Considering the beauty of a kiss

A kiss.

Like floating through the most delicate, sheer fabric.

A place where the lights turn on only when your eyes are closed.

All guidance from the heart and no longer through our eyes.

It’s a dance, one that changes from emotional intimacy to physical intimacy and wow, what a place to dance. Our lips, our tongues – those things through which we’ve shared our feelings, experiences, and finally when words cease, we speak with this native language.

There is something about kissing – so personal, so individual I would imagine everyone has a unique essence, the size of the lips, the shape, the feel, texture, the personality, style, sensitivity, openness, feel, flow, ability to receive, ability to give, ability to be mutual.

A kiss is sometimes playful, sometimes daring, sometimes sweet, sometimes electric, sometimes careful, sometimes passionate, sometimes willingly forward, sometimes willing submissive, sometimes mutual, sometimes invitational, sometimes artful.

Somehow I think when we kiss we connect with things that remain private until that moment and what is even more amazing is that we have this internal knowing, an internal intelligence that knows all this in a way that cannot be fooled.

The only thing I can think of is when I used to play music, there was that first moment with you played with another person, those first few measures that came out of each of us and moved in free air – how you could instantly know if there was magic, or really more aptly said – if there was music. And there was never any judgment if it did not happen, it was a simple understanding that it just was not there, nothing to do with good, bad or about the other person, just a communication on a much deeper level.

A dear friend of mine from Montreal once told me that the word magic in French has a deeper nuanced meaning, expressing a moment when the soul acts – sometimes in a kiss it is a happening and sometimes it is magic, a moment when the soul acts.

Just consider the beauty in a good kiss. I wish many come your way in the new year.

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