Dinner Party (Part 1)

I was in the kitchen doing final preparations for our dinner party. Guests were due to arrive in 10-15 minutes. You came in and decided you liked the way my dress hugged my curves. You decided to slide up behind me and explore them as well. You started by moving my hair aside and kissing my neck as you pulled me closer to the warmth and hardness of your body. Your hands lingered on my hips and then moved around to squeeze my waist and then slid up to my breasts and teased my nipples.

I tried to distract you and tell you no because we did not have much time. You responded with, “We had better hurry then!”

You continued your teasing by sliding my dress strap off my shoulder and sliding your hand inside of my bra to cup and tease my breasts. Your mouth traveled along my shoulder and back to my neck leaving kisses and gentle nips along the way. You could feel me give in as my body responded to your caresses and your hard cock pushed against my bottom.

You slid your free hand under my skirt and slid my panties down, and then your fingers stroked my dampening folds. I shivered! You nipped at my shoulder, smiled, and encouraged me to spread my legs so you could play. You continued to arouse me until I was dripping wet, and then you undid your pants and slid into me from behind. You took me quickly with hard deep thrusts making me cum way too fast. Your orgasm hit just as the door bell rang. I panicked because we were standing there half naked and flushed. You laughed, cleaned yourself up, gave me a quick pat on the ass, swiped my panties, put them in your pocket, and headed to the other room to answer the door.

In the meantime, I righted my breasts back into my bra and was frantically looking for my panties on the kitchen floor, not realizing that you swiped them. I was desperate because I did not want our guests to find them, and I did not wish to walk around bare bottomed with company in our house. I have no time to get another pair as people come pouring into the kitchen to say hello.

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