Simple Blessing

In the last two years, my wife has been in a depression. This has changed the frequency and completeness of our intimacy.

I know that this is part of what it means to be in a long and full relationship with another person. It has taught me compassionate love, caretaking love, patient love. I now understand these in a depth not known before – I am grateful for this.

In a rare moment recently, there was a brief parting of the clouds and a beautiful togetherness we were able to share.

I came home from a business trip, having been away five days. When my wife gave me a hug it was fully open and receptive. When she fully presses her abdomen into me, it has always been a way of her saying, I’m ready to receive you. I’m not sure if it’s even conscious or not, but it was an invitation.

That night when she came to bed she was nude and moved right to my side. I put my arm around her and the feeling of flesh against flesh, the warmth, the pure simple intimacy of this moment was sensual and erotic.

I closed my eyes and smiled, it’s been a long time. I knew to treasure this.

Our kisses began softly, gently yet with a familiarity of movement and feeling. It’s been a while, but we still know each other and that was playing underneath the tenderness of connecting again.

Our hands found each other, familiar pathways of pleasure, play, teasing. She laid back on the bed, open and receptive to being explored. I was fully aroused, just to touch her, the feeling of her is all I need. I simply wanted her to feel good, to feel the movement of us together and leave the worry so often in her mind behind.

I asked her to relax and I moved between her legs. Gently, slowly kissing her softness. I could feel the warmth of her lips. The tenderness of her skin, so lovely. The feeling of my lips on hers, moving slowly, feeling the warmth increase. I began to use my tongue to slowly open her up.

With her soft voice, she let me know that she was in pleasure. I moved away and entered her slowly. I spent time moving slowly and deeply. Holding her hand, kissing her, telling her how much she turns me on, how beautiful she is.

Her legs opened further and I went deeper. We truly were together this night. After we climaxed I was grateful for this beautiful moment.

So much is said about passion, but so much more can be said about intimacy, of long and deep knowing of another person and how it allows deeper pleasure.


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5 replies
  1. Marie Lister says:

    I love this sweet beautiful post. I, too, have struggled with depression and my beloved hubby has been patient and supportive.

    I have not struggled with depression in a long time now and our intimacy is strong and frequent.

    There's nothing better than being held by him and making sensual love together.

  2. ClimaXX says:

    There are times when our spouse is in "the bad times" of our vows and those are the times where we have to show what TRUE love is. We have not been called to change our spouse. We have been called to LOVE them and EXPOSE them to the LOVE and truth in God's Word. It is God who draws and changes.

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