The Gift

Since Sue and I married, sex has never been better for me, and I am venturing to say she would agree. In the year and a half we have been married, we strive to keep God the focus in our marriage while we enjoy each other sexually. We have enjoyed in the early phase of our relationship several sexual positions to enhance our experience. While we still enjoy several of the positions we discovered to please each other, I have found each of them has left incredible memories of my stunning wife and the pleasures we have shared.  She and I had to be apart more than once, during that time we enjoyed some naughty chatting on-line that always got me aroused.

Eventually, we began video chatting on Skype. I still fantasize about her masturbating with me for the first time. I have gotten myself excited thinking of that so many times that the thought makes me aroused again now. I recently began feeling a little guilty about masturbating and fantasizing about her privately. To maintain an open and honest marriage relationship, I started to reveal to Sue that I enjoy masturbating. It has been an evolving process that has lead to purchasing some new toys for her that she cautiously agreed to try. Now she likes the toys so much she is asking me if we can get them out.

I have been blessed with such a beautiful and stunning wife. I am eager to share more of my alone time stories with her as she is beginning to find excitement in this. I have discovered that she may soon be sharing stories of her alone time masturbation sessions. It has been a good day; I have already masturbated once today while anticipating making love to her tonight. My hope for later this evening is that she will share an orgasm with me while she uses her favorite toy and I watch with throbbing delight until she eagerly invites my erection deep within her. Being deep inside her after she has had an incredible orgasm feels amazing to me and sends me over the edge quickly every time. Satisfying her is my primary goal and my pleasures quickly follow. Drifting off to sleep next to each other in complete satisfaction is the greatest gift I have discovered in this area of our marriage. I love her with all my heart.

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2 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Andrew – all of this is so great! What a good start you two are off to in your marriage. I think you two already have a good openness with each other. I look forward to reading more from you. Personally, I love all that you described. I love it when my wife cums with me watching her masturbating – and to hear what thoughts were getting off. Really hot. God bless you two. LH

    • Andrew says:

      LH – Really appreciating your thoughts on my post. Your input is very encouraging to the idea of future posts from me. Thank you!

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