Surprise Office Visit

Curvaceous blond forces her way into a man’s office.  He glances up and stares in appreciation at her assets, clearly visible in a figure-hugging skirt, satin top and sexy heels.  Oh, how he loves a woman in heels.  She says, “Hiya stranger! Do you have a few minutes for me?” He smiles and gets up to say hello and lock the door.

As soon as the lock clicks he grabs her and presses her against the door as his lips crush down on hers. “God, how I’ve missed you!” he says as his hands and lips begin their seductive journeys on her body. His lips travel and nibble on her ear and then blaze a path down to her neck where they nip, suck, kiss and tease her skin. She moans in appreciation and pulls his shirt free from his pants. His hands roam to the front of her blouse where they skim across her peaked nipples on their way to the buttons that restrict his access to her luscious breasts.  As his fingers nimbly release the buttons, his mouth follows the exposed path kissing, licking and sucking the beauty before him. He nibbles on her nipple through the satin of her bra. She moans and begs him to stop teasing and release her bra. He smiles and takes her mouth with his as his fingers move up to release the front clasp. He groans, a happy man as her blouse and bra fall to the floor followed by his shirt.

How he loves the feel of their bare skin touching one another. He continues to kiss her and enjoys the feeling of just being close to her. She moans and grasps at his shoulder and back and runs her fingers through his hair. How she loves touching him, kissing him, being close to him. “More,” she pleads. He smiles, and his lips leave hers.  He licks his way to her nipple and takes it into his mouth and gently sucks. “Oh yes!” she moans. One of his hands gently tugs and flicks her bare nipple. “More,” she moans.  His mouth moves over to the other nipple as he gently slides her skirt up with his hands. When they reach the top of her creamy thighs, he slides his fingers around to caress gently her through her panties. She sucks in her breath from the erotic feel of that silky caress.  He moans when he finds her panties damp. He reaches up with his thumbs and carefully removes the satiny obstacle covering his goal. His fingers return to her silky folds, and she moans with pleasure. He caresses and teases and sucks slowly driving her mad with need.

Finally, she reaches down and grasps his hard cock and whispers, “I want you now” in his ear. They both eagerly work on his pants and, when they fall to the floor, he gently lifts her and pushes her against the door. She wraps her legs around him as his cock slides into her. She moans “Yes” and he smiles just before his mouth takes hers again. They move together eagerly finding a rhythm that has them both going over the edge in unison.

They hold each other tightly while they try to catch their breaths. Finally, he gently sets her down, and they continue to kiss and caress each other while they look for their discarded clothes. He asks, “Stay for awhile?” She says, “I can’t.” he picks up her panties and says, “Then I’ll just keep these and return them to you later.”  She smiles and says, “I’ll look forward to it.”  They straighten their clothes, and he kisses her goodbye executing a few groping squeezes.  She smiles, says, “until later!”  and walks out the door.  He watches after her caressing the panties in his pocket and thinks about how much he still loves his wife after even after 20 years of marriage.

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