The Lunch

Thanks to the blaring alarm clock, I woke up that morning, trying to remember what day it was and where I was.

As the sleep cleared, I remembered. It was a Friday and I was at home. It had been that kind of week; it was all a blur. There had been meetings upon meetings and days that would not end. But this was Friday and the way the day was shaping up, I might even be able to leave work early.

I reached over to shut off the alarm, trying not to disturb my wife, Denise. She moaned softly and moved just a little.

“You can shut off the alarm,” she said shifting her body. “I am taking today off so I get to sleep late.”

Admittedly, I was a little jealous about that. I didn’t take many days off. So I got out of bed as quietly as possible, took my clothes for the work day, and went into the bathroom. I showered, shaved and got dressed. As I passed the bedroom, I whispered, “Talk to you later. I love you.”

Denise didn’t move.

So off I went to start the day. And it was a good day. After a week of nothing going right, everything was going right that morning. The sun was shining, the temperature was warm and the afternoon was shaping up to be easy. It even looked promising to leave early.

Abut 11:15, Denise called me from home.

“So,” I said, “you finally get out of bed?”

Denise laughed. “If you would take days off like you should, you would know the feeling. But sleeping all day has made me hungry. You want to take me to lunch?”

I thought about it for a moment just to make her wait. “So a woman of leisure like yourself is willing to spend time with a working guy like me?” I asked. “I think I can squeeze in some time for you.”

Denise laughed. “I am honored by that. Come pick me up in 30 minutes. I will even dress up for the occasion.”

So I finished my work and headed home. I pulled into the driveway and went by the back entrance, into the kitchen. Denise wasn’t there

“I am in the living room,” I heard her say.

As I moved from the kitchen through the dining room and towards the living room, I asked, “Are you ready?”

There was no answer.

My next question as I entered the living room was “So where do you wa—-” but I got no further as I saw Denise. She was ready, but not for lunch.

Denise was sitting in a winged-back chair, with her body placed horizontally in the chair. Her long legs were swung over one arm of the chair, her toes freshly painted with red nail polish. Denise was wearing her favorite white pearls and a gray silk blouse. It was unbuttoned, allowing the sides of her breasts to protrude. The outline of her nipples could be seen through the fabric. Lace underwear completed the ensemble.

She hooked her right forefinger around her pearls, wrapping the necklace around the digit. Denise gave me her sexy smile; the one that always stirred me.

“You know, I changed my mind,” she said in a low voice. “I thought maybe we could eat in for lunch.”

I walked over to my beloved wife, pulled her out of the chair and kissed her deeply as my hands squeezed her backside. “I only have an hour for lunch,” I said. “Do you think we can get much done in that short of a time?”

Denise leaned back into my arms and I could see the brightness in her beautiful brown eyes. “Just watch me,” she said.

Grabbing me by my tie, she gently led me upstairs to our bedroom.

We stopped at the front of the bed. Denise kissed me on the cheek and stepped away.

Smiling and looking at me, my wife took slowly took off her blouse, allowing me to watch as her breasts were revealed to me. Denise then placed her hands on both sides of her panties and slow moved them down her legs to the floor. She kicked them aside as I kept looking at her full beauty; the erect nipples on her lovely breasts and the light brown hair that covered her private entrance.

Denise put one hand on her pearls and looked at me again.

“Pearls on or off?” she said.

I whispered, “On please. I love you wearing nothing but your pearls.”

Denise giggled. “I just KNEW that was going to be the answer.”

My wife sat down on the bed and looked at me. “You next.”

Off first came my suit coat and tie. As we watched each other, I slowly unbuttoned my dress shirt and took it off. Denise continued to watch carefully.

Next came the shoes and socks. I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and let them fall to the floor.

I was wearing boxers that day. Denise sighed as my fully erect penis peeked through the shorts’ opening. I quickly discarded the shorts and walked over to the bed.

Denise raised her brown eyes towards me as she grabbed my member and brought it closer to her. “I never get tired of seeing you naked and I never get tired of seeing this,” she whispered.

With that, she used her tongue to lick the tip of my penis. Denise grabbed it with one hand and slowly took me into her mouth. I gasped as she began a rhythmic sucking of my member. With one hand, she stroke me and with her other, Denise gently cupped my balls, working her fingers around them.

As she pleasured me, so did I for her. I ran my hands through her beautiful light brown hair, my hands massaging her shoulders, arms and breasts.

Just when I thought it would never end, Denise stopped abruptly, kissed my penis one final time and looked up at me. “That is just the appetizer,” she said with a smile.

We then climbed on top of the bed together, our legs and arms wrapped around each, looking into other’s eyes.

“To what do I owe this lovely moment?” I asked.

Denise smiled. “I heard you leave this morning and whisper that you loved me. I never get tired of hearing that. I know it has been a long week so I thought you deserved a special lunch hour.”

I kissed her and looked into her eyes. “How much I love you,” I whispered.

With that, I rolled Denise on her back, kissing her all the way. I lowered my head to her breasts and planted small kisses on her breasts and chest. I used my tongue to wet her nipples and then softly blew on them to make them even more erect.

Denise placed her hands on my head and sighed in contentment. “Wasn’t this a good idea I had?” she softly said.

As my mouth and tongue worked my wife’s upper body, my right hand slid below her waist to her love entrance. My forefinger softly traced both sides of the outer folds before resting on her clitoris. Denise arched her back so my fingers could easily slid into her opening. I felt her wetness on my fingers.

“You are so ready,” I whispered in Denise’s ear. “You turn me on when you are excited.”

Denise, whose eyes had been closed, turned her head to me, and kissed me softly. “I have been waiting all morning for this,” she said. “If you hadn’t been able to come home for lunch, I would have had to take care of myself by myself. That is definitely not as fun as this.”

We then kissed with great urgency, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. My fingers started to move faster and deeper in and out of her. Denise, meanwhile, grabbed my penis and started to furiously stroke it.

As we both begin to feel our orgasms mounting, Denise broke our kiss and panting in short breaths said, “Can I order lunch now?”

My fingers stopped thrusting and I looked at her. “How would you like your order?”

Denise rolled me over onto my back, swung her leg over the top of me and mounted me. “I need to watch you enter me,” she said.

I grabbed my penis and held it steady. Denise slowly positioned herself on the tip of my penis and began to slowly slide down. We both gasped as she made her way down to my center. Denise sat on top of me, bending at the waist, her hands on my chest. Her pearls shone in the noontime sun as they dangled near her breasts. I could rub her opening as my penis remained deep inside her.

“I could sit like this all day,” said Denise. “The sensation of you in me never gets old.”

Denise bent down and I rose up to meet her. We kissed again as my hands played with her breasts.

Shifting back again, Denise repositioned herself and began to move up and down. She started slowly, moving up my penis to almost the tip and then back down again. She started to move faster. I could feel and hear the slapping of her entrance as it came down on my middle.

My wife closed her eyes now, and she bit her lower lip as the thrusting quicken. Her breath became shorter and the moans grew louder.

“It won’t much longer,” she gasped, her hair now in eyes. “Hurry please. I want us to climax together.”

I began to rapidly thrust by hips upward, driving my penis deeper into her. I could feel her wetness seeping down onto my legs.

Faster and faster we moved together. She began to bounce on top of me, the slapping of our skin only driving our desire higher. I could feel the tension in her body as she moved closer to the edge. “I can’t hold out any more.” she cried out as I felt the first orgasm overcome her.

As her body shook, I felt the love stream rush up my groin and through my penis. “I am right there with you, my love,” I moaned as I arched my back, sending my stream into my wife.

We kept thrusting and bucking until we were sated. Denise collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily, her sweat mingling with mine. As my penis started to slip out of her entrance, I could feel our warm, combined juices flowing down onto me. It was a good feeling.

“I suppose you need to go back to work?” asked Denise, her head on my chest.

I gently stroked her beautiful hair. “Unfortunately, yes,” I whispered. “But I promise I won’t be long.”

Denise kissed me, sat up and dislodged herself from me. She rolled over on her back and smiled at me. “Nothing at work should top this,” she said.

“I know,” I said, rolling up and out of bed. “Let me finish a couple of things and I will be right back.”

Denise propped herself on a pillow, her head resting on her arm. She looked stunning lying on the bed with no clothes on.

“I would hurry back soon,” she said. “I may not be in the mood if you are too late.”

Gathering my clothes, I went into the bathroom, dressed and left again. Just like that morning, Denise was lying on the bed, but this time, she was naked and watching me.

“I love you,” I said.

She smiled. “I loved you too.”

I headed down the stairs and left throughout the kitchen door.  But then I stopped and reached into my pocket.

Two minutes later, I quickly stepped back into the kitchen, dashed upstairs and into the bedroom.

Denise was out of bed, standing, still naked, but holding her bra and panties. She turned around, surprised to see me.

“What are you doing here?” she said.

I reached into my pocket, pulled out my cellphone and waved it at her. “I called the office and told them I was taking the afternoon off.” I said proudly.

Denise smiled.

“So that means I have the afternoon off,” I said. “Got anything you want to do?”

My wife looked at her undergarments and tossed them aside. Denise looked at me and gave me another one of those sexy smiles.

“I won’t be needing these for awhile.”





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  1. hornyGG says:

    Wonderful story beautifulcreature! Ben rarely comes home for lunch, but on those rare times he does we sometimes sneak in a little fun. Maybe one day I will write about one. Thanks for the post!

    God bless and stay horny!

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