New delights (L)

“Go easy on your mother today guys, I have plans for her later!” He said to our kids as he grabbed his work bag and leaned in to give me a kiss. Looking into my eyes I saw his grin before he whispered, “I’ll be thinking about you all day.”

“Ooooo, ditto Love.” I said as I kissed his cheek good bye before he disappeared out the door.

Last night we wanted each other bad, and I’m so glad we have grown into the freedom of being able to communicate our sexual desires with each other more. (That is an area we are still growing in, but we’ve made huge strides.) All ready for bed snuggled up in our blankets, we naturally started kissing and stroking each other. But the exhaustion of our day was too much for us. So as I fondled my husbands hot wood and my husband stroked my pussy we agreed we would be sure to satisfy our need to become one the next day. We were both torn by our horniness and sleepy bodies. But at last I rolled over to fall asleep. As I got comfy, my hubby gave my bum a squeeze and a playful spank while telling me to have sweet dreams. Oh, I had sweet dreams alright! I rocked my hips a little back and forth, to give my clit a little tingle of pleasure while I thought of how good it would feel for his throbbing manhood to plunge deep inside me. Probably knowing just what I was thinking as he felt my body jerk beside him, he reached over, ran his hand down my ass, which was facing him, and dipped his fingers into my opening that was now flowing with my sweet honey juice. He mumbled out the words, “Mmmm, I can’t wait to fill your pussy tomorrow,” as we drifted to sleep.

Unfortunately our kids were not easy on me the next day like their father reminded them to be that morning. He came home to chaos of supper still being made, one kid in time out and screaming, another kid having a tantrum at my feet, my appearance disheveled and my nerves clearly worn. Talk about a mood killer. Not what I planned at all! I was beginning to think I was undesirable and he would think I wouldn’t want to go through with whatever his plans were.

Men, take note! My hubby turned it around!

He kissed my lips with tenderness and when I was about to turn away, his kiss grew into a passionate embrace. At dinner he showered me with compliments on my patience with our kids, what he finds attractive about my body (that which was appropriate for our children to hear), and told me how appreciated my jobs are. I had to be honest about how tired and sore I was. My workout the day before left my shoulders tense and really sore. That didn’t stop him! He boldly said aloud at the dinner table, “Well then, you need a shoulder rub tonight, and then you can lie back and relax while I have a snack.”
I was torn between believing the innuendo that was so unlike my husband to say, or thinking our plans were really over.

After supper, he cleaned up the dishes and put away the leftovers. He encouraged me to go for a walk to get out of the house and told me he would take care of bedtime with the kids so I would have time for a shower when I got back.

I felt so loved and cared for after all of that. So when I had a shower I trimmed my bikini line and made sure that there was lots of access if my man really did want to snack on my sweetness. I put on my black lace bra with coordinating black lace trimmed purple satin thong, remembering the last hot fuck we had when I last wore this particular set. My mind was focused back on our steamy sexy play the night before.

I turned on the living room fireplace and made a bed of blankets and pillows in our living room that’s farthest from our kid’s bedrooms. I settled in on my stomach and waited for my sexy husband.

“Ooo! Wow!” He said when he found me.

Right away he stripped to his boxers and met me on the floor without holding back his passion, kissing me with a trail of kisses from my mouth, down my neck and back, then playfully grabbing my displayed ass.

His strong hands melted my tension as he skillfully massaged my shoulders and trailed his hands down my spine, giving me a shiver.

“Mmm, these are the soft ones!” He said referring to my satin and lace thong. “I love stroking your pussy with this on.” Rolling me over to fondle my breasts and pet my clit, he kissed me softly, which grew to intense passionate making out with tongues swirling around each other. His fingers rolled and pitched my nipples until they were erect and firm, poking through the lace.

“I was thinking about what your plans were going to be for most of the day.” I murmured enjoying the attention of his warm, loving hands.

“Me too! Last night, you really had me going. Now I’m torn where to start. You decide. Take off your bra so I can play with your breasts or take off your panties and I’ll really make you purr.”

Maneuvering my thong to the side of my pussy lips I said, “The beauty of a thong is that you don’t necessarily need to take it off to enjoy the goods underneath.”

I felt his cock jump with excitement.

Moving to be on top of me, his hands roamed the bounty of my breasts while nibbling and sucking at one side, being sure to give my girls equal attention. I reached down to feel his swollen manhood. It was thick and ready for me. I swirled his pre-cum around his tip as he lightly tickled my garden on top of its satin cover.

“Oh, yeah. I love when you stroke and play with my cock.” He said between kisses.

Before I knew it, he moved down and was lying down with the perfect access to have his snack. His hands reached around under my hips and his tongue gave my clit a light flick. I tingled in delight. Another little light flick slowly one after the other. Then plunging his face in to give my clit a good suck made me yelp in surprise and delight. His tongue swirled in circles around my joy nub and my hands started roaming to encourage his movements. Starting to lick up and down the length of my vagina with out entering me, he quickened his pace. I moaned in approval. Stroking my pussy with his tongue as he grabbed my bucking hips, he let his tongue slip into my sweetness and lapped up my honey.

“Ahhhh, I love your pussy! You’re so sweet!”

I moaned in response, enjoying each sensation his tongue was giving me. I was really heating up now. My one hand stroked through his hair, encouraging his bobbing head to keep going, while my other hand played with my erect nipples.

“Yeah, that feels so good baby.” I encouraged as I bucked my hips to meet his mouth.

He let a finger slip into my warm canal, back out, re-entering with two fingers back and forth while sucking and licking my swollen clit. The pleasure grew intense. I wanted his cock in me NOW! And I made sure to tell him.

Looking up from his feast with his boyish grin that he gets when he gets mischievous or thinks of something naughty or clever, to ask me again what it was I wanted.

My guards were down and I was being driven wild by his hands and mouth, “I need you to fill me with your thick cock and fuck me.”

“You want me to fill your pussy?” His grin growing.

“Yes, baby I need you inside me. Pound me hard!!! Fuck me!!” I begged as my hips continued to quiver under his control.

He came up on his knees as I begged some more for him to pound me. He took his thick, throbbing, ready cock in his one hand and purposefully dipped in enough to coat his tip to swirl my juices and then spread my juices the length of my clit and back and forth for a quick dip. His other hand, still drenched in my honey was brought to my lips. I knew what he wanted. I sucked his fingers and lapped up my nectar while he continued to stroke his cock the length of my pussy. And just being against me I could feel him grow as he held his throbbing dick at the opening of my waiting pussy.

“You’re so sexy” he said as I sucked his fingers. Then with one powerful thrust he went for the kill, plunging as deep as he could inside me. My moan escaped my lips with a little shriek of delight.

“Fuck yeah, you feel so good” I said.

Teasing me a little, he slowly rocked his hips back and forth as he leaned down and sucked at my nipples. I pulled the lace of my bra down so he could take in more of a mouthful.

“Fuck me babe! Make me cum!”

“I love making you horny!” Still slowly entering his girth again and again.

“You’re driving me wild!” I moaned.

That boyish grin returned as he plunged as deep as he could, and with one sweeping motion lifted my hips and straightening up on his knees to give me a hard pound.

“Just the way you like it; hard and rough.” He said as his cock slapped in and out of my slippery goodness

“Yeah! Yeah! Don’t stop!!!” I begged as I reached climax.

Without mercy he lifted my legs against his chest, resting my feet on his shoulders, he went for the deep penetration I crave.

“Yes!” I almost shouted as my mysterious folds clenched and released in ecstasy.

Our eyes locked as I held back sound by biting my lower lip. He enjoyed the view and feel of my climax and when I came off the high, I let him know I wanted to feel his cum. It’s nice to simultaneously enjoy a climax but just as enjoyable to really feel the others build and release; separate and focused.

“Shoot your warm cum inside me! Ah! I love feeling your cock harden before you explode! Yes, that’s it, cum baby!” I encouraged as his body gyrated against me and our juices oozed from my warm folds.

He hardly ever vocalizes his climax, but tonight I could tell he couldn’t hold back. I loved feeling his entire build and climax.

But my greedy pussy wanted more. Another orgasm was building within and he knew it.

He stopped his movements to tell me he loved when I get so horny that I beg. He loved being wanted and needed no other way could fulfill.

“Keep fucking me! I love feeling you inside me. I’m ready to cum again.” I obliged.

His thrusts picked up again, and each one made him quiver. “I love how you squeeze my cock. Cum for me. Yeah.”

My back arched as the waves of pleasure rolled from my head to toes. I was completely his and he is mine.

Our lips met in a tender embrace as I held him close against me. We went to bed that night feeling so loved and fell asleep in the dreamy afterglow of becoming one.

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7 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Hot and passionate! I have to say it wasn't very nice of your hubby to stop when you were about to cum again, but I'm glad in that end you did, dear 🙂 Blessings

  2. Juicy says:

    Husbands (and wives too!) can learn from this. What a great lesson to affirm, to help, to be considerate, and to be sacrificial to your beloved. It lead to some unbelievable passion between the two of you and it was incredibly hot! I like a man who is a bit devilish in the bedroom 😉 I always love your submissions – well done!

  3. Deane says:

    Another beautiful story, Belleame. You know, most writers on MH have a theme that pervades all their stories. I think I can see what your theme is : mutual hunger. In all your stories, you and your husband are so hungry for each other! What really stands out in this story is how your husband went the extra mile to satisfy YOUR hunger more than his own. That's something I still have to work on big time with my wife. I've got a long way to go but already I'm finding that sex is so much more thrilling and fulfilling when I make my wife's satisfaction my highest priority. Thank you so much for the beautiful story that illustrates that lesson so well.

    Keep on putting your well-oiled Lock and Key together and keep us in the loop! I just love your stories.

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