Night of Sex – Part 2 (L)

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Continuing our story of Night of Sex. After dinner our intention was to go for a walk either in a park or by the riverfront.

We wanted to have an outdoor erotic encounter and that was part of the reason we went to dinner wearing no underwear, panties and bra. My wife was dressed in a black skirt and blue button up blouse. I wore a blue button up shirt and  khaki casual slacks. Our plan was to take a stroll in the park or by the riverfront and find a secluded spot to make out. My wife would sit on my lap and I would pull my cock out and her skirt would hide what we were doing under her skirt. I would unbutton her blouse to play with her boobs while she was grinding my cock inside her pussy. She would unbutton my shirt and rub my hairy chest and kiss my nipples. We were going to have a hot passionate make out session in the park or on the riverfront.  When we came out of the restaurant, the weather started to change as a front was coming in and the weather forecast predicted severe weather after midnight. The temperature had dropped down to 50 degrees and the wind was picking up. This squashed our outdoor erotic make out session we had had in mind.

My wife said, “Let’s go back to the room for some more fun. Some fun you are waiting for that I promised you.”

I immediately remembered what she was talking about: after she had given me a good suck on my cock and I had asked her to continue and she had said, “Later.”  I started to get hard in my pants. Since I was not wearing underwear a hard on would be very obvious to everyone.  So I said to my wife, “Due to the weather, I think going back to room would be a great idea.”

When we planned for this night of being together, we planned on having sex three times before we fell asleep and then another session in the morning.  We were talking about having sex four times in 12 hours (remember, I haven’t seen my wife for four weeks and our passion has being building for each other for this night).  We specifically got a hotel room because we knew it would be hot and wild and did not want our teenage boys to be disturb by their parents recreation in the bedroom. (Just to add a note about my sexual drive, I am taking testosterone shots and these shots have really improved my performance. I feel like I am 22 years old again with my wife. My wife has noticed the difference especially during intercourse, my cock would go soft and now it stays hard and even harder and my stamina has made a quick turn around. This will be another story to help guys in their mid 40’s and older).

We came back to the hotel room. We lit the candles and I hooked up my iphone to play “Love Songs from the 80’s” that I had downloaded from iTunes.  I then gave my wife the gift that she requested, a dildo in the shape and size of my cock. She opened it and said, “Looks to be the same size as you. I wonder if it will feel just like you.” I said, “You will have try out it and tell me who is better.”

We then turned out the lights, and with candles burning and romantic love songs playing in the background, we embraced each other and began to kiss passionately. We were still dressed and she unbuttoned my shirt and took it off and began cresting my hairy chest. Her hand went to my pants and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and my pants fell to the floor. She began rubbing and lightly stroking my hard cock.  While she was playing with my cock, I unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. I began to fondle her breasts and then sucked on each nipple.  And then my hand went down to her skirt and I pushed it down over her hips and it fell to the floor. Standing naked holding each other and kissing passionately while the love songs played in the background and candlelight glowed around us, you couldn’t ask for a better romantic night after not seeing each other for four weeks!

My wife told to me lie on the bed and she got into a 69 position.  Oh boy, she was going to give me what I love, my wife making love to my cock and she loves it when I finger her pussy while she is making love to my cock.  My wife started licking my shaft with her tongue from the bottom of the shaft up to the tip and then engulfed the tip of my cock inside her mouth. Oh, this made me harder. My wife does not like to do oral sex but she knows I enjoy it and when she does it, it is the most exciting pleasure. I respect my wife’s feelings, so when I get ready to ejaculate, I tell her. She does not like cum in her mouth or on her face, instead she wants me to cum on her tits.  While she was making love to my cock and the pleasure I was feeling, I was using my thumb in her pussy. She loves it when I curl my thumb up against her cervix and then I inserted my middle finger and she loved this because she took my whole cock into her mouth and began to go up and down while I was fingering. I love finding her G-spot. She then squirted and I felt it running down my finger.

My wife said she wanted to try the dildo and wanted me to insert it into her and play with it. So, I inserted the dildo slowly into her and tried to mimic what I do when I insert my cock into her pussy.  My wife was still making love to my cock while I was pushing it all the way into her pussy. She had my cock in her mouth while I had the dildo all the way inside her. I began to pull it back and forth imagining it was my cock screwing her pussy. My wife stopped sucking my cock and started focusing on me fucking her pussy with the dildo. Then she went into orgasm and was shaking and jolting. She had a powerful orgasm.

She then got on her knees and wanted to do doggie style. When my wife gets hot and worked up, she likes to end our lovemaking this way.  The song “Tonight, Celebrate My Love” had just come on. I got behind her and mounted her. Her pussy was so wet and hot that my cock was sucked in immediately. I couldn’t get a mount because the bed was too soft. So, I got off the bed and stood by the side of the bed and my wife backed her butt up to me. I was able to get a good mount and pushed my cock all the way into her pussy and drove her crazy where she stood up on her knees. It was all I could do to maintain balance and keep my cock in her pussy. My wife began to buck, she loves this position.  Problem is, I can’t control myself when she is out of control. I told my wife I was getting close to cumming. She bent back down and told me, “Do it hard and cum deep inside me and I want to feel you cumming.”  I said okay.  A few hard thrusts and I buried my cock into her pussy and said, “I am cumming, oh my! This feels so good.” She was crying out as well.

I stood behind her with my cock still in her pussy and relaxed until my cock softened and slid out of her pussy. I then crawled into bed and cuddled up next to my wife and we kissed and said, “I love you and you were great tonight.”  We then held each other and fell asleep.  We woke up the next morning and made love to each other and then took a shower together. I wish hotel showers were bigger.

We had an enjoyable night together and we told each other that we need to do more of these get always. Since our kids are teenagers and able to take care of themselves, we plan on doing more. We are looking to do a romantic get away for our 24th wedding anniversary on the Gulf coast. We already have an erotic night planned!

I just want to say thank you to this website because it supports what my wife and I believe, sex is God’s design for husband and wife to have oneness together. My wife and I are still sexually active since our honeymoon night. We are always finding ways to make sex attractive, enjoyable and excitable. By the way, I am a Sunday School teacher and Bible teacher in my church. We have several young couples asking us advice about marriage. Number one key to a successful marriage is communication. Knowing how to communicate with each other takes patience, an understanding heart, and, the big key, LISTENING.

God bless!

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  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Thanks Dcromie! Great plan b! I love your testimony. God is so gracious isn’t He? Glad the passions are still hot! God bless you and your entire family!

  2. Wanted Always says:

    Great Story,. Keep it up and in and may she be forever moaning! You guys are enjoying what God gave every married couple and when He leads the family it makes sex just that much better. Glad to hear you are helping others, this is so needed by the church at large. May God Bless you both.

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