Caribbean Hot Springs

On a recent vacation to the Caribbean, we went to the hot springs on the island.  The name of the island doesn’t matter.  We have been here twice and decided the third time was the charm.  We were finally going to do it, what we have planned for years.  There are mineral hot springs that we have gone to with large groups of tourists and have sat in the ‘natural’ man made stone tubs and relished the experience.

There is a waterfall that feeds the tubs, it is warm, and the minerals in the water do feed the body and soul.  Each time has been fun, but each time we also have left feeling like this is a place we need to come back to and make love.  Or have really hot sex, depending on how you define it

We booked a trip to the island and found a nice resort not too far away. There was plenty to do, snorkeling, hiking, relaxing, eating, and all the other fun things that go along with a warm sunny vacation.  But all we could think about was that hot spring.  The first day we spent at the resort.  It was fun, getting to know the staff is always a highlight for us.  We love to learn about cultures different from our own and love to meet new people.

The next day we laid in bed watching the sun rise, then fell asleep again waking up around mid morning.  We took a taxi to the hot springs and arranged for the taxi driver to pick us up in about 4 hours.  It was only a short hike to the springs, indeed a pretty walk.  We got there, changed into our bathing suits and sat down to relax.  As we knew would happen, the cruise ship tours started coming,  Large groups of happy people came, sat in the springs for 20 minutes or so, then went on to the rest of their tour.  We got in and out of the tub, walking a bit here and there, just really enjoying our day.

There was finally a lull in the action, and we found ourselves alone. We didn’t know how long the alone time would last, but we also knew by now that we would have plenty of warning when more people were coming up the path since the cruise crowd isn’t exactly quiet.

Looking around, I slipped off my bathing suit and stood before my husband in all my naked glory in nature.  Kind of felt like the Garden of Eden.  When my husband turned and saw me there, he slowly slipped his trunks down.  Finally, the moment we had been waiting for was at hand.  We came together, the kissing and stroking was beyond anything we had ever done before.  I mean, it was super sexy. Just when I was about to lose all control, he laid me back in the shallow end of the tubs, and thrust his hard dick into me, hard and fast.  I was dripping at this point and ready for him.

We screwed each other pretty good until we were spent.  After lying there for a few minutes, we heard voices coming up the trail.  We dressed quickly, and by the time anyone came into view, we were sitting back in the hot tubs as if we had done nothing.  We chatted with the group of tourists, then went back down the trail and waited just a bit for our taxi, rode back to the resort and had a great rest of the week.

Dream Fulfilled.

Ok, so this story is fiction, but someday we will find a way to bring it to life.

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  1. My Baby’s Man says:

    My wife and I once checked out Indian Hot Springs in Idaho Springs Colorado after a hike in the mountains. They have private outdoor hot tubs surrounded by privacy fences. We got naked and my wife ended up giving me a blow job and then rode one of the jets to orgasm while I filmed her on my phone.

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