Making Up Sex

Scott and I had been bickering for the last few days. It started as something small and the next thing you know we were at each other for every little thing.  It was time to end the tension and Scott had changed his attitude when he came home from work earlier tonight.  I could see he was making a real effort to be kind and use his words more carefully.  On the other hand, I had been slower to let it go, remaining a little terse throughout the evening.

Now, as I lay in bed, I regretted my actions.  I craved the unity that we usually shared and had nobody to blame but myself.  I tossed and turned knowing that sleep would not come easily.  Scott remained on “his side” and I could tell he was restless as well.  I decided to force myself to lay still hoping that rest would come, but my mind was whirling.  I craved Scott’s touch but also knew I had sent him all the signals to leave me alone.  In my stubbornness, I’d worn my old flannel pajamas tonight, the one’s that my husband didn’t like.  They were baggy and form hiding; I’d hoped their warmth would comfort me, but it was my husband’s warmth that I needed.

Lying silently, I finally decided to turn over and move a little closer to his side of the bed, not too much just enough to see what would happen.  After a few moments, Scott moved closer as well but still we did not touch.  My back was to him, and I shifted myself a little more, I could hear his breathing.  I knew we were close, but I wanted him to make the first move.  My mind was focused on sex now.  My spirit and body needed it, but my will didn’t allow me to initiate.  I knew Scott felt it as well, our usual routine had been long interrupted and after several days he was probably ready to explode.  Thinking about his need, I realized I was becoming more and more turned on.

I felt the slightest touch on my backside.  Was it his hand or was it something else?  His breath was reaching my neck, and I could tell he was very near.  I wanted him to reach his hands around me and caress my body, removing my pj’s, but he was waiting for me now; waiting for me to make a move, to indicate that he could proceed.  I shifted my hips backward ever so slightly feeling the tip of his erection touching my behind.  Anticipation was building, and I sensed a dampness between my legs.  I shifted again more noticeably and pressed my butt against him flexing my buns a little, feeling him between my cheeks.  This act was the signal Scott needed as he brought his hand to my side pulling me closer.  I murmured my approval to encourage his advances.

Soon his hands were running up and down my body from my knee up to my shoulder and back down again.  I tried to roll backward so he could climb on me in the missionary position, but he held me in my place.  His hands found their way under my top, and I felt his fingers circling my breasts, touching and teasing my nipples, he knows I love that.  I struggled to remove my top so I could feel his bare chest against my back.  As it fell to the floor he was removing his shorts; the only thing left between us was my flannel bottoms.  Lifting my hips he slid them off and we were finally naked together.  His fingers were circling my nether regions now,  brushing my labia as his penis pressed against me from behind.  I could smell my arousal as his rough hand toured my private area.  Finally, he shifted his hips, so his hardness pressed between my legs from behind.  He wanted to stay in the spooning position, and I didn’t care as long as he was inside me.  My hand reached for him, and I guided his manhood to my entrance.  He was seeping precum and within a couple of thrusts he was all the way inside me.  I pressed hard against him wanting him to pound himself into me, but he had other ideas.

His left hand reached around my hips and found my sweet spot.  As he slowly moved in and out of me, his fingertips rubbed my clitoris.  My head rested on his other arm, and his hand rolled my nipples between his fingers.  My climax was quickly building as he increased the speed of his thrusting.  His breath was becoming ragged, and I knew he would soon reach the point of no return.  The anticipation of his impending climax pushed me over the edge as I clenched my legs and felt an incredible orgasm overtake me.  He continued to rub my clit throughout my climax until I could take it no more and reached down to stop his hand from continuing.

Scott’s thrusting was becoming forceful when he suddenly withdrew and pulled me on my back.  Quickly, he climbed on top of me and shoved his throbbing dick hard inside me.  He was rock hard, and I wanted nothing more than to receive his seed.  My fingernails scratched his back urging him to complete his mission.  In only a few strokes, he became tense, and I wrapped my legs around his back.  I pulsed my pelvis muscles trying to milk his dick and pull out every possible drop of semen.  He ejaculated, filling me with his passion as his body convulsed on top of mine.

We laid together for a couple of minutes before he rolled off me and unto his back.  I kissed his lips before going to the bathroom to clean up.  Two minutes later, I returned to find him spread eagle on his back.  My eyes took in his form starting at his muscular legs, to his flaccid penis that had reduced in size by half.  His chest still glistened with sweat, rising and falling slowly.  He was asleep as he always was after sex.  I pulled the sheets over him and snuggled against him leaving my bed clothes on the floor.  Now I would be able to sleep.

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  1. Upcomingauthor says:

    Did some make up sex today myself. Read Songs of Solomon, sent some meaningful verses to her while she slept last night and then today made her feel like the only woman alive. No more arguing. ?

    Glad you two are back at it 🙂
    Stay Blessed!

  2. cameron says:

    Wonderful, so glad that you all were able to get over your stuff in a hot steamy way 😉 I don't like fighting with my husband but when we do I always think ahead and know that there will be some fun make up.

    Take care.

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