“Another day of useless meetings,” he muttered to himself after leaving a 2-hour staff meeting.  He had already attended two meetings before that and was mentally exhausted at the thought of catching up back in the office.  He expected to arrive in the office and be bombarded with the usual dozen or so e-mails and phone messages.  “If only half my day weren’t wasted with appointments and stupid meetings,” he thought to himself.  It was already after 11 a.m., and he was supposed to be heading home for a bite to eat.  He knew that, if he did, he would never get caught up today.

He dialed up his beautiful wife on her cell phone to tell her he wouldn’t be able to make it home for lunch.  He explained that he had just gotten out of a meeting and had some things to do back at the office that couldn’t wait.  She offered to bring him over a bite to eat.  He thanked her but replied that he did not think that he would even have time to eat until after 1 p.m. when he was expecting to return from a retirement ceremony.  There would be a reception afterward, but he said he only planned to make an appearance and head back to the office when things were quieter.  He explained that the rest of the office would be at the reception and that the empty office would give him a chance to relax a bit and maybe catch a bite to eat.  This got her to thinking…

 He was just able to finish a few things up at the office and barely made it in time for the ceremony.  As soon as it was over he said his congratulations to the honoree and shot right out the door and headed to his car.  As he approached, he noticed something on the windshield, placed just under the wiper blade.  He was certain that he had not parked illegally or anything, so it was a surprise to find something there in the first place.  As he got closer, it looked like a note on regular paper.  “Okay, who did I tick off this time,” he said to himself.  As he opened the note, he realized it was in his wife’s handwriting.  It said, “I KNOW YOU MUST BE HUNGRY, MEET ME AT YOUR OFFICE ASAP AND I WILL MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR FILL.”  It was signed: “Your hungry, horny lover.”

 Whoa!!!  This came as a complete shock to him.  It was just then that he realized the office was empty.  Intrigued by the tone of the note, he hopped in his car and sped all the way to the office.  As he approached the building, he noticed that his wife’s car was the only one in the parking lot.  He quickly parked next to her vehicle and snatched his keys quickly out of the ignition and walked hurriedly toward the door to the building.  He walked down the hallway to his office and opened the door only to find his lovely wife stretched out in his office chair. 

She was leaning back in the chair with her blouse unbuttoned, revealing her very ample breasts.  As he took a closer look, he also noticed that her pants were undone at the zipper.  She was reclining there with eyes closed and moaning ever so softly.  She was using one hand to squeeze her nipple while the other appeared to be buried in her panties, moving slowly up and down her warm, wet folds.  As she heard the door close, she opened her eyes and said, “Where have you been?  I have been waiting here for you since 1 p.m.  I finally decided to start lunch without you.  Are you HUNGRY???”

He coyly replied, “Tell me first what’s on the menu.”  She laughed, “Everything you see here.  It’s all you can eat.”  He licked his lips in anticipation and said: “I see, but what are you going to have?”  She replied, “I was hoping to be served an orgasm sandwich…you know, you and me with an orgasm in the middle?”  As he walked around the side of the desk towards her, he said, “I think that sounds great, I would like that too.”  He leaned down to kiss her and put his hands gently along the sides of her face.  He loved the feel of her smooth, soft cheeks against his fingertips, and the way she French-kissed.  He slid his fingers slowly through her hair as they continued their lip embrace.  He teasingly tickled the sides of her neck as he slowly moved his hands down to her shirt collar.  She leaned ever so slightly forward as he began to remove the shirt from her body. 

He pulled away from their kissing as her shirt went up over her arms and off onto the ground next to the desk.  Those voluptuous breasts were now completely bare.  He commented, “You know how easy it would be for someone to catch us like this?”  She replied, “I know, but I am so hungry, and you didn’t come home.  So this is what I am forced to do.”  He smiled and leaned further down to her breasts.  He gently cupped them in his hands and began to tease them with his lips and tongue.  He slowly dragged his tongue in large circles the outside of her areolas, making smaller circles as he licked around her nipples.  As he reached each nipple’s center, he flicked it rapidly up and down and side to side with his stiffened tongue until it was erect.  Then he took the fully erect nipple into his lips and kissed it and sucked on it gently.  After each nipple had become fully aroused and her moaning resumed, he squeezed each nipple and firmly cupped the breasts in his hands as he moved the attention of his lips downward to her stomach.

He brought his hands down to her waist and followed the contours of her pants to the already open zipper.  She eagerly lifted her hips from the chair to allow him to pull the pants down and off of her legs.  As he pulled the pant legs off at her feet, he began a slow journey up her legs, kissing her calves and moving up to kiss her knees and then her inner thighs.  He licked her inner thighs and reached up to grab them and move them aside to reveal her warm, wet pussy.  She now leaned even further back in the chair and slid herself to the edge of her seat to make room for his pleasurable intentions.  He gently teased her wet folds and spread her pussy lips apart with his fingers to reveal the crown jewel, her tender, and ultra-sensitive clitoris.  He began to tease her with his tongue and lips.  He would slide his tongue up and down along the opening of her vagina in rapid movements and then slowly and deliberately lick upwards to her clitoris and tease it for a moment with quick side to side strokes of his tongue.  She could be heard moaning “Mmmmmm, I love it when you do that to me,” as she began to tease her breasts in large circular strokes and occasionally pinching her nipples when he reached her clitoris to increase the intensity of her arousal.  He moved his tongue to her clitoris and began to focus his attention there with the quick licking of it in an up and down fashion, pressing his lips in harder, feeling the small thrusts of her pelvis.  He licked and kissed the area and could feel it growing wetter from her arousal as her hips moved just a little faster and her moans grew louder.  As her movements grew more intense, so did her moaning.  This only excited him more as his tongue voraciously devoured her juices and licked harder and faster.

Suddenly her hips stopped their up and down movement, and she pressed them harder into his face as she let out an audible scream of delight.  She involuntarily squeezed her thighs together around the sides of his face.  He looked up at her with his face wet from her pussy lips and smiled.

She sat up in the chair and motioned for him to stand up.  As he rose to his feet, she said, “That was a great first course, but it is my turn now!”  She leaned forward and placed her hand on his fully erect penis as it was plainly visible inside his pants.  She stroked it along the length a few times and said, “Let’s see what we have here?” as she undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants, pulling them and his boxers down to reveal his stiff cock, just wet at the tip from his arousal.  She grasped it in her hand and brought her lips to it in a soft kiss on its tip.  Then she began by licking the head of his penis in a circular motion and then wrapped her lips around the head and gave it a quick suck.  She took it back out and then licked it from base to tip along the shaft, making it wet with each pass of her tongue.  Now, fully wet and completely erect she put it back in her mouth and stroked its entire length, taking in fully into her mouth and sliding it up and down.  She stopped after every couple strokes and flicked the tip of it again with her tongue and kissed it with her lips.  She could feel him shudder at the pleasure she brought to his rock hard member.  She stroked it some more with her hand and asked him if he liked that.  “Oh yes, I love it when you do that to me!” he said.  She went back down on him and sucked his cock some more, feeling it grow stiffer with each stroke and pulsing toward orgasm with her lips.  She moaned as he reached for her breasts and pinched her nipples.  The vibration of her moaning while her lips enveloped his cock brought him to the peak of arousal, and his penis began to throb more rapidly now.  He could feel an amazing orgasm building from within.  She was expertly bringing him to the point of no return.  She moaned again, and he could feel the pulsing of his cock in her mouth as the orgasm came forth.  He tensed up from head to toe as he exploded in her mouth.  She continued sucking on his cock.  This intensified the orgasm and left him paralyzed with pleasure as she drew every last drop of cum from him in long hard strokes of her mouth.  “Oh yes!!!” he practically screamed as she slid her wet, cum filled mouth slowly off of his throbbing penis.

“Come here,” he said as he lifted her up from the chair and laid her back on the surface of the desk, positioning her legs apart and making sure her pussy was right at the edge of the desk so he could keep his erection working for them both.  He reached down with his hand to feel her wet pussy with his hand.  He asked her if she was ready for the main course.  She reached down and used his hand to rub her clitoris more firmly and said, “I am still hungry for you, give me more.”

He slowly took the head of his penis and rubbed it along the entire length of her wetness.  Up and down, teasing her with his stiff cock and taunting her, “I don’t know if it’s ready yet.”  Feeling the hard cock sliding between her wet lips, but not yet penetrating was driving her mad with anticipation.  “I don’t want to wait another second,” she said, “I want you to fuck me right here and now!”  Upon hearing this, he slowly inserted the head of his cock into her warm, wet and inviting vagina.  “Mmm Hmm, oh yeah,” he said as her pussy gripped his cock.  He pulled it slowly back out and then put it back in again.  The initial feeling of his cock spreading the pussy lips and sliding in was enormously arousing to her, and she moaned louder with each withdrawal and subsequent insertion.  He began to insert more of his shaft into her each time.  He gradually reached the point where he slid it in all the way.  He reached up and grasped her breasts in each hand as he slid it in and out slowly and along the full length of his cock.  Her nipples slowly became erect again.  As he noticed this, he slid his cock in all the way and then leaned down and put his mouth to her to her chest.  While completely inside her, he began to suck on her nipples.  He raised his mouth back up and arched his back to maximize his penetration of her welcoming pussy.  He also began to increase the speed and intensity of each thrust while gently pinching her nipples and listening as her moans grow louder and more frequent.  As his thrusts got faster, he also took his hands down to her hips and grabbed onto them firmly, pushing her hips more firmly into his.  This resulted in a deepening of the thrusts, and he pushed harder into her with each stroke.

 She could feel the gradual intensity of an orgasm building up inside of her.  “Faster and harder,” she insisted.  By now, her hips were moving more vigorously, harder and faster, into his cock.  This made each thrust long and deep and hard.  Her hips moving in and out on their own gave him the freedom to release his grip on them and devote some more attention to her succulent breasts.  He began to knead gently them and pinch her erect nipples over and over again.  He could see and hear that this was helping to bring her closer to orgasm and made her moans louder and faster as well.  His cock grew harder and harder still with each stroke, as her pussy grew tighter in its grip on it.  It was as if her pussy was pulling his cock in and then resisting each outward stroke to keep him inside her.  Deeper and deeper.  His penis was throbbing viciously by this time, and he could sense her ultimate arousal was peaking too.  He pinched her nipples in a slow continuous manner while simultaneously speeding up his deepening thrusts and feeling her orgasm approach.  His cock was ready to explode again, and she was telling him she was about to cum.  He held on as his thrusting faster and harder worked magic on her throbbing, pulsating pussy until her moan of release triggered another explosive orgasm from deep within his cock.

Their bodies shuddered and tensed as the pleasure that now filled them both caused a tingling feeling from head to toe.  She sat up, by now glistening with a sexy sweat.  She gazed longingly and appreciatively into his eyes, and he drew her up to his face and began to kiss her with a passion that she had never experienced before.

Her bare breasts brushed against his chest and gave her goosebumps.  Her nipples were still tingling with pleasure.  She reached down to find that his cock was still fairly stiff.  She stroked it a little to see if she could encourage it to get it a bit harder.  As soon as it stiffened up, she hopped off the desk and bent over it revealing her moist wet pussy.  She smiled at him and said, “Think you could deliver me some dessert?”  He smiled back, wondering where she gets this insatiable appetite for sex.

He gently drug his fingertips along her back from her shoulders down to her waist and placed a hand on her hip while he used the other to guide his stiff cock into her slippery, wet folds.  He began thrusting slowly in and out while holding her hips in his hands and pressing her into him for deeper penetration.  He continued to do this for a couple of minutes with her moaning softly.  He continued to thrust into her as he watched her breasts move to and fro with each movement of his cock in and out of her warm pussy.  As he noticed her breasts move and her nipples brushing against the surface of the desk and getting erect again, he could feel his cock stiffening from the heightened arousal.  Apparently she could too, as her moans grew louder still and her hips moved in synch with his to increase the depth of penetration.  He reached around her hips to the top of her pussy lips and began to rub her clitoris while still thrusting in and out with his now throbbing cock.  She moaned audibly more as he stroked her wet and wanted clitoris and slid his cock in and out of her gripping pussy.

Her hips began to move back and forth harder now, and he could not keep his fingers on her clitoris.  Her thrusting grew faster, and he sped up too while reaching for her breasts and pinching her nipples.  Her excitement was evident, and his cock was stiffer still as they moved in rhythm to one another.  He continued his nipple pleasuring pinches and felt his cock swell inside her with another oncoming orgasm.  She moaned, “Yes, ride me harder and faster… I want you to make me cum again.” 

He thrust faster and deeper, leaning into her with his full pelvis.  She moaned louder.  His cock began to throb with the impending orgasm which only served to heighten her arousal even more.  Her pussy kept squeezing his cock, and they both felt the rush of another climax together.  They remained there motionless, still enjoined, for several minutes. Each of them out of breath, but overcome with a feeling of absolute joy at the love they shared.  This moment together was truly magical.

As they began to dress, they could hear the outer door to the building opening up.  They hurriedly scrambled to replace each article of clothing. As luck would have it, they finished just in time.  As she buttoned the top button of her pants, they watched someone walk down the hall past the office door to another office.  She gave him a sly smile at that and kissed him on the lips.  “Thank you for lunch,” she said as she exited the office door.  He replied, “No, thank YOU, for delivering such a lunchtime treat.  At least with you by my side, I know I will NEVER go hungry for anything.”

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