An ice cold surprise

I don’t like the cold in general. In March, the people around me start wearing T-shirts and the postman arrives in shorts! How can they do it? I am still shivering under my thick winter coat.

That day, I got absolutely frozen by the time I got home. Normally I work in a nice air conditioned office but now and then I have to go out and supervise some outdoor testing, which means sitting in a wooden hut in the middle of nowhere, looking at numbers on an instrument. That day there was an icy, damp wind blowing from the east, chilling me right to the bone. To make matters worse, one of the instruments packed up and we didn’t finish until 9 pm. I knew I wouldn’t be able to warm up until I reached the comfort of my home.

When I got home eventually I found that Natalie had already gone to bed and she was half asleep. If sleeping was an Olympic sport, she would reach at least the semi-finals.

“How was your day, darling?” I heard the sleepy voice.

“Ah, I’m frozen to the bone,” I said, “Feel my hands.” I lifted the duvet and touched her leg. Well, that woke her up!

“Your hands are like ice!” she screamed. “Where have you been?”

“Outside most of the time,” I said, “You are my only chance of warming up.” I gently slid a finger down her tummy towards her pubes, expecting another scream. But actually, there was silence. What’s more, did I just image it or did Natalie’s leg part slightly?

I took my chances and went a bit further.

“Ah, that’s lovely,” she purred softly, “Your finger’s nice and cold.”

I must confess at this point I got a bit confused. In my mind cold and sexy did not mix. But then again, I suddenly remembered having once read an article about couples using ice cubes as a toy.

“Did you know,” I said to Natalie, “apparently some women like the feel of an ice cube inside. I read it in a paper.”

There was no answer thought. Instead, Nat’s lips curled up in that funny way like she was trying to suppress a smile.

“Nat… surely you never…?” My wife is about as shy as a violet. The strongest words she ever uses are at the level of “lady bits”.

She was blushing now. “Erm, actually, I did try it once…”

“Did you..? When? What did you do?”

“It was when I was at college. I got curious; that’s all.”

Something stirred in me. This subject deserves a bit more investigation. It was time to try my luck. But it did not want to scare off that little bird.

“Hmm… I was wondering… would you like to show me?”

There was no answer but I could see that Natalie was weighing her options. Finally, she offered a compromise.

“I’m not too sure about it… but perhaps if you did it to me…”

I didn’t need any more encouragement.

“I’ll get some ice cubes.” I rushed to the freezer and grabbed the ice cube tray. But now what? Transportation seemed problematic. After some hesitation I dumped some cubes in a glass and went back to the bedroom. Natalie has clearly been making preparations too. She had put a towel under her bum.
I picked an ice cube and, considered the possibilities. Then I gently rolled it against Nat’s clitoris. She gasped.

“Oh, that’s nice.”

I rolled the ice cube further down her pussy lips. There were more approving groans. I reached the obvious place. Her ladyhole seemed ready to swallow the cube. I was a bit hesitant though.

“Are you sure this is OK?”

“Yes, yes, please…”

So I slowly pushed it in. I followed it with my finger until it stopped. It must have been resting against Nat’s cervix. It also started melting, with a tiny trickle of water starting to leak out of Natalie.

“Would you like some more?”

“Oh, yes.”

I saw that Nat was getting very excited. Her voice was trembling and her inside felt very slippery. It was a very strange sensation. It was watery wet from the ice and slippery wet from her juices.

After another two or three ice cubes Natalie suddenly cried out.

“I want you inside… I am going to come!”

By this point I was rock hard and hardly able to carry on anyway. I dropped my pants and pushed my cock inside her. It was cold but sexy, very tight and I could feel a bit of ice just at the tip of my penis. And the frustration and tiredness of the day seem to melt away as I came too, probably squirting my load on the last remaining bit of ice melting on Nat’s cervix.

We lay next to each other exhausted. Nat’s pragmatic precaution with the towel was a wise move: the bed would have got soaking wet.

“Well, that was different!” I sighed. “I wasn’t expecting that! What a little secret you kept from me all these years…”

Nat kissed me and then after a bit of thinking she suddenly said, “And how about you? Did you ever do anything naughty you didn’t tell me about…?”

I remembered something but I wasn’t sure if I should tell her. It seemed a bit embarrassing. But then I thought, well, I owe her a confession.

“Well, ahem, so there was a hot summer day… You went to see your parents and I was on my own and got a bit horny… I was going to wait until you got home but it was all a bit too much… So I had an idea. I fished out one of your panties, a black pair, out of the laundry basket and… how can I put it… well, I turned it inside out, spread it out in front of me, and… I jizzed on the crotch area…”

“Oh, how inappropriate!” she giggled”, “like a schoolboy!. And what did you do with the panties afterwards?”

“I was worried that you will find them in a, shall we say, compromised state… so I dried them surreptitiously and then I put them back in the laundry basket. They were still quite crusty though…”

“Well, you got away with that one!”, smiled Natalie and then she went quiet. We lay there for a couple of minutes, then, without turning towards me, she said,

“Would you like to show me?”

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  1. texasman76 says:

    Great story MajorMajor! So did you get to show her? That has always been a fantasy of mine…getting to pleasure ourselves in front of each other.

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