Exploring New Possiblitities

My husband always wanted me to be more sexually aggressive, to take charge from time to time, to seduce him. Well, one night recently I decided to take a step in that direction. It was way out of my comfort zone, but now I think it was worth the effort.

He had just crawled into bed when I walked out of our master bathroom wearing a turquoise and black set of matching bra, panties and garter belt, complete with black thigh-high stockings. I crawled into bed with him and pressed my body against his. He routinely sleeps naked and that night was no different. As my body came to rest next to him, his warm, soft-yet-firm flesh felt wonderful against my body, familiar, yet still very enticing. I reached around him and took his cock in my hand. It was soft and flaccid.

He rolled onto his back, and I straddled him, still holding his soft penis in my hand. I took my bra off and watched his eyes move to my chest. Still his penis remained soft. Leaning forward over him, I let my breasts rub against his face. His lips parted and drew my right nipple into his mouth. I felt a rush of excitement flow through my body. His cock began to swell in my hand. Feeling that gave me an incredible rush. It made me feel powerful and in control. I caused his body to react, and I knew I was giving him pleasure. By taking charge, I suddenly felt a sense of power that was new to me. It felt wonderful.

I moved up his body, straddling his chest. As I looked down at him, he reached up and began playing with my breasts. I reached around behind myself and squeezed his cock hard with my hand. It was stiff and hard now, and again the thought of doing that to him thrilled me. I have been married to him for years, and yet it all felt new and fantastic like I was seducing him. In fact, I was seducing him. I could see by the glazed look in his eyes that he was losing control. I was going to take him sexually. I had interested him, motivated him, and now, feeling the hardness in my hand, I knew that I had fully prepared him for what I wanted. I felt light-headedly aggressive about it all and now was no longer out of my comfort zone at all. I just needed to get started and suddenly found myself very much enjoying the idea of seducing my husband.

I took his hand in mine and placed it on his cock wrapping his fingers around the shaft. He looked up at me with a puzzled expression.

“Please,” I whispered, “I want you to touch yourself.”

He obediently began stroking himself. As he masturbated, I slid forward and knelt above him, straddling his face. I lowered myself until the crotch of my panties came to rest against his lips. He pulled the fabric to the side to begin kissing my pussy, but I quickly pulled his hand away and positioned my panties between his lips and my pussy once again. He relented and let me leave on my panties. Neither of us said a word.

He ground his mouth and chin against me, nibbling and biting gently at my clit and pussy lips through my panties. Though the sensations were dulled somewhat by the fabric over my femininity, I was lightheaded at the thought that I had caused this all, that I had started it, that I had directed it thus far, and that I already knew how it was going to finish. I could feel the wetness from my cunt seeping out, oozing between the lips of my pussy. I then became aware of the sound of his hand behind me, stroking up and down the shaft of his cock, masturbating just as I had instructed him to do. It finally became too much to withstand, and a warm, beautiful orgasm washed over me. I quivered and moaned as my climax subsided, several more drops of my pussy juice easing out of me and into the fabric of my panties.

Exhausted and still wobbly from my orgasm, I reached around behind me and stopped his masturbation to prevent him from having his own. By now, he could tell I was thrilled at taking the lead for once, and he obediently stopped, though with a desperately urgent and frustrated look in his eyes. I stood up and removed the garter belt and stockings, and then pulled off my panties. I felt the cool air waft between my legs as the warm and now-damp fabric pulled away from my pussy. I looked down just in time to see a string of my wetness between me and my panties before it gave way, a little wetness snapping back to where it came from, and a bit dripping down onto the fabric. The wetness was white this time. Funny, but sometimes it is clear and colorless, other times it is white and opaque, sort of like thick but slippery milk. I am not sure why that is, although it seems that those times when I am the most excited, it is white… and that night is was white indeed.

Looking down at him, I could see his rapid breathing as his chest rose and fell. I could see the urgent, even desperate look in his eye. And I could see a string of clear colorless pre-cum hanging from the mouth of his hard-on. I stepped across him and knelt down, straddling his hips. I reached under myself and took his cock in my hand, and positioned it against my opening. Then, I sat back and groaned as I felt it bury itself deep inside my body. It was wonderful. Still holding my panties in my hand, I began to thrust up and down his shaft.

The thought of what I was going to do next frightened and thrilled me all at once. You see, I have always been self-conscious whenever he performed oral on me concerning what he might be seeing, and even more so, what he might be smelling! He always assured me that my scent excited him, but it always left me feeling squeamish. So, I always insisted on washing there with soap, even if that meant getting up in the middle of our love making to do so. This action would always frustrate him, and he would tell me that he wanted me to smell like me, not like soap. Well, I figured as long as I was daring tonight, why not go with that idea?  There was indeed a reason that I left my panties on all through my orgasm, and he was about to learn why.

I reached forward with my panties and held the moist crotch an inch or two above his mouth and nose while fucking him. I could feel my heart beating in my head at the thought of what he might be smelling, but I could see that whatever he was experiencing was exciting him very much. His breathing was faster now, and he was loudly moaning, which is unusual for him. His voice sounded desperate to finish, urgent as I continued thrusting up and down at a very slow pace. He wanted to finish, but I was moving too slowly to get him over the edge. Long, deep, painfully slow movements. The feeling of his cock moving inside me was beautiful.

I began to feel sorry for him. He needed a release from this tension I had built inside of his body. I knew I was about to give him the best feeling there is in this world. The idea of that made me happy, and emotionally close to him. I settled down onto him and stopped moving. My intention was to press the wet crotch of my panties down gently against his nose and mouth and then fuck him until he climaxed. It didn’t go quite that way, however.

When I touched the panties to his lips, he began to lick them, inhaling deeply through his nose at the same time. And then, lying still beneath me, while I sat motionless above him, his eyes rolled back, his back arched slightly, and his body began to jerk and twitch. I could feel a flood of hot thick semen filling me as he pumped it deep into me. I remained motionless while he lay still inside me, pumping his sex fluid into me while smelling and tasting my panties. I thrilled to the knowledge that it was the mere scent and taste of me that pushed him over the edge into his orgasm. I guess he was right, and I suppose he does like how I smell and taste! I slumped down on top of him, and we both drifted off to sleep, exhausted, content, and very much in love.

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10 replies
  1. marriedman says:

    Now that was an outstanding narrative! It is not often when my Sweetie takes control, but I love what happens when she does. I really enjoy hearing the wife's perspective. I think it can be very intimidating to put your fantasies out there, but I'm pretty sure your husband will give you free rein to do so in the future. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. The Rose says:

    When I read something like this, I always wonder why our precious wives to not use more of their tremendous sexual power to make love to us. WE are so easily please and so quick to respond. This was a great experience to read and I enjoyed every second of it. Thank you for sharing this very inmate story.

  3. Sibelus says:

    Beautiful story and wonderfully written. Nice on so many levels, but you do a great job expressing your point of view in the experience not only the sensual and romantic experience, but your feelings and awakening to something new. Lovely. Please have the confidence to share more.

  4. Lovinghusband says:

    The following comment is rated "L" for language. I am about to use a word I only use in and during the joyous moments of sex. I use it to put a certain imprimatur on this story. If you don't like "L" – then think of it now as a warning to "leave" this shirt comment.

    Here it goes …..

    This story from sexy start to cum filled finish was….

    Fucking hot!!

    The "L" portion is over – yet I must say I love stories of both husbands and wives having the courage to get outside previous comfort zones – in order to discover new depths of intimacy – built with trust in God and in each other.

    Congratulations! God bless you two. LH ?

  5. panty snifer says:

    Hello ,what a fantastic story,, very sexy and hot, I have a panty fetish, love them,,the first time i was smelling my wifes panties and licking her pussy juice off them while i was fucking her, i thought she would not take it right , but she was ok with it,, she likes it when i cum in her and then lick it out of her pussy yummy, bye

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