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Goal !


During my first year of marriage, my wife was looking at my high school yearbook. She saw my team picture and said, ” you look hot in your soccer uniform. I’d love to see you in it now if I could ? “. ” Really? ” I said. ” And not only that, I’d like to see your body completely shaved like you used to be when you played soccer .” ( My soccer coach insisted that we groom our entire bodies. He said it gave us an advantage but looking back I think that was bull  ) . ” Plus,” she added, ” I’d like to see you kick a soccer ball around a bit .” I said, ” we’ll just see about this ? ” as I laughed it off.

A few months later we’re at an outlet mall in Tannersville, PA. We’re walking down one of the many rows of stores. She asks me ” what company made your high school soccer uniforms ? “. I replied, ” Adidas why do you ask ? “. ” Because look over there, there’s an Adidas outlet. Go in there and buy a copy of your uniform ! “. ” You’re serious ? “. ” Yes, I am ” as she rubbed my crotch.

So I go to the store. ” Maybe they won’t have anything that will fit? ” I wondered to myself.  ( I’m 6:8 with a small trunk and very long legs ).  I first go to the shirts. First things first I thought, ” I hated our home uniform, so I’ll buy the away one .” ( And that’s the one I’m wearing in the team photograph anyway ). So I see this white collared shirt with a single black stripe on the right side.  ” That l works, ” I thought. Next, I go to the shorts rack. I’m in luck! There’s a pair of white shorts that are the proper length & even with the same black stripes! ” These are perfect ” I muttered to myself.  I then go into a fitting room and try them on. They look perfect! I changed back into my street clothes. Now, the soccer socks! I figured this would be the end of this ” fantasy .” ( I’m a size 13, and I remembered how hard it was to buy socks back in high school ). Sure enough, all the socks were too small. An employee walks up and asks me what I’m looking for. I tell him 13+ size socks white with black stripes at the top. He goes in the back in comes out with a pair! Just the pair of cleats now! The same employee has me take off my shoes and measures my feet. ” Yes Sir, you’re a 13; it’s not going to be easy to find you cleats. Any particular style you are looking for ? “. I told him the style I wore in high school. ” We haven’t made those in a while, but I’ll check .” He comes out with two boxes. ” You’re in luck Mister ! “. I try the first pair on. They fit exactly. I put them back in the box. I then grab a random soccer ball and proceed to the checkout.

My wife sees me exit the store. I see a big grin on her face. ” I see you found something, ” she says. ” Yes, and now you’re going to have to wait and see what I bought ” I replied.

A few days go by. She has to work a 10-hour shift. I think to myself, ” today is the day ! “. After she leaves for work, I put my plan into action! I jump into the shower. I wash my hair and body. I then turn off the water and grab my wife’s razor and shaving cream. I start with my crotch. I giggled as I started shaving. After my crotch, I shaved my legs, armpits, chest, lower back & even my arms. Considering I hadn’t shaved in almost ten years, I didn’t nick myself! I then used some of my wife’s exfoliating cream all over my body.

I finished with the shower. I towel dried my body and then stared at myself in the mirror. Except for a few extra pounds, l still looked like I did in high school. I was so impressed with myself, I began to stroke my cock. My dick was so smooth! I loved not having any hair. I increased the speed I was stroking my hard cock. In a few minutes, I exploded! After I had finished cumming, I thought ” honey you don’t know what you’re in for ! “.

With only a little less then an hour before she got home, I figured it was time to get ready. I quickly ate a sandwich and then began putting on my ” uniform “. I decided to go commando as I slipped on the shorts. Then I put on the shirt. Next was the soccer socks. Finally, I put on the soccer cleats. I spray on Polo cologne, the same one I used in high school. I go back to the same mirror and stare at myself in my ” uniform “. ” She going to love this, ” I thought.

I hear the car coming down the gravel driveway. I grab my soccer ball and head outside. As she is parking the car, I start dribbling and kicking the ball. I can tell she’s not paying attention, so I kick the ball and hit the driver’s door. I hear her say ” What the hell ? “. She gets out of the car & I say ” lady can I have my soccer ball back ? “. She looks at me, and I see her eyes getting wider with bewilderment !.

She walks towards me and throws the ball back. She sits on a hill in our backyard. ” Let’s see your skills .” I kick and dribble the ball for a few minutes. I then look over. She’s got her left hand down her skirt. She’s breathing pretty heavy, and it’s pretty obvious she’s fingering her pussy!

I go over towards her. She says ” I thought you’d look hot, but this is better then I imagined .” She stands up, and we begin kissing each other. Our tongues were going in and out of each other’s mouths. I feel her left-hand run down my leg. She runs it up my sock till she gets to my thigh. ” Wow! You even shaved ! “. I nodded and kissed her some more.

After a bit, she reaches for the top of my shorts. I untied the strings, and her hand finds my hardened dick. She strokes it for a bit then yanks down my shorts. ” OH MY GOD ! ” she exclaims. ” You even shaved your crotch ! “. I smiled and nodded.

She gets on her knees in front of me. Just before she starts sucking my cock, she says ” you deserve it champ! ” She then begins to give me an awesome blowjob. As she’s working on me, I jokingly say, ” I hope my coach doesn’t catch us ? “. She giggled and continued with the blow job while I stroked her hair.

After a few minutes, she stands up. She then hikes up her skirt and steps out of her panties. She’s wearing knee-high pantyhose so don’t have a to worry about that! I get on my knees in front of her. I then reach with my two fingers and slide them into her pussy. She’s already wet even before I begin! I find her G-Spot and progressively pick up the pace. ” Oh yeah, that’s the spot. Keep up those magic fingers “. I even pick up the pace more! Her whole body is twitching! I feel her cum onto my fingers as she screamed: ” I’m there Oh I’m there ! “. I withdrew my fingers, and she licks her cum juices off them.

She then gets back on her knees and begins sucking my cock again. She slides her hands up my shirt and begins playing with my nipples.( She has discovered that playing with my nipples turns me on ! ) . I shift back and forth because of the intensity of what’s she doing! My God! My wife knows how to suck a cock! I’m well-endowed, and this isn’t an issue for her at all.

I’m about to explode when she stops. She stands up, turns around, and bends slightly over., giving me easy access to her still a wet pussy! Thank God she’s wearing her black Mary Jane heels! ( As I stated earlier I’m 6:8 but my wife is 5:4. The heels help our height difference).  I come in closer, and I help her remove her skirt. I rub my hard cock against her pussy’s lips; teasing her a bit. I then slide my hard dick inside. She oohs as I begin thrusting. In and out of the wet pussy . Harder and faster I thrust! I feel her legs twitch and slide a bit. ” Come on! Keep pumping! Keep fucking me ! “. I reach with my long arms up her blouse and play with her wonderful breasts. She continues to moan and oh as a fondle her nipples. Between the fondling and the fucking, she’s getting really hot! I grab her hips after a few more minutes.Of thrusting her hard;  I can feel myself getting close to my climax ! And she’s about to climax herself again! ” I’m almost there! Keep fucking me hard ! ” she moans. I exclaim ” Oh I’m there ! ” as feel my first few drops of hot cum shoot into her pussy! ” Oh, that right gives me all you got ! “.  I also feel her tremble as she cums as well! A few more pulsating urges I finish cumming. I withdraw my dick and watch my cum as it runs down her legs and onto her shoes. I can’t believe I came so much! She then turns around facing me again. We begin kissing again when she stops and says ” Goal ! “.

I’ve worn my ” uniform ” a few more times. She loves it! I tease her by sending her a selfie of me in my cleats and the lower part of my legs in the soccer socks. I have to admit at. First I didn’t like ” dressing up ” but now I don’t mind it at all. I also have continued shaving my entire body from that day forward.

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3 replies
  1. Lovingcouple920 says:

    That was hot! I couldn't help but get turned on as I read your story. It is really sexy when a man trims or fully shaves his pubic hair. I can imagine how happily surprised your wife was. I remember the look in my husband's eyes when I surprised him by fully shaving my pussy for the first time. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. CHARLES says:

    Can somebody help with direcions of how to shave your crotch area without getting pinched. i have tried but between my balla and penis the skin is so delicate that i get cut

    • 1956packard says:

      I usemy wife's Satin Smooth shaving cream & one of her Venus Razors. I groom 2-3 times a week. Even though I've been shaving again for nearly eight years , I still nick myself occasionally & miss a spot now & then. You just have to keep doing it & it gets easier.

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