The laundry room – accepted bootylicious challenge

I love our few wild romps we’ve enjoyed over the years. They’re the memories that stoke the fire. When I had a delicious dream of naughty, quick and dirty sex in the laundry room, during the day (ie: kids are awake) (thanks bootylicious for the challenge) which never seems to happen now with our small children and busy lives, I bravely asked my love how we could make this happen.

I dreamed of teasing one another. Of slipping quickly to privacy in our tiny laundry room, and a little while later my love bending me over the washer machine and taking me wildly from behind.

Plans were made. I would wear my blue dress; naked underneath. We would wait until it was tv show and snack before bed time for our kids. We agreed the night before that I should spend the kid’s nap/ quiet time fantasizing about our meeting and pleasure myself to turn up the heat of my horniness. Our plan making, the night before, turned into a passionate expression of our excitement.

I settled into our bed when everything was taken care of for the afternoon. I took off my clothes, completely naked in the daylight of our bedroom. I started massaging lotion on my lower legs, my arms, then my inner thighs, and then my breasts. I made sure to spend extra attention to my entire chest, stopping now and then to tug at my nipples. I pictured his hands taking delight in me. Filling his hands with my bounty. I thought of his tender lips lightly at first, kissing my breasts, using his tongue to lick and suck my nipples. My sweet honey was flowing now. I lied down under our covers. They smelled like him and our must from the night before. Delightfiully intoxicating. My right hand reached down to to part my outer lips. The first feel of my wetness was like dew on my finger. I let my finger with my dew brush against my slightly swollen clit. Oh, the feeling! My finger brushed my hot button slowly another time. I parted my inner lips to feel my honey flowing out of my pussy. I dipped my fingers into my sweet honey pot, in and then pulling slightly out, then plunging in further, again and again. I was getting so hot. Then my hand rubbed up towards my clit. Faster and faster my fingers swirled around this amazing little joy nub. My loins were on fire and and I was horny for my husband.

I love his cock; the size, the ridges, the way it responds to my advances. Last night was so good. I played with his cock so much it seemed ready to explode in my hand. Instead, my love plunged deep inside me, reaching so many sweet spots of pleasure. My canal gripped his swollen rod, wanting more and more. He pounds me so good. As I finger myself, I think about his hot fuck the night before, to when I reached down to rub my clit as he pounded away, to how I parted my outer lips for him and felt his cock slide between my fingers into my hungry pussy. I’m so wet now. My hips grind with my hand. I want him. I want him to take me with so much vigor that I’ll want to scream. I can’t wait to meet my love in the laundry room.

I sent him an email telling him all about my pleasure session and how hot I was for him. I was just getting dressed when he texted me a picture of his hardness and told me how he couldn’t wait. I love his rod. I wished I could have licked his shaft right then. I lied back down and re-read our hot texts and imagined his cock as I fingered myself, hotter and more vigorously than before.

He came home an hour early. I greeted him lovingly with a kiss and squeezed his ass. It was sad that our littlest was already up from a nap, but we had an hour extra of secret fondling, kisses, and hot whispers.
He shocked me when he told me he wanted to suck my clit and eat my pussy. I didn’t believe him. He used to when we were first married, but I was so uncomfortable with it and still healing from my past. Now things are so much better. God has brought so much healing into every part of our lives.

I had a shower before supper and got myself ready. I dared to trim up my pussy in case he was going to please me with his mouth. When I was done, I rubbed lotion on my whole body and came out of our room with my black skirt and a braless tank top.

I started to put on a load of laundry on to wash. My love slipped in behind me to show me his hardness. He cupped my breasts and asked, “will it handle such a big load?”

My pussy dripped of my honey. “I think so.” I murmured.

He reached to lift my skirt and felt the smoothness of my legs, “Mmm, your legs are velvety smooth. Is there more velvet softness to touch?” He said as his hand trailed my thigh upward to grab my ass. I could feel him grow more when he realized there was only my bare pussy under my skirt. “I am going to fuck your pussy so hard, naughty girl.”

Our teasing had to pause as we helped our kids settle in downstairs. I went upstairs, sat on the washing machine and waited for my love. I wanted to wrap my legs around him and kiss his soft lips.

My husband came in with a blaze, kissing me. Almost as soon as my legs wrapped around his hips he slipped down, lifted my skirt and immediately started sucking my clit and hungerly licked up my honey. He did mean it when he said he was going to eat my pussy! I loved it. For the first time, I loved it. He worked magic with his tongue and lips. It was making me feel weak in the knees. I came. Not strongly, just a warm, soft release. Then he stood up and grabbed my lips with his. I licked up my honey from his mouth as his hands reached for my breasts. His urgency was so hot! I exposed my breasts from my tank top, and he gladly kissed and sucked at my nipples.

Once my legs had recovered a bit, I grabbed his hips to turn him to switch places with me, so he was leaning against the washer. I kissed him while slowly squating down in front of his throbbing rod. Pulling his pants down, I licked his pre-cum slowly. He hopped up to sit on the washer while I sucked on his ball sac. His moans were encouraging me to keep going. My tongue wrapped around his manhood, and I stroked him with just my mouth while my hands played with his sac. He was hard as a rock when I stopped.

I stood up, and he quickly grabbed me with one arm around my waist, the other around my chest, gripping my bare breast, turned me to face the washer and bent me forward. Lifting my skirt he got in position, I leaned into it waiting for his thrusts. He didn’t hold back his passion. Thrusting slowly, in and out, rocking his hips back and forth as he gripped my ass. I gripped the back of the washer. And in some amazing fluke of timing, the washer went into spin cycle, and my love took that to be the time to pound me hard. It felt so good, being pounded from behind has always been amazing for me, but with the washer vibrating against me blew my mind. I urged him on with my hips meeting his thrusts. I came so hard, and as my pussy gripped his cock with wave after wave of pleasure, I felt him harden and release his warm load into me. It’s not often I feel his squirt of cum as he climaxes. It was so good to feel his build up and release.

I stood erect and turned to face him. He leaned in for a kiss when I bent down to suck up our juices that lingered on his hardness. He cried out in pleasure. I stood back up to kiss his lips. We embraced, fully enjoying the afterglow of our love.

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  1. Alicia G. M.
    Alicia G. M. says:

    So HOT Belleme! Had me touching myself through out. My little bald twat is dripping right now! Baby is sleeping, maybe I can sneak in a quick cum. Longing for my hot husband right now! 🔥🔥 Thanks!

    • Belleame
      Belleame says:

      Glad to stoke your fire and glad you enjoyed it! Hope you get to be with your hubby soon!!! 💗

  2. Lovinghusband
    Lovinghusband says:

    Oh Belleme!!

    What a story – My wife and I had sex – just a few hours ago. But, your story
    has me raging hard again! My favorite parts?

    "rocking his hips back and forth as he gripped my ass. I gripped the back of the washer. And in some amazing fluke of timing, the washer went into spin cycle, and my love took that to be the time to pound me hard. It felt so good, being pounded from behind has always been amazing for me, but with the washer vibrating against me blew my mind."

    That was awesome – and…

    "I came so hard, and as my pussy gripped his cock with wave after wave of pleasure, I felt him harden and release his warm load into me. It’s not often I feel his squirt of cum as he climaxes. It was so good to feel his build up and release."

    Those two parts – amazing! Thank you for writing this. God bless you both and your family. LH

    • Belleame
      Belleame says:

      Thanks L.H.! It's probably no surprise that those were my favorite parts as well!!!😉 Hope it inspires your own laundry room fun with your wife!

  3. Juicy
    Juicy says:

    This was HOT! We have never had laundry room sex before – there's no lock on the laundry room – but this has me thinking that we might have to do it anyway! When I have a hot plan in my mind and I know what is going to happen, I get so hot with anticipation and it makes the sex so much better! Incredible!

    • Belleame
      Belleame says:

      Glad you liked it Juicy! Fun little fact: we did it with the laundry room door open! But only because we set up our kids downstairs (we were upstairs) and we have a baby gate on the stairs. Finding time for lovin' with our spouse is a challenge with little ones, I hope my stories help other young parents keep the spark lit, despite that challenge. ❤️

  4. Gracie
    Gracie says:

    Very hot Belleame!! Oh yes, I love when I can feel my husband's cum squirting into me. Laundry room sex, definitely on my to do list. We've fooled around in the laundry room, but with the kids rooms being so close by we've never had the opportunity to move things along. There's been so many times while folding laundry, that I've fantasized about my husband coming in and taking me from behind. Something about the laundry room, it always gets me thinking dirty thoughts…lol.

    • Belleame
      Belleame says:

      Glad I'm not the only one with naughty thoughts when I do laundry. Trust me, they don't go away once you take the laundry room!!! Maybe it's time to take the kids to Grandma's house so you two can get some laundry done! 😉

  5. Bootylicious
    Bootylicious says:

    Awesome Belleame! Your story reminded me of my own laundry room tryst several years back. Only it wasn't my laundry room; it was my sister's! We were staying at my sister's and brother-in-law's house one time. They have 3 kids. Once everyone went to bed, my hubby and I decided to stay up for a bit to watch t.v. (and have some alone time). While laying on the couch watching t.v., I took one of my tits out of my nightie to entice my husband (just cause I was feeling a little bit horny and naughty at the same time ;-)). I got his attention alright! He started playing with the one I had exposed and then pulled the other one out as well. He wasted no time sucking on them both. My nipples were loving every minute of it! Since I never wear panties to bed, he had easy access to my bald pussy (which was quite wet by this time!). He pushed my nightie up to my waist and proceeded to eat me. He had my kitty purring, let me tell ya! It felt absolutely heavenly! But since we were in the downstairs family room and just a wee bit exposed, I suggested we go into the nearby laundry room, which had a door on it. So, that's where we went. We went in haste to the laundry room and shut the door. Once inside, I removed my nightie completely and my hubby stripped bare. My pussy was begging for his tongue. He laid down on the floor and I proceeded to sit on his face. I rode his mouth for all I was worth! I smothered him with my pussy (he LOVES that!!). He had me cumming in no time! HARD!! Once, then twice, then three times, then four! I was grinding my pussy into his face (you gals know exactly what I'm talking about ;-)) and squeezing my tits and pulling on my hard nipples. If my sister or B.I.L. had happened to wake up and come down to the laundry room at that very moment, they would have gotten an eye full! Total nakedness, pussy eating, orgasm, the whole bit. At that moment, however, I really didn't care! My inhibitions were gone and I was just too busy enjoying my cums to care. After my many cums, my hubby was more than ready for his! It was an easy switch from face to cock. My hubby was so turned on that it didn't take long at all before he was filling my pussy with his warm cum. What a wonderful night that was! Spontaneity, risk taking, unusual location (and in someone else's house to boot! Haha), hot hot hot sex, many orgasms. Oh boy, what a turn on! Speaking of turn on, just writing this account has made me really horny. My pussy is really wet and needing to be eaten. “Oh hubby…I need your tongue right now!” 🙂

    P.S. Before MH I was only a “pussy” gal and never liked the word “cunt”. However, I gotta say, Horny GG has gotten me quite used to the word. I almost used the word in my above tale but decided to stick with my beloved “pussy” (I find that word really sexy! Something very erotic about it for sure). As of late, though, I have had moments in the heat of passion where I've been on the verge of uttering it to my hubby (“Oh yeah, eat my cunt.” Or “Finger my cunt” that kind of thing). I'm sure I will shock my husband when I do. But one of these days… 🙂 Thanks GG!

    P.P.S. FYI I just took all my clothes off and am now completely naked. I'm on my way to get my pussy eaten right now. Wish me well…;-)

  6. Bootylicious
    Bootylicious says:

    Speaking of laundry rooms, I've heard that old washing machines can give a pretty good vibration and that by sitting on it during the spin cycle, it can be quite pleasurable and even orgasmic. Any one on MH ever had a washing machine orgasm before?

  7. Bootylicious
    Bootylicious says:

    So, I thought I should update y'all. As I left you the other night, I was naked with a wet pussy that needed tending to. I went looking for my hubby. I found him in our living room watching t.v. I walked up to him, stood on the couch directly in front of him (one leg on either side of him) with my pussy right at his face and told him, “You know what to do.” He sure did! He went right to work, lapping expertly at my pussy with his tongue. OH. MY. GOSH!!! He had me moaning and groaning and squealing in delight in no time. I came hard. Really hard! Wave after wave of pleasure over took my body. It seemed to last forever. My legs were wobbly and weak. I had difficulty keeping my pussy in contact with his mouth. That was orgasm #1. But I am never done with just one. That is just a warm up. My pussy is always greedy for more! For the second, I turned around and bent over so my ass and pussy was in his face (my husband LOVES this view–I don't think he is alone ;-)). He plunged in again. Within seconds I was cumming again, bucking back and forth against his face. I was screaming out in ecstasy. Boy, do I love cumming! My orgasms are always so strong. Having my pussy eaten is one of my all time favorite things! I quickly stripped my husband's shorts off him (he wasn't wearing any underwear) and sat down on his hard bald cock (I love his bald cock! So sexy!). I rode him reverse cowgirl. Up and down, up and down I went. My big tits were bouncing up and down, almost slapping me in the face. My pussy cried out with thanksgiving and praise. Then orgasm #3 hit. I impaled myself on my husband's rod. As deep as I could go. I rubbed my clit frantically, like a woman possessed. I probably could have woken the dead at that point. The pleasure, the convulsions, the “head-to-toe WOW”! My husband shot his load deep in my pussy. I could feel his hard cock throbbing and pulsating inside me. He thrusted in me with abandon. We both slowly came down from our orgasmic high. “Wow, thank you for that” my hubby said. “No, thank YOU!” was my reply.

    • Lovinghusband
      Lovinghusband says:

      Bootylicious – I woke up less than 45 minutes ago – and reading this has me rock hard! What a hot time you two had!!

      "The convulsions" and amazing "thrusting" – it was like I could see it. My wife's pussy will be full – and then oozing very soon!

      I enjoy your experiences and encouragement here on MH so much! Thank you for taking time to share as you do. God bless you both. LH

    • Belleame
      Belleame says:

      I applaud your boldness Bootylicious! I'm on my way to being more forward in my marriage; stories you'll get to read about soon! Sounds like you and your hubs had a great time!!!

  8. Shawn
    Shawn says:

    Wonderful story full of passion. I love the fore play with out him deing and build to the big moment.
    Scheduling the time to be together added to the momentum of the event. The way you described he you made yourself ready sq you fantasized about you husband.
    I especially liked the wording. Nothing crass or vulgar. Yet it was so erotic and steamy. Wonderful job.

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