Good Morning, Sunshine

The man had just walked in from getting the Saturday morning paper.  His wife had gotten up before him.  By the time he made it downstairs, she had already showered, gotten dressed and headed to the kitchen to make some coffee.  It was still early in the day, about eight a.m. and the sun was just coming up over the horizon.  A wide swath of the sun’s rays was bounding in through the window over the kitchen sink, where the woman was standing to dry off her hands.  As the man entered from across the room, he could just make out the silhouette of her body through the yellow, floral sundress she had chosen to wear that day.  “It certainly shows off her assets,” he thought to himself as he moved up behind her quietly.  He placed his hands on her waist and then kissed the back of her neck, breathing in as he did so and taking in the fresh, clean scent of her skin and hair.

He bit his lip as he could feel the sensation of his cock stiffening at the sight and smell of his gorgeous wife.  At that point, he decided to press his body firmly against hers.  To his delight, she let out a low, nearly inaudible groan, of pleasure.  “I think today may be my lucky day,” he thought to himself.  He then began to caress her neck with his fingers, ever so softly.  She tilted her head to the side in approval, like a puppy that rolls over and encourages more belly-rubbing.  As he obliged, he continued along her neck and moved to slide the straps of her sundress off of her bare shoulders.  When he did this, the dress slipped down to reveal that she had not chosen to wear a bra and that her nipples were now erect at the attention she was getting.  

“Mmmm, I like what I am seeing,” he remarked aloud as he kissed her neck and reached around to cup her right breast in his hand. 

He loved the feel of her soft skin against his and found that her breast was a joy to hold and behold as he kneaded it.  He squeezed her hardened nipple and heard another pleasurable moan as a result.  She turned around to face him, and their mouths met in a passionate kiss that lasted for several minutes as he also cupped the left breast.  He moved his kisses along her chin and neck and then on her upper chest.  All the while, his hands slid teasingly down the sides of her ribcage, resting upon her curvaceous hips.  His mouth moved deliberately to meet her breasts, alternately teasing each one with a suck of her areola and also a flick of his tongue against her ever-stiffening nipples.

Her interest was peaked, and she decided to reach down and unbutton his shirt while pulling it from the waistband of his pants.  She then ran her finely manicured fingernails along his zipper to feel the growing bulge she desperately wished to release from its denim prison.  She squeezed it through the thick material and stroked its length while sighing (disappointed that it had not come out to play yet).  She twisted the button loose from the top of his pants and slid the zipper down, reaching for the hardened cock to pull it from his boxers and allow his pants to fall away to the floor around his ankles.  He was loving where this was going, so he gently slid the sundress that had been resting on her hips down to meet his pants on the floor.  Behold, he found that, in addition to no bra, she was not wearing panties either.  Excited at this development, and never one to let an opportunity like this go to waste, he slid a hand down and felt the soft tuft of pubic hair that directed the way to his next objective.  Going a little further, he began to feel the wet folds of her vagina as he started to slide his hand up and down the length.  He then raised his hand to his mouth, which had been busy with her nipples up to this point.  

He licked his fingers and said, “You taste good, I want more.”

He motioned her to the island in the middle of the kitchen and lifted her onto it.  He was careful to place her legs apart and position her pussy on the edge, just where he wanted it.  He then began to caress her inner thighs with his fingertips and began kissing his way up from her ankles to her calves, then up to her knees, and along her inner thighs to that wet spot waiting there for him.  He reached the top and slowly slid his tongue into the moist treasure in an up and down motion, each stroke of his tongue driving higher and higher towards the crown jewel, her clitoris.  He squeezed her thighs and then reached around to grab her ass with both hands while driving his face vigorously forward into her pussy.  

He continued to tease her clit with quick, circular movements of his tongue while her hips began to move in rhythm with his efforts.  He could hear her moan the words “Yes…that feels good. Don’t stop until I cum.”  Upon hearing this, his cock twitched with delight.  She thrust her hips forward and began to shudder as her impending orgasm was building to a frenzied peak with each suck of her clit and pinch of her nipples.  She grew closer and closer to climax until she eventually cried out in delight, “Oh yeah, baby,” as her entire body tensed up.  She reached down and placed her hands along the sides of his face, looked him intently in the eyes and said, “I want your cock in me, now.”

He motioned for her to slide down off the island and eased her around so that she was bent over the counter, displaying an inviting opening for his eager penetration.  He took his rock-hard cock in his hand and guided it to the warm, wet place where he had just feasted.  The feeling of excitement and anticipation was palpable as he slowly slid only the swollen head of his cock into her.  It was nearly enough to cause him to explode right then and there.  So, he eased it back out, only to hear her say, “Don’t tease me like that, I want it all in me.”  He slowly slid it in again, this time allowing her pussy to envelop half the length of his tingling shaft before sliding it nearly all the way out. Each thrust became deeper and more powerful until he found himself firmly holding on to her hips and arching his back to fill her with as much hot, hard cock as he could.  She loved it and demanded that he thrust harder and faster.  She wanted to experience a second orgasm and loved the feel of his shaft sliding in and out of her rapidly.

As his cock sped up, so did the throbbing of its veins.  She could feel this, too, and it made her even hornier.  Her pussy got tighter with each pulsating thrust and squeezed his member so that he could hardly control the building orgasm that she was drawing from within him.  Their breathing and their hearts raced as they approached the finish line together.  He could see her breasts sway to and fro on the surface of the counter.  He reached around and cupped them both in his hands while continuing to thrust hard and fast.  He made sure to grasp both nipples and squeeze them as he completed the deepest penetration of each thrust.  Moments later the couple found themselves tingling all over as they exploded in orgasm together.

They turned to face one another, naked and alone in their home.  Both were sweating and spent from the experience, but they took that moment to gaze into each other’s eyes and kiss. They said, “I love you” to one another simultaneously just before they began to collect their scattered clothing from the floor.  

“I am the luckiest man alive,” he added.  

She replied by saying, “I’m a pretty lucky woman, too.  Sugar for your coffee?”

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  1. marriedman
    marriedman says:

    Outstanding. Very nice narrative. It is such a special treat to grab a handful of hips and bury oneself into a very willing and wet wife. When things get really heated and the breasts begin to swing it's all I can do to hold back. Sometimes you just have to hold them tight! What's for lunch?

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