A Night Of Passion

It was Valentine’s Day. I decided to treat her to a night out to dinner, dancing and then a romantic shoulder rub. She was

wearing a dress that she knew drove me wild. It was tan in color and hugged her beautiful figure in ways that would drive a guy like myself wild with desire. We went to dinner and were sitting across the table from each other.

She took her foot and lightly rubed it on my leg while gazing into my eyes teasing me and flirting. We discussed our life and everything we could think of. Including what our future babies might look like and what we might name them. After dinner we danced and as I watched her twirl and rock her hips I became aroused by the innocent yet highly erotic moves she was performing.

After dancing we went home for her surprise shoulder rub. As I rubbed her shoulders I moved the straps that held up her dress so as to make sure she received the best shoulder rub she could get. The more I rubbed her shoulders the more aroused we had both become. She was a sweet and very innocent woman, hardly even been kissed. In fact ours was the only serious relationship she had ever had.

This was a night of a steamy mixture of passion, mutual desire, and the hormones of two twenty two year olds deeply and madly in love. After her shoulder rub we began to make out starting off with little kisses leading into deep passionate kissing while I ran my fingers lightly touching behind her neck onto her cheeks then brushing her hair out of her face and tucking it behind her ear. After several minutes of that I slid the straps of her dress to the side and began kissing her chest pulling the cups of her dress down and kissing all around her bra. As the passion deepened I lay her down and kissing my way down her dress slowly running my hands down her sides. As I got to her silky smooth legs I kiss them up and down enjoying the feel of her smooth skin against my lips. With each kiss and each caress the passion became more and more overwhelming. As I slowly kissed my way back up her legs I lifted her dress up exposing her blue panties with little white bows. Which by now were starting to become wet with the juices flowing from her tight pussy.

I kissed my way to the inside of her thighs just mere inches away from her private area that no other man had ever seen. Now kissing her panties all over I could hear her let out little moans from the pleasure she was experiencing. I then took off her dress and reached behind her unhooking her bra exposing her breasts which were perky and supple. By then my manhood was beyond fully erect poking through my pants so I removed them and my shirt and lay next to her kissing her breasts slowly teasing her nipples while teasing her pussy with my hand.

She grew more and more aroused and began stroking my rock hard penis through my boxers. She then reached into them touching me, stroking my penis and balls. Pushing them down and removing them as she got up to remove her now soaked panties. She lay down and I climbed over her kissing her soft sweet lips as I began to slowly place the tip of my hard cock just inside her wet tight pussy. Slowly gliding just the tip in and out as she moaned with pleasure, she then wrapped her legs around me pulling me deep inside her. The feeling of her warmth and the silky inside of her pussy led me to moan loudly just as she lets out a loud moan and I could feel her contract around me. The passion was in full effect. I began thrusting in and out vigorously. Rocking my hips side to side. Switching between deep thrusts and slow shallow ones. Both of us coming closer to orgasm. With one final thrust I felt her orgasm as her vagina contracted around my hard penis buried deep inside her. Over and over and over again it contracted as she screamed in ecstasy. Each contraction pushed me closer to my own orgasm which was coming. As the first spurts of my warm semen squirted out I pulled out of her leaving sperm just on the inside of her and on the lips of her now pleased pussy. “That was amazing…” she sighed. “Yes.” I responded. Both of us were out of breath and we smiled tenderly at each other. “Let’s cuddle.” she said contentedly. Then we cuddled the night away.

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