. I went through this in my forties. It all started with anxiety over our troubled son. If it doesn’t come up, or stay up for a couple times, it turns into a vicious cycle. Worrying about whether it will come up and stay up will cause it to not come up. If it comes up and one flash of anxiety enters the mind it will go down. Then there is the wife that feels guilty that it is her fault; she feels unattractive and undesireous. Both begin to try too hard, not allowing nature to take its course, and it becomes devastating.
    We broke this cycle by accepting the problem and enjoying mutual oral sex and bringing each other to climax in other ways. We eventually became more relaxed and nature began to take over once again.
    We hope that this helps and God bless you.

  7. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I know it's late, but let me just say that I love how you described your erotic top 5 with words like "hit", "song", "music" and the like. I have many number ones, myself! May God keep you both!

    • Lovinghusband says:


      You are correct – it is late. Any and all complimentary comments had to be submitted within 2 years of publishing! Because you were late – you must now go back and write summary reviews of each of the 5 parts of the series. I will be waiting to see your reviews soon! 😀 God bless you! LH

    • Juicy says:

      I just reread your top 5 after reading them a long time ago – before my commenting days 😉 I loved them then, I love them now. Seeing her tits and her seeing your cock was my favourite because of that moment when you realized how sacred your intimacy was. I don't masturbate all that often but when I do, it is to the thoughts of penetration or a fantasy I would like to live out so I don't have my own top 5……..but I wish I did!

    • Lovinghusband says:


      Reading your comment from my old story – thank you. It was so hot to do the "Top 5" because it made me really ponder so many erotic memories! You mentioned "fantasy". It would be fun to write out top 5 fantasies – either lived out or not yet – wouldn't it? LH

    • Juicy says:

      I am following all of your comments on your old stories and I am trying to keep up with you! I think a fantasy list would be amazing! I should really narrow it down but since there are a few that I have yet to live out, they would be fictional accounts as I have already lived them in my dreams. It is fun to re-read old stories and old favourites. Would love to have a "favourites folder" option here!

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      That's not nice! Count your blessings that I commented at all! Just joking, I read did those, I just haven't commented on them. I'm afraid not good with summaries, brother but I'll do what I can.

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Actually, I ain't entirely accepting your challenge until you accept mine, mister! Until next time, Ta Ta Far Now! God bless

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Harper, I just saw your comment on not entirely accepting my challenge. You cracked me up with the counter challenge!!! Very funny. LH

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