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New delights (L)

“Go easy on your mother today guys, I have plans for her later!” He said to our kids as he grabbed his work bag and leaned in to give me a kiss. Looking into my eyes I saw his grin before he whispered, “I’ll be thinking about you all day.” “Ooooo, ditto Love.” I said […]

I have a surprise for you.

The note read: “I have a surprise for you later” and was left in his lunch. I’m not always super forward, it’s kind of scary. But my husband, who is also super scared of being forward, has been putting in so much effort into initiating intimacy that I wanted to bless him back. My plan […]

All about him

My husband told me years ago he would love it if I masturbated just for him. We have had to have years of healing from his porn addiction and my childhood abuse. I hoped that one day I would get to bless him with making his fantasy come true. The last year has been amazing […]

The laundry room – accepted bootylicious challenge

I love our few wild romps we’ve enjoyed over the years. They’re the memories that stoke the fire. When I had a delicious dream of naughty, quick and dirty sex in the laundry room, during the day (ie: kids are awake) (thanks bootylicious for the challenge) which never seems to happen now with our small […]

Craving him

  I have been horny all day! Planning our anniversary getaway and all the treats for my husband has made my body tingle with excitement, my pussy dripping with desire. A craving that must be satisfied. I raced our children to the front door to greet my love with a big hug and juicy kiss. […]