Office Visit

I meet you at your office in only a raincoat and heels. You are surprised to see me. I close the door and ask if you are busy. You say you can take a break. I begin to unbutton my raincoat as you watch. You come closer and begin to help because the exposure of more and more flesh as peaked your interest. You push one side away just enough to expose a breast.

Your hand cups it and your mouth immediately seizes the exposed nipple. Excited by the possibilities you make quick work of the remaining buttons kissing the exposed creamy skin. Your hands stroke and cup my bottom as your tongue licks and teases. Your fingers glide through my damp curls and tease making sure I am wet. You quickly lock the door and pull me over in front of your desk. I lean back against it and we kiss as you remove my coat the rest of the way. I work on your pants eagerly. Your mouth strays to my neck where you nibble, lick and suck while cupping my breasts. Your mouth is then drawn to my stuff nipples. I moan as you first one and then the other into your mouth.  I can no longer reach your pants do you say "let me" and undo them.

Quickly dropping your pants and briefs exposing your hard swollen cock that is already beading with moisture. Your hands cup and tease making me pant with pleasure. I finally can take it anymore and beg you to take me. You grip my hips pulling me closer. My legs go around you and you tease my slick folds with your cock. I lean forward and nip your chest you relent and plunge into me. I whisper, "yes, more!" You thrust into me again filling me over and over. It feels so good. Your chest is teasing my nipples with each thrust. As I cum you kiss me to keep me quiet and  then explode into me as I milk you.

When we recover you ask what brought me to you in only a raincoat. I reply that I was thinking of you and needed some attention. You smile and say anytime. Then you kiss just below my ear. Then my neck and then down to my nipples. Licking and sucking them keeping them hard. Your lips venture further south nipping and teasing.

Eventually you reach my damp curls. You look up at me and say "let me taste us" then hook my legs over your shoulders as you sit to indulge. You lick and tease and suck driving me wild. My hips are arching towards your mouth begging for more. Your onslaught continues until I moan with pleasure cumming  for you. You lick greedily moaning as well.

You kiss your way back up and take my mouth in a deep kiss. I smile and say, "amazing" when we are done. We chat for a bit. Talking and caressing. When it is time for me to go you help me with my coat. Kissing and caressing, licking, nibbling and teasing as you go.

Your fingers stray to my curls. You start to tease again. I say hey, "I thought I was going?" You say, "you are, as soon as you are done cumming" I moan as you tease some more making me wet and oh so eager for the feel of you again. When I am so close to cumming you turn me around and bend me over your desk and slide eagerly into me.

You thrust hard and fast giving me what I want, filling me again and again. As you get close to your own release you reach around and tease my clit making me explode. "Yes" you groan and pump into me a few more times finding your own release. Once we recover, I thank you for an exceptional hour. You say it was your pleasure and to visit again soon with just this on. We kiss goodbye with big smiles on our faces and a big desire to see each other later.

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  1. texasman76 says:

    Absolutely wonderful, loving story. Very erotic and the fact that you taste the both of you after penetration is such a wonderful, loving and exciting pleasure. More couples need to enjoy that. Both our juices, as husband and wife, are an honorable and wonderful mixture.

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