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Dice Game

I wanted to share our version of a dice game. I trust you’ll find it fun and that it will help spark some heat in your marriage. The Dice Game: To play this game, you’ll need a pair of dice (each player gets one die), a timer, and five toys: each player picks two and […]

🔊 Welcome Home!

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist This is my first story to share here, but I have been writing them to my wife since we were engaged.  Of course, those were very tame by comparison, yet the goal has always been the same, to make love to my wife from a distance because my work has often […]

Dice Sex Game

Dice Sex Game: To play this dice sex game we need a pair of dice (each player gets one die), a timer and 5 toys: each player picks 2 and agree on the fifth (vibrator, feather, toothbrush or soft hairbrush, spatula, rolling pin, silk tie etc. are a couple suggestions). Each toys numbered 1 – […]