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I recently had an interesting experience which I am curious to see if anyone else has had.  My husband and I have been married for 20 years and have two grown kids. The entire time I have known my husband, including the two years before our marriage, I have traveled globally for business for at least a week or longer each month. As many marriages do, we had fallen into a comfortable routine sexually and were both happy with where we were at.

Recently I was on a business trip to Asia, which is typically one of my longest trips of the year. I might add that I am 46, and my husband is a young looking 50 years old.  Due to the time difference of many of my trips, often we don’t get to speak live, and instead send a good night text to each other to describe how our day went, important things not to forget, and to say goodnight. On this past trip, my husband sent the usual text early the next morning instead of his nightly message, due to a busy prior evening.  He was in our master bathroom when he

On this past trip, my husband sent the usual text early the next morning instead of his nightly message, due to a busy prior evening.  He was in our master bathroom when he texted, and sent a cute picture of him blowing me a kiss as he was getting ready for his day.  What he didn’t realize, is that upon careful inspection of the picture, I had a clear view of his sexy nude behind, in one of the mirrors in the background. I had finished the last meeting on my long trip and was sipping room service wine and enjoying a late night room service dinner when I opened the text. My husband always takes a shower, and after a quick dry off, stands in the nude while shaving and brushing his teeth, so I have seen that same view many times, but never had it effect me this way. As I sat there I couldn’t help enlarging the view so that I could see his sexy bare bottom better in the picture! I could feel the familiar tingling between my thighs as I became more aroused seeing this picture my sweetie had sent. I finished my meal and stretched out on the soft cool bed and felt myself while I “used” the picture my husband had sent me. I couldn’t believe how horny I was looking at something that I see everyday! Afterward, I didn’t want to embarrass him, so I didn’t say anything in my text back, but instead sent a picture of myself blowing him a kiss good night, but making sure to angle it so that he got a good view of my cleavage, as well as the outline of my hard nipples against my silk pj top. This started a new tradition which I will elaborate on later. I am curious if any others on here have done anything like this, and if so, how did it start for you?


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  1. marriedman
    marriedman says:

    My wife and I are in a similar situation. She works overseas in a country where there are very (the word "very" probably isn't strong enough) strict codes of moral behavior. In addition to that she worries that communications may be monitored, so she is very reluctant to engage in spirited photo sharing, much to my dismay. We typically are together for about 2 weeks every three months, so it doesn't take much to get either one of us going. As a result though, we do engage in very creative and spirited emails that if you glanced quickly, might resemble technical reports about offshore drilling for example.It's pretty amazing what you can come up with, but I would really like to share some pictures and video, but don't want to stress her out.

    I think the simple pictures you are talking about show an appreciation of your spouse, especially if you've been married awhile. Like they say, it's the little things in life. As for my wife and I it really doesn't take much to make us happy when we are together.

    One time I did send her a video taken in the dark (I don't know why I just didn't send her an audio clip), while I was performing a "Drill bit test" and she wigged out at first thinking the authorities had intercepted it and scrubbed out the picture. After I told her that there was no picture to speak of she relaxed and eventually performed her own "Drill test" and reported the results back to me.

    In the end it's just the two of you and whatever it takes to get you through the night. Carry on.

  2. Me
    Me says:

    My wife took an out of state job a few years back and I drove home (10-12 hours) each month and stayed home for a couple weeks at a time. We used text messaging frequently with various emoticons to send our messages. One time we browsed a toy site and sent links to and fro and bantered about various options/likes. On one occasion we did FaceTime from iPad to computer. That was super hot and definitely served the purpose of sexual release and increased oneness, since we very well could have chosen porn. But keeping it real and focused on our covenant relationship we used whatever resources we available. I have seen recently (2017) that there are devices that each person can use remotely and the corresponding device gives input from the other person as they use their device. I would definitely give it a try!

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