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Office Visit

I meet you at your office in only a raincoat and heels. You are surprised to see me. I close the door and ask if you are busy. You say you can take a break. I begin to unbutton my raincoat as you watch. You come closer and begin to help because the exposure of […]

Dinner Party (Part 2)

Our dinner party is progressing nicely. I am in the kitchen checking on the next course. You have been laughing and chatting with our guests. You unthinkingly put your hand in your pocket and feel the silk of my panties. This puts a smile on your face and you decide you should go see if I […]

Dinner Party (Part 1)

I was in the kitchen doing final preparations for our dinner party. Guests were due to arrive in 10-15 minutes. You came in and decided you liked the way my dress hugged my curves. You decided to slide up behind me and explore them as well. You started by moving my hair aside and kissing my neck […]

Date Night Shopping Trip

As our date night was winding down to a close, we departed the bookstore and tossed our coffee cups in the wastebasket on the way out.  As we crossed the parking lot on the way to the car, you spied a Victoria’s Secret shop and shot me a mischievous glance.  Slightly embarrassed at the thought of strolling around […]

Frosting Fun (Part 2 – His Response)

Still euphoric from that incredible orgasm you just gave me, as you meticulously licked and sucked all the frosting from my throbbing and stiff cock, I eagerly gather up our discarded clothing and follow you out of the kitchen.  As I reach the threshold by the door at the bottom of the stairs, I am […]

Frosting Fun (Part 1 – Initiation)

You come home to find me making 100 cupcakes for a fundraiser. The girls had disappeared and left me to do all of the work. You come into the kitchen and sit down to take off your boots. You look at all of the cupcakes and me and say, “Looks like you have a lot […]

Good Morning, Sunshine

The man had just walked in from getting the Saturday morning paper.  His wife had gotten up before him.  By the time he made it downstairs, she had already showered, gotten dressed and headed to the kitchen to make some coffee.  It was still early in the day, about eight a.m. and the sun was […]


“Another day of useless meetings,” he muttered to himself after leaving a 2-hour staff meeting.  He had already attended two meetings before that and was mentally exhausted at the thought of catching up back in the office.  He expected to arrive in the office and be bombarded with the usual dozen or so e-mails and […]

Surprise Office Visit

Curvaceous blond forces her way into a man’s office.  He glances up and stares in appreciation at her assets, clearly visible in a figure-hugging skirt, satin top and sexy heels.  Oh, how he loves a woman in heels.  She says, “Hiya stranger! Do you have a few minutes for me?” He smiles and gets up to say hello and lock the door. As […]

Coming Home

They had been apart for some time now.  He missed her so very much and longed for an intimate moment with her for quite some time.  As they came home from the airport, he was drowsy from the long flight and was thrilled to change into more comfortable clothing and lie down for some rest and relaxation on […]