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sex in public …. again

I love having sex in a public place, but I also feel like there is a modesty that is required of us as believers. This last vacation sadly did not provide us with an opportunity for public sex but we did get some really good action. We were at a beach in St Maarten that […]

Great New Product for Hot Silky Sex

Hi All We have recently discovered a new product that we are using for lube while creating some of the hottest sex sessions of our marriage. We started using coconut oil for cooking, trying to be a bit healthier I guess, one day it occurred to us that this would make a great lube.  We […]

Caribbean Hot Springs

On a recent vacation to the Caribbean, we went to the hot springs on the island.  The name of the island doesn’t matter.  We have been here twice and decided the third time was the charm.  We were finally going to do it, what we have planned for years.  There are mineral hot springs that […]

First Time Outdoors

This story is about the first time my husband and I ever had sex outside.  I have to admit it was not the best sex I ever had, and I was way too worried about anyone seeing us, but it was still a really hot experience. We were at his parents house, a month or […]

Vacation Beach Sexiness

I wrote before about our adventures while traveling.  I hope this new story will be as fun for you all as it was for us. We love to travel to warm places and manage to get away almost every winter.  I also like the idea of PDA that almost, but not quite, goes too far.  […]

Quick Sex Session

Tonight I am so not in the mood. I am lying here really feeling like a bad wife, I mean, I should provide him what he wants. That is what marriage is about. We give, and we take. There have been nights when I am really in the mood, but tonight is not one of […]

Cruise Heat On The Balcony

Cruise Heat Last winter my wife and I decided to get away from the cold Michigan winter.  It was one more year of too much cold, and too much snow.  She booked us on a last minute cruise with a great price.  Being rather cheap by nature, we decided to drive down instead of fly. […]

Beach Erotica (L)

This is my first attempt at writing anything to be seen by anyone else, but it is a story that I want to share with others. My husband and I were on a vacation to the Caribbean. We had just celebrated our 20th anniversary and used that as an excuse to get away from the […]