House Sitting

Carrie is a nanny for a family. She loves spending time with the kids and she has really Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 1.22.31 PMconnected with the parents as well. She is incredible with those kids and loves them as if they were our own. The family she is a nanny for took a vacation and they asked us to housesit for them. This family is pretty well off and lives in a great house in a nice neighborhood, but they offered their place to us in case we wanted to hang out. We definitely did. It may not be a vacation but it’s a break from the norm so we stayed out there several nights.

We spent some time in the pool and had some family over a couple times. For the first couple evenings we were there we stayed up late, ate some snacks and watched Netflix. We were starting a new show and were getting hooked.

However, it’s not too often that we get a chance to get away in the middle of the week and we were running out of time. It was fun relaxing and hanging out but I definitely wanted take advantage of the time with my wife.

One day I made a quick trip home before joining her at the place we were housesitting. I picked up one of the sexy couple coupons that I had purchased a while ago. This one stated something about a massage…with neither of us wearing clothes.

I hid it from her at first, but I was definitely excited thinking about it as I drove over there. I put it on the side of the bed where she was sleeping. I was hoping she would notice before too long, but instead she thought we should spend some time cleaning the house before they came home.

When we finally finished cleaning we went and got some dinner, Chipotle which is our favorite and then headed back to the house.

We had turned on Netflix again and she still hadn’t noticed the coupon, but I made sure to point it out to her. A cute, wry smile came over her face as she read it.

“I would love a massage,” she said as she started getting into bed. I playfully reminded her to read it more carefully and she noticed this time that clothes were not allowed.

She smiled again, this time a little bigger. She began to remove her clothes. I love her sexy body. I love looking at it any chance I can. She took of her shirt and I got to see her beautiful cleavage and nice stomach. Then she started wiggling out of her incredibly tight and sexy jeans. They are tight enough that she has to inch worm them down. It’s cute and sexy at the same time.

She is now standing in her bra and lacy thong and I am loving it. She unclasps her bra and lets her nice, round tits out. Then she looks at me with a little twinkle in her eye and she pulls her thong off (I absolutely love it when the thong hangs up in her pussy for a split second before coming to her ankles). I notice a recently trimmed bush. I stare at her naked form.

She climbs into bed and I quickly take off my clothes revealing my most erect penis that already has some precum on the tip.

She lays sideways in the bed, so we can still watch Netflix. Although I am normally interested in the show, I have much better things to look at this time so I don’t pay a lot of attention to the show.

She lays down and I straddle her bare, sexy ass with my cock laying in between her cheeks. I begin to rub her shoulders and her back. I give her back rubs a lot but I don’t always give her massages. It had been a while and I knew she needed it and that it felt really good to her. She moans ever so softly when I give her a massage.

I keep massaging her back, neck and shoulders for a little while but I begin to sneak touches down to her ass. I grab her ass and take it in both hands and kneed it.

I work my way down her legs, but I am now off to one side of her. I begin to push her legs apart just a little so I can get a better view. I love having her lay down on her stomach, completely naked and seeing her ass and pussy. It’s so sexy.

She is more than willing to give me better access to see but also so I can touch. I slip my hands up her thighs around her hot center. I feel the heat from her wanting pussy. I begin to work my finger around her swollen lips and another moan escapes her.

I rub her swollen clit and slide my finger in her sweet hole. It’s so warm and practically dripping wet. Precum is dripping all over her bare legs and all over the bed.

I can’t take it anymore and take her legs and flip her to her stomach. We kiss passionately and as I begin rubbing her perfect tits. I roll the nipples in my fingers and kneed her big boobs.

I break from our kiss and begin kissing her neck and down her stomach until I come to her hips. I tease her just a little by kissing her inner thighs, but quickly move to her glistening pussy.

I relish the smell of her womanhood and I long to feast on her. I lick up and down that amazing slit. She moans again. I look up and see her head titled back with her eyes closed. I am more than willing to keep it up as she escapes into paradise.

Her clit is engorged and desperately seeking my tongue. I kiss, suck and lick her for a while, her moans becoming more frequent and more powerful.

She reaches up and forces my head into her wanting pussy all the more. She presses her hips against my face and begins grinding. There are a couple times when breathing becomes difficult because I am buried so much in her pussy. Her trimmed bush occasionally bringing a small amount of pain to my face, but in either scenario, I don’t care. I know my wife is loving this. I know she is close.

All of a sudden her breathing becomes must faster, her hips bucking widely at my face and tongue and she comes. She comes and I am licking up her juices as fast as possible. She moans again and again and finally settles back down after an incredible orgasm. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten my wife to come while eating her out. It’s incredible.

I imagine I have leaked a ton of precum at this point so my wife is quick to help me finish. She gets on all fours and puts that ass up in the air, with that still wet pussy right there longing for my throbbing cock. “Fuck me hard,” she says.

I enter her in one smooth motion because of how wet she is. I am thrusting myself into her hard and fast. My balls are slapping her ass.

“Fuck, me baby, fuck me.”

I grab those hips and feel my orgasm building. I slam into her and blow my load into her. “Oh Carrie, OOOHHH, fuck.”

I pull out and we cuddle for a while with her head on my chest.

The show had ended a while ago. I tell her that we can just watch the next one, but she is pretty quick to point out that I didn’t pay attention at all and her attention didn’t last long on the show either. We “re-watched” that episode and a couple others before heading to bed.

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7 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Kcfan – I read your story early this morning and was immediately motivated to do this to my wife (in our house)! I asked her if she wanted a massage? She hungrily said “yes”! I started by doing her back, neck, and shoulders. I followed your lead and was naked (as was she) and had my cock right in between her butt cheeks, too.

    When I grabbed her boobs from behind and could tell that her nipples were erect and she was excited – I knew it was time for a ‘lower’ massage. While she was still on her stomach, I laid on top of her with my cock on the back of her neck and buried my face in her ass. I licked around her butt while massaging her pussy with my hand. Then, I put my tongue in her ass and fingered her pussy and clit. She was on “cloud 9”! I stayed in that position for 15-20 minutes with her just drinking it all in! She came in two huge waves and was purring like a content kitten. Right at that moment someone knocked on our door – and that was it for the morning portion of our lovemaking Saturday! Part 2 is tonight!

    I want to thank you for your story – because it led directly to our wonderful time. That is one of the ways that Marriage Heat works to bless our marriage. Someone else’s wonderful recipe becomes a great meal in our marriage bed. Blessings on you, your wife, and youth ministry!

  2. Michael Walken says:

    Very good descriptions “She lays down and I straddle her bare, sexy ass with my cock laying in between her cheeks.”.. I think alot of guys have done this…

  3. C says:

    Loved reading your story. I love to give my wife a massage and especially as “I straddle her bare, sexy ass with my cock laying in between her cheeks.” It feels good to have my cock there and there have been times that I will massage her ass cheeks which allows my cock to slip deeper between her cheeks and legs. I will then continue to massage her shoulders and back as my cock massages between her ass cheeks and legs. She gets nice and wet and I do also. There are times that I can’t stand it any more and end up just pumping between her legs and feeling her labia parting between my cock. Then it slips in and we enjoy a nice fuck like that. Usually she won’t let me finish like that but will turn over so I can get real deep in her. Then we both have great orgasms.

  4. coolassmick says:

    I absolutely loved your story as I am a dedicated ass man; just ask my wife, Corinne, who cannot get enough of my mouth pleasuring her – she loves it when I rub my nose inside her hole and lick her with all vigor. She can come within 10 minutes! Or if she's feeling really aroused, she will ask for me to shake my head while rimming her; I adore her and worship her butt.

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