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Simple Blessing

In the last two years, my wife has been in a depression. This has changed the frequency and completeness of our intimacy. I know that this is part of what it means to be in a long and full relationship with another person. It has taught me compassionate love, caretaking love, patient love. I now […]

A Question for the ladies

Dearest Ladies, I have always had a question and hoping you can help with the answer. So when your husband is making love to you and orgasms inside you, what does that feel like? Can you tell when it happens, what is the sensation like? Are there different things that can be done to better […]

Considering the beauty of a kiss

A kiss. Like floating through the most delicate, sheer fabric. A place where the lights turn on only when your eyes are closed. All guidance from the heart and no longer through our eyes. It’s a dance, one that changes from emotional intimacy to physical intimacy and wow, what a place to dance. Our lips, […]

First Fall

  This story is a story of Christian marriage and lovemaking. One that navigates what this means when a spouse has bipolar disorder. It changes things. True disclosure – there are times where I am tired, exhausted and long for a simpler married life, but God has brought us together, and I honor that. It […]

A Letter of Love

I write this in humble appreciation for the mystery of marriage and relationship together. My wife and I have been married for 23 years and have been together for over 30 years. What is interesting about marriage is how you are writing a story of your togetherness, how two are one. Yet at the same […]