Young Love In London

In 1985, we went to London to do a talk show. We were nervous, but we knew it was going to be great. We had a wonderful time, we actually got a helicopter ride to the studio! The lady who hosted the show was very friendly so all was very relaxed, there were a few laughs. Then, after the talk was done at about 10:30 we took our rented car and went sightseeing.

We crossed the London Bridge and first we went on a Ferris Wheel to have a good aerial look at the wonderful city. We were the only ones in our “cab” of the ferris wheel and so when we were high up, my husband kept kissing me all over my cheek.

“You are so beautiful. I can’t stop kissing you.” Said my husband as he caressed my face with the back of his hand before moving his hand down to squeeze my breast which startled me for obvious reasons.

“Honey!” I laughed,

“Don’t worry, no one can see us! We’re high up!” Winked my husband.

He had a point, but I was just taken aback by his cheeky spontaneity. We explored the town, including Piccadilly Circus and Westminster Abbey before doing a bit of shopping to buy some gifts for our family members. What my husband didn’t know was that I bought something sexy I could wear for him tonight.

After having dinner at the hotel, my husband took a bath after I did, and it gave me time to put on that short dress with the sparkly English flag on it. My husband came out of the bathroom wearing a towel around his waist and I got turned on immediately, and when he saw me posing on our bed, he immediately got that certain look on his face, and unwrapped that towel and climbed on me, buck naked and passionately kissed me on the mouth before moving down to my neck and grabbing my breasts and kissing my cleavage.

He practically ripped the dress off of me and dropping it to the floor and was even more turned on discovering that I had been completely naked under that dress.

I anticipated him entering me as I saw him reach for his man part, and slowly came in as my ladyplace further lubricated. My husband expressed his pleasure at being able to smell my lady-flower’s nectar from where he was.

I wrapped my arms around him as we started kissing again. I caressed my husband through his hair as I kissed my his cheekbone.

He stroked my breast while thrusting before cupping my face and French kissing me.

Then, I suddenly came and my whole body tensed up. Moans came out as I massaged my husband’s back in response to the sensual climax, while my sweet husband caressed me while hugging me. Throbbing inside of me, his climax exploded as well causing him to yell in shock, jerking inside of me in complete ecstasy.

I felt my husband’s afterglow in his embrace and sweet kisses. I gently touched his handsome face as he lay on me and rested his head on my chest, which I always love. Early next morning it was a very heavy rain, so we lay in for the morning watching our favorite BBC sitcoms!

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  1. copen1
    copen1 says:

    I love your stories Mrs. Harper. They are always loving and sensual. Thank you for sharing another example of what makes MH so great.

  2. hornyGG
    hornyGG says:

    Absoloutly wonderful story Harper! I am lying here in bed this morning, nude and a smile on my face. Ben and I made love this morning and it was awesome. He was so hard and passionate, my body is still tingling from my orgasms ( two). God is great, Love is grand and loving hot sex is yummy!

    God bless my dear friend and stay horny always.?

  3. JessaB
    JessaB says:

    Definitely what I need to read in the morning, lol. Thank you again, Harper, for sharing one of your most treasured memories with us! God bless!

  4. Lovinghusband
    Lovinghusband says:

    Hi Harper,

    News flash: I love your stories! I have two parts to this. 1) My favorite quotes from this story are "He practically ripped the dress off of me and dropping it to the floor and was even more turned on discovering that I had been completely naked under that dress." – Wow! What a great surprise! "My husband expressed his pleasure at being able to smell my lady-flower’s nectar from where he was." – I love the smell of my wife's wet pussy, too! It is an amazing aphrodisiac to me. I enjoyed you mention of his pleasure in that. And "Throbbing inside of me, his climax exploded as well causing him to yell in shock, jerking inside of me in complete ecstasy." – I love the descriptive "exploded". My wife and I recently talked about how when I came outside of her – how "explosive" my cum is! Not going to set any distance record – but it went a little over two feet from just around her pussy to hit her chin. So, we love the thought of exploding. I usually can't "yell" because of kids – but the moans we have are our translations of inner yells! Bravo Harper! You encouraged great passionate thoughts in this story.

    I wanted to mention that I liked what you wrote about the MH pics not being soft porn. I do not claim to be able to give dictionary definition to what soft porn is – I am no expert. Yet, there seems to be a difference between tasteful poses and pornography. The degree of concealment shows enough to be enjoyable – but not to the point that causes most (I think) to want to dwell on them. They fit with the stories. That said, I'm glad that MH has given a "block images" option for those who desire it. The option helps any who just want to have the stories. How far would be too far with pictures? Again, I'm not an expert. I would think seeing sexual penetration, close ups on pussies or cocks, obvious sex acts, cum, etc. But, the poses on MH usually go along with foreplay – at some point before. They plant a thought of playful foreplay. I find them inviting me to ponder my wife in this way. Most are of women – but some with both. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I liked your comments in this regard.

    Last thing: I'm in California. You have so many stories from all over the world. Do you and your husband have any stories originating in California? God bless you both! LH

  5. JessaB
    JessaB says:

    Please pray Gabe, ny husband, got in a serious life threatening accident this afternoon and has been brought to the hospital and they told me that there is nothing they can do. My heart swells, I've been crying for hours, please pray for him!

  6. Juicy
    Juicy says:

    Oh gosh…….so sorry to hear. Of course I will pray, as will so many others. Please keep us all updated. Take care of yourself and your sweet babies.

  7. Sarge
    Sarge says:

    Yes please pray for Jesse and Gabe.
    That's an awesome and sexy story, thank for sharing it with us.
    Not to sound critical and petty though. London Bridge is now in Winslow Arizona. You may have been referring to Tower Bridge. Just saying.
    I hope you have hundreds of wonderful sexually experiences in the years ahead.

  8. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    We do! You might just see some!

    Well, sometimes the line is blurred but the list you mentioned I agree with. My husband and I saw some films that showed breasts in our time, and I remember in the 1995 version of "Othello" (we love Shakespeare) there was a scene where Othello and Desdemona make love, and it's very beautiful and tasteful, but I love it mostly because it reminds me of us. Also the scene in Titanic reminded me of us. Sometimes scenes in films have reminded me and my husband of us when we used to watch those films (not anymore). Of course I'm no expert either but I think there is a line between tasteful art and pornography.

  9. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Thank you GG, dearest <3 God bless you, Alicia, Callie and everyone else!

  10. Alicia G. M.
    Alicia G. M. says:

    Another smash hit Mrs Harper! Thank you so much! I always look forward to your stories. Callie is sleeping so I am able to get on for a bit.

    Trey and I should be able to start having sex next week. We tried a couple nights ago, but it was still a bit painful. Went to see my doctor about it, she said I am fine just give it time. I touched myself earlier this morning after Trey left and had a nice orgasm. I know your not into that, but I have been so horny.

    God bless you ma'am and thanks again.

  11. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I was, but several historical bridges have spanned the River Thames between the City of London and Southwark, in central London. But yes, it was tower bridge that I was referring too. Oh yes, there are MANY wonderful sexual experiences!

  12. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I'm glad you enjoyed yourself darling! How is sweet little Callie? One more month until my daughter's twins are born! God bless you too and you're so welcome, sweet <3

  13. JAM777
    JAM777 says:

    Beautiful story Mrs. Thornton!
    Hope you don't mind but it helped me in vision a future with my wife and helped me find some release this morning.

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