Date Night Shopping Trip

As our date night was winding down to a close, we departed the bookstore and tossed our coffee cups in the wastebasket on the way out.  As we crossed the parking lot on the way to the car, you spied a Victoria’s Secret shop and shot me a mischievous glance.  Slightly embarrassed at the thought of strolling around a lingerie shop, I decided to throw caution to the wind and returned your look with an accepting shrug of my shoulders.
As we entered the store, I felt as though all eyes were on me.  My face grew red and flushed as we continued further and began our journey through the racks filled with skimpy items of satin and lace. I was torn by feelings of curiosity at how you would look in the sexy garments and yet uncomfortable at how the saleswomen seemed to be watching my every reaction.
You noticed my discomfort and chose to play on it, lifting up the smallest pair of panties you could find on the rack next to you and declaring in a loud voice, “Should I get these or do you still prefer that I continue to go without?”
As you went to place them back on the rack, I shook my head and asked, “Why don’t you keep them to try on? They would go very nicely with that matching bra.”
You smiled back at me and said, “Okay, but you’ll need to accompany me to the dressing room and let me know what you think.”
As you turned and walked towards the rear of the store to the dressing room, I could not help but stare at your well-proportioned hips and ass as you moved seductively along the aisle.  My cock twitched at the thought of how soft and wet your pussy would feel right then, and I recalled that you mentioned being without any panties on under your skirt.  Your teasing had worked up enough interest to begin stiffening my penis ever so slightly.
Upon reaching the very back of the store, you noticed that the saleswomen were all still up front and rearranging the garments on the racks.  You stepped into the dressing room, hung up the bra and panty set, and then turned to me with a devilish grin while motioning me forward with a curled up index finger.
Giving me that come hither, you whispered to me, “I may need your help with my zipper if you don’t mind?”
I sheepishly looked around to see who was paying attention and realized that we were nearly alone in the store, so I acquiesced and slid on in past you into what had now become moderately cramped quarters.
We found ourselves face to face with standing room only, your bountiful cleavage beckoning me closer.  As you attempted to raise your arms, you elbowed me in the ribs.  Looking at you with a smirk, I motioned that you perform a pirouette and turn away from me.
As you complied, I leaned up against you from behind and whispered in your ear, “Put your hands all the way up in the air.”
Then I kissed your neck and nibbled on your ear for a second as you followed my instruction.  With your arms straight up and pointing to the ceiling, I reached down and placed my hands on your hips and moved them slowly up to the waistline of your skirt and carefully untucked your silky blouse.  Now with your top hanging loosely at your sides, I was able to slide my hands underneath your blouse and gently caress your soft skin as I moved my fingertips up along your sides and across your ribs.  I slid my hands around to your breasts, taking a moment to squeeze them and to tease the puckered nipples still confined to your bra.
As my hands continued upward, I slid your blouse over your head and tossed it aside on the floor.  Leaning in once more, I kissed the other side of your neck and whispered in your ear, “You can put your arms down now. How about we work on setting those magnificent breasts free?”  I reached for the clasp at the back of your bra and unhitched it while letting out an audible moan, “Mmmmm” as I worked the bra off of your shoulders and on the floor beside your blouse.
Pressing up against you with an ever stiffening cock, I caressed you from neck to waist, stopping only briefly to tease your nipples again on the way down. Upon reaching the waistline of your skirt, I carefully grasped the tab of your skirt’s zipper and slowly pulled it in a downward motion to loosen your skirt.  As the zipper reached the limit of its travel, I eagerly tugged on the fabric of your skirt and watched in amazement as it moved effortlessly down along your bare bottom and then began its rapid descent to the floor with the remainder of your garments.
At the sight of your bare body and your discarded clothing, I grasped firmly at your hips and began to kiss my way from your neck and down your back until I reached your waist.  At this point, I spun you around to position my face at your stomach so that I could continue my kissing journey. This time, back up your gorgeous body along your abdomen and stopping at your breasts.  I cupped them in my hands and massaged them firmly as I licked the area around each nipple and proceeded to suck on them, one after the other to moans of delight from you.
With the sound of every sweet moan that exited your lips, my cock grew harder and my desire to pleasure you multiplied exponentially.  I reached down and slid a hand between your legs to find it sweet and moist.  My excitement at how easily my fingers slid along your slippery wet folds could hardly be contained.
“Oh, yes! I love how soft and wet you are right now!”
With that, I slid a finger inside you and began to move it in and out, taking my thumb and rubbing your clit at the same time.  Every thrust and caress rewarded with ever louder moans of approval.
Crazy with desire, I knelt down and began teasing your pussy with my tongue, sliding it up and down along your folds.  The taste was delicious and the dripping wetness more arousing.  I started to flick your clit with my tongue and then began to suck on it as my face pressed further into you.  The pleasure you derived from my eager efforts became more vocal with each slide of my tongue and suck of my lips along your tender treasure.  Your body continued to tense and thrust into me at every turn, your pleasure heightened to the point of near climax, until you begged to feel my hard, throbbing cock inside you.
I gladly obliged you and eagerly slid the head of my cock along your pussy lips and into you.  My cock swelled with delight as it moved easily inside you in vigorous up and down thrusting movements.  The throbbing and pulsating sensations grew stronger with each deep thrust and your hips pressing further forward into me made the feelings even more incredible.  As you begged for harder, faster and deeper strokes, I could feel the climax welling up inside me and your excitement and pleasure peaking as well with each thrust.  We quickly found ourselves driven over the edge as we experienced an unparalleled orgasm.
As we stood there, drained from our exertions, there was a sudden knock on the door to the dressing room.  The sound startled us both and was followed by a female voice saying, “We are about to close the store, will you be much longer?” to which you replied, “No, I think I am just about done here.”
After a short laugh together, we quickly got dressed and regained our composure.  A few moments later, as we exited the dressing room at the rear of the store and traveled toward the front door, a saleswoman called out to you, “Miss, you left this bra and panty set in the dressing room…did you want to purchase them?”
Looking at me and then back at her, you smiled and said in a firm, but playful response, “No thank you, my husband is convinced that I look better with them on the hanger!”

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  1. marriedman says:

    Your shopping trip was way better than my recent one. I went online to order some slinky things for my Sweetie and got thrown off by all the size charts. Turned the operation over to my Lovely wife, whom I will be visiting shortly. She booked four night at a really nice hotel in her neck of the woods. The order arrived today. Can't wait to see the four outfits, one for each night, properly filled out. Hoping for redemption then. I think you guys should keep, shopping. Another neat version of "shopping" could be the lovely lady modeling and the husband being forced to just watch the show without touching. See if you can make it out of the mall parking lot without ravaging each other. Be careful out there!

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