Dice Sex Game

Dice Sex Game:

To play this dice sex game we need a pair of dice (each player gets one die), a timer and 5 toys: each player picks 2 and agree on the fifth (vibrator, feather, toothbrush or soft hairbrush, spatula, rolling pin, silk tie etc. are a couple suggestions). Each toys numbered 1 – 5 before the game begins.

Both players start out fully dressed (perfect to play after coming home from a nice evening out). Both roll a die and the lowest number goes first. Before each round and rolling the dice, you must remove an article of clothing. Player one rolls his or her die first to provide the “WHERE”.

Then player two rolls the die to determine the “WHAT” he or she will do. Once the WHAT dice is rolled, the timer is started and it is Player One that is responsible to keep the round to one minute. After one minute the round is over and Player Two becomes player One, and begins the round by removing an article of clothing before rolling the “WHERE” dice.

Players alternate each round being Player One. This game is designed to help us find new and fun ways to give each other pleasure. The Goal of the game is to get Player One to loose track of time past the 1 minute 15 seconds or when Player One begs Player Two not to stop even though time is up.

Once both players are totally naked, the time per round is doubled to 2 minutes.

Game continues until both feel they have won or one begs for the game to end because they can’t handle anymore pleasure, at least not until he or she can recuperate.

Player One rolls the “WHERE” die. WHERE:
1 – feet/legs: standing
2 – hands and arms: sitting or standing
3 – torso, including shoulders, chest, breast, and tummy: laying on your back
4 – torso/ass, all of the above plus adding the butt: you are on all fours
5 – mouth/face/head/neck/hair: sitting or standing
6 – genitals: position chosen by player two before rolling dice (no further description needed)

Player Two rolls the “WHAT” die. WHAT:
1 – one mouth, kissing only/no touching allowed
2 – two hands touching/caressing (as gentle and soft as possible) no kissing allowed.
3 – kissing/lick and massaging/touching allowed (as feathery gentle and soft as possible)
4 – nibbling/biting, massaging and spanking (as rough and firm as pleasurably possible)
5 – teasing, touching, playing, using one of the toys. Player Two rolls the die again to determine which toy will be used. If 6 is rolled, player Two chooses the toy or used.
6 – player wins the right to choose WHAT 1 – 5 for this round plus adding the use of her pussy or he of his cock.

Let The DICE Game begin!

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  1. El Khem says:

    When you play this game, perhaps it not chance what numbers are rolled–Prov 16:33 The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof is of the LORD.

  2. Tony Conrad says:

    We play this on New Years Eve which we spend alone. The things to do are made up by me as she is embarrassed to write them. It is a chance to get her to do things to me that I really like and I do things to her which I think she would like.

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