Country Fun on the Farm

There’s nothing like the country air to get you frisky.

Not long after we’d been married, we took a cottage holiday in Bayhill, based on a farm.  The couple who owned the farm and the five cottages on its 30 acres were a delight, and by mid-week, we realized that we were the only ones on their estate, the owners having gone off to a three-day show in the Midlands.

That morning, we had a long lay in, having walked miles the previous afternoon and had plenty of the local Scrumpy in the evening, to help wash down our BBQ.  As I got ready, suddenly across my mind flashed a fantasy I’d had since I was a teenager: I’d always wanted to have sex in a barn amongst stacks of hay.

By now, my husband was relaxing on the sofa reading the paper, when I sat on his lap and told him of my dream idea.  It didn’t take him long to catch on, and as we knew we wouldn’t get caught, we ran out of the cottage and across the yard to the large barn which we knew was well stocked.

The large doors were not locked, and once inside, we pulled them closed.  They made so much noise if anyone did come back, we’d have plenty of warning.  As we looked around, there were fresh bales of hay on the ground level, at all sorts of heights, and then there was the hay loft, with a step ladder going up to it.

“That’s it,” I screamed out, “That’s exactly like what I dreamt of all those years ago!”

By now, my heart was racing.  Typically, I take a long time to build up to sex, but this foreplay had gone on for nearly ten years since I was 25.  I’m normally the laid back one when it comes to sex, leaving my husband to make the first move.  We are also not very adventurous sexually but enjoy sex.

“Come on, ” I demanded, as I pulled off his T-shirt and kissed him passionately all over his face. “I want it, and I want it now.”

I couldn’t believe how I’d turned from this quiet office worker into some sex demander, but I loved it and obviously so did my husband.  I ran to the steps of the ladder, but he pulled me back, and we tumbled onto the floor amongst the hay.  He sat on top of me and pulled up my T-shirt to reveal I wasn’t wearing a bra.  He lowered himself and sucked and licked and bit my small breasts and my nipples until they were hard as bullets.

I was bucking him to try and get him off, but he held my hands down above my head with one of his hands and started undoing the belt of my jeans with the other.  It was incredibly sexual; I’ve never felt so aroused.  He managed to pull my jeans down, but by taking his hands off mine, I got free and managed to race to the ladder, now just in my panties.

He chased me to the ladder, having discarded his jeans and followed me up the ladder. I suddenly became aware that with each step I made, he had a perfect view of my ass and pussy which, by now were wet, and my panties were getting very damp.

I ran over to an area where the hay had been all broken up, and there were piles of it just there to be jumped in and played with.  He grabbed me by the waist, and we pulled each other around as if little kids, changing from passionate kisses to tickling and playful fun.

Then, all of a sudden, he looked me in the eye and said, ” I want you now!” He may be the one to make the moves, but my new hubby is usually a perfect gent, but not this time!

He bundled me onto the hay, and as I lay there, he knelt between my legs and ripped off my panties, tearing them at the side.

The excitement was killing me.  He bundled up some hay and shoved it under my butt, positioned himself and just thrust into me.

I was wet, so he went in easily, but he felt huge and with every stroke, I could feel his testicles bang against my bottom and my orgasm kept building.  We stayed in this position, and there was no touching or kissing or anything except for raw penetrative sex, fast and furious.

I was arching my back, and I brought my legs around his back to take him even deeper into me.  Sweat was pouring down his front and back, and our sweaty bodies merged into one.

Knowing we were alone and not going to be overheard, for the first time we could also vocally let out how we were feeling and with each thrust I let him know in words and moans just how good it felt until I had the best orgasm ever!  He was still going, and as I squeezed my inner muscles with every thrust, I could sense he was about to come as well.  His face contracted, his chest reddened, and all of a sudden, I swear I felt as though I’d been flooded with gallons of semen.

He rolled off me, and we lay side by side, huffing, puffing, and sweating.  His limp penis now covered in semen, my vagina feeling full and satisfied, and our hearts beating like they’d never done before.  The hay loft smelled of sex.  I’d heard the phrase before, but it did. His and my scents combined into one.

It took us about an hour to recover. I recovered my torn panties, turned over the area of hay where semen had not dried on, and we made our way down that ladder.  With every step, my legs shook, and my heart and vagina didn’t stop pulsating until after I’d had a long soak in the bath and had a long slow drink.

Those next two days were a real adventure for us sexually. We’d often read about different sexual positions, but somehow, in our bedroom, it seemed a bit clinical to try them out. But in a barn, where you can use the bales of hay to sit on, lean against, prop yourself up against, fall over on when the position doesn’t work, or simply chase each other on until you mix laughter with passion, the venue was just perfect.  By the end of those 72 hours, we had had more sex than we’d had in six months – lots more sex and had discovered at least three new positions we wanted to use in the future.

As we packed our bags to leave, the farm owners returned home and came over to say goodbye.

The old man asked if we’d enjoyed our time and found the peace and quiet of having the place all to ourselves useful?

To this day, I still don’t know whether he thought we’d use his barn for sex. But perhaps, he watched the way I walked because I’d had a lot of sex my vagina was a bit sore – divinely happy and content, but sore!!

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5 replies
  1. HornyHubby says:

    Very hot! I loved the passion. There's something about a) sex in a new/different place and b) fulfilling a fantasy. Combine the two and, well…you obviously know! Great story. PS…I wanted to give this 4 stars but I was doing it on my phone and accidently hit the 3 stars. Oops. But this is definitely a 4 star story!

  2. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    What a hot story! I'm so happy for you that you were able to fulfill that sexy fantasy of yours, dear! I really enjoyed this sexy story, RedeemingWife. Please keep writing, and God bless

  3. Alicia G. M. says:

    This was HOT! Made me wet with anticipation for the next time my hubby Trey screws me. That will be tonight if I have any say in the matter. And I do! Lol.

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