The Best Work Stress Relief!

It had been such a long busy day at the salon and standing nearly all day had my feet aching. All I could think about was a nice hot bath and getting off my feet. Guess I’m just getting old! Lol.

I had my friend Tina close up for me, and I headed for my car. It sure was a pretty day, and I was glad to be out of the salon.

The drive home was pleasant as I rolled down the windows and turned up some good contemporary Christian music on the radio. I stopped for a moment at a local hot dog stand for a chili dog and soft drink.

The house was empty when I got home which suited me just fine. Ben was still at work, and our son Randy was riding four wheelers with some friends. I put my purse and keys on the kitchen table and headed for the bedroom. I slipped out of my clothes and walked to the bathroom. Let me just say, and many of you women will know what I mean, but it felt so good to get out of that bra.

I started my water, then put my hair up. Yeah, I let it grow back out. The water felt so good as I stepped in and sat down. I laid back and just let the water take all my stress. If there is a heaven on earth, it was at that moment.

After about twenty minutes, I got out of the tub, dried myself, then wrapped the towel around me.

Walking back to the bedroom, I shut the bedroom door and literally flung myself onto the bed. It felt really good, and I figured I would get dressed after a few minutes. Well, I guess it felt too good because I fell asleep. Go figure.

The next thing I knew, I  heard a voice call my name. “Gina! Baby, you awake? Baby!” then I felt a hand begin to run up my leg. Startled, I opened my eyes. The towel I had wrapped around me had fallen away, and I lay totally nude and exposed.

There stood my handsome, loving husband. He too was naked and had this sexy grin on his face. His cock hung partially erect between his legs as he slipped into bed next to me.

“Hey, baby, how long have you been home? What time is it?” I asked softly just before he kissed me.

“Not long. It’s almost 6. I was pleasantly suprised when I walked in here and saw you looking so beautiful, not to mention naked,” he replied before kissing me again, this time more deeply and passionate. His hand was on my right breast.

“It was a long day, guess I fell asleep,”  I said then kissed him again as his hand rubbed my naked thigh.

“My baby tired? Want daddy to make you feel better?” Ben asked, then began kissing and sucking on my right breast then the other.

“Mmmmm, but I have to get supper started. Oh baby, I love you!” I said as I ran my fingers through his dark mane.

“I think that supper can wait, don’t you think? Right now I am hungry for the taste of my sexy beautiful wife!” my precious husband said as he slowly began kissing his way down my abdominal section. Each kiss brought wonderful sensations to my skin, making me whimper soft noises. I gasped when I felt his hand cup my now moistened cunt.

“Baby, your scent is so over powering and sweet! Open your legs and let me taste you.” Ben said as he kissed the top of my pubic bush.

I opened my legs as he requested, and he got between them. That man wasted little time in putting his face to my pussy and that incredible tongue of his went to work.

“Oh baby! Ohhhh Ben, baby!” I gasped as he began eating me. His tongue ravaged my pussy, licking and sucking, swirling around every inch of my hairy mound. My hips seemed to move on their own as I humped at his face.

“Yes, baby! I love you so much!” I panted as I writhed on the bed with the pleasure he was giving me, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm.

Let me tell you, that man of mine loves to eat pussy and is really, really good at it. I was lost in the pleasure he was giving me and my desire grew stronger and stronger until my body felt like it would explode.

“Baby, your going to make me cum! Ben! Ohhhhh baby, I ‘m cu-cumminnnnggg !” I panted. My back arched and my legs began to quiver as I exploded in orgasmic bliss. Ben continued lapping up my juices, causing my body to spasm in orgasmic after shocks.

Finally, Ben looked up at me, his mouth and chin glistening with my juices. He gave my dripping pussy lips one last kiss, then began kissing his way back up my body.

“Sweeter than honey, baby!” my dear man said, then we kissed. I hungrily kissed him back tasting my juices on his sweet lips.

“I love you so much! I want you! Are you hard, baby?” I panted, trying to reach for his dick.

Ben looked into my eyes and said with a smile, “You tell me.”

I gasped and gripped his shoulders with my hands as I felt the head of his cock slip past my pussy lips and enter me.

“Yes! All the way! Push your dick deep inside me. Fuck me! Please fuck me!” I groaned, wrapping my legs around him and pulling him deep into me.

We looked into each others eyes as he began to thrust slowly into me. His long hard dick filled me, then pulled back before filling me again.

“I love you, Gina! You’re so beautiful!” Ben groaned as he slowly thrust into me, “long cocking” me if you will. All the while, we never lost eye contact.

“I love you too, baby, my loving man! My big dicked stud muffin!” I said. We both laughed.

“Gina, turn over!  I want to take you from behind,” Ben said in a voice that made me shiver slightly. He then pulled out of me to allow me to turn over.

Getting on my hands and knees I glanced back at my love and saw his big hard dick glistening with my juices just before he got behind me.

“Put that thing back inside me! Do it now, I need….Mmmmmph! Oh baby!” I said just as he pushed hard into me.

Ben grabbed my hips and began fucking me with hard deep, powerful strokes. His passion pushing me closer and closer to another orgasm.

“You like that, baby! You like that dick, don’t ya baby? Come on, talk to me, baby! Tell me how you like the fucking, baby!” Ben groaned in a deep tone.

I could feel myself building to another orgasm as I said, “Yes, do it! Fuck me! Give it to me, baby! I love your dick, baby, so big and hard! You always fuck me soooo good! I’m cumming ! Oh baby, I’m cummmmiinnng!”

“I’m gonna cum, baby! I’m gonna fill you with my cum! Grrrrrmmph!” Ben growled as he pushed deep into me, his cock throbbing inside me as he spewed his seed.

He pulled out and collapsed beside me, our bodies heaving with our passion as we held hands and kissed once more.

We were brought back to reality when we heard our son’s voice exclaim, “When do we eat?”  What impeccable timing!

Ben and I both laughed. Let me just say it was the ultimate in work stress relief. Thank you, my dear husband!  If you only knew how much I needed that. Love you very much!

To my MH family, God bless and stay horny! Love ya’ll





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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Gina, your stories are so satisfying on every possible level! Most of all your genuine love for each other. You made us feel your fatigue – then the surprise of be awakened. I've told you many times – I love your sexy talk – for me, it adds a level of hotness that is sizzling! Like you, I only say fuck for sex – but that magic word has the power to unleash something in us – I think because it is like the ultimate sexy word that we treat as only for us then! Anyway, I can tell it has same effect on you and Ben. Lastly, it is so good to see a story from you again. God bless you and dear Ben! LH

  2. Lovinghusband
    Lovinghusband says:

    Gina, it is so good to read you again! You helped us feel your fatigue with you – then the surprise awakening.

    As to hotness – your descriptions were Classic GG!

    You and Ben know how to be hot for sure. Like you, I love the way you communicate – like you "fuck" is used only for our sex. It is a word with the seemingly magic power to raise the heat to absolute sizzling. So good!

    Your love for each other is so attractive and obvious – God has blessed you.

    Lastly, I enjoyed your description of the way you two ended. That he wanted you from behind – and you knew it was cumming hard and fast! Also, the oral was so good – with the finishing kiss. This story for me is like a "Greatest Hits" album.

    God bless you and your awesome family! LH

  3. CMLove
    CMLove says:

    Gina! So good to see another post from you! I thank God for you and Ben and the beautiful hot marriage you two have. Thank you for sharing ans showing us that sex only gets better! CMLove

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