All about him

My husband told me years ago he would love it if I masturbated just for him. We have had to have years of healing from his porn addiction and my childhood abuse. I hoped that one day I would get to bless him with making his fantasy come true. The last year has been amazing in us truely becoming a team, trusting one another and really enjoying every one of our intimate times. I just wasn’t ready to give him his wish in person, it’s still a trigger to my past.
Then I had an idea for his birthday. A little bit of inspiration from MH. So thank you to everyone who shares here!!!

An all about him birthday present.
It took two weeks to get all the pictures and videos ready, but I knew it would be worth it.

9am- email 1:
I told him how much I loved him and that he was going to have a fantasy come true. And even better than in person, he would be able to keep his present to enjoy when ever he wanted. (Oh, and to open the following emails in private!)

1pm -email 2
A picture of my breasts in his favourite bra of mine.
“Time to take a hot steamy shower. And some steamy emails for the birthday boy.”
A picture of slightly revealed cleavage and me holding up my bra.
Underneath it said. “So it all comes off. That’s right.”

At the moment I sent it, I really was about to pop in the shower. Partly for the story I was creating for him and partly because I needed to freshen up.

3pm-email 3

A video of me wrapped in a towel only to have the towel drop to the floor, revealing my bare body. I gave a coy grin to the camera and began to cup my breasts. His favourite. I teased my nipples until they were erect and hard. I fondled my breasts just for him.

He came up to me later in the kitchen, as I was getting our children’s snack ready, pressed his hardness against my ass and whispered in my ear, “you’re teasing me so hard, naughty girl.” As his hands roamed around my breasts while kissing my neck, my pussy tingled and started dripping with my sweet honey. I tried to be nonchalant but gave in to my satisfaction with a grin. “Just wait, there’s more. But you’ll have to be a good boy and wait for tonight. You might get some bonuses for being good.” I said cooly.

Still not knowing what’s coming later he whispered, “oh, I want to earn bonuses. …but what if I’m bad?”

“You’ll have to wait and see.” I said mischievously

4pm – bonus email

“For good behaviour” it read.
Attached was a spontaneous video I took earlier in the day, of me first stepping in the shower and letting him see the water flow down my head to my breasts.

6pm – email 4

“All wet… and not just from the shower.”
Attached was the video of his dreams. Where the camera focused on my hand playing with my pussy. My fingers swirled around my clit, spread open my lady’s lips, and let my middle finger slide in and out of my opening. I played with myself for a minute and showed my hand coming to my mouth and my tongue licking my sweet honey juices. I gave a coy look to the camera before ending the video.

I got a text with a few “wow” expression emojis.

Life went on, and we continued our evening routine. We split up to better get our kids tucked in. He went downstairs while I stayed upstairs with the littlest. When the kids were tucked in, I sent him his final email.

8pm – email 5

Now it’s your turn…
For a shower that is.
That’s right. Go shower right now! Try to leave stroking your big cock to me…but if you can’t help your self, then you should at least show me.
Here’s another one of those bonuses:
(A picture of my bare breasts.)
When you are all dried off, meet me naked in our bedroom for your birthday present finalè.

I heard him rush to the shower. I quickly set up our room by getting the office chair, setting up my phone to play “hot hands” by Darius, and get into my bra and panty set he likes best. My heart was beating fast, I was so nervous, so I stopped to pray. To pray I would be brave to let myself go, to pray I would bless my husband, and to pray I wouldn’t let my insecurities creep into our enjoyment. Just as he was about to enter our room I was able to quickly hide one of my scarves by the chair and slip another one on.

He entered our room with his manhood fully erect. He gasped at the sight of me by the chair. I told him to sit down as he tried to get a kiss.

I walked behind him to press play to the song, put lotion in my hands and then I started to rub his shoulders while I leaned in to nibble his ear lobe to ask, “are you ready for your birthday present grand finalé?”

“Oh, yeah!!!” He said as my hands slipped down to rub his chest.

I came in front of him, down on my knees to lotion his legs – avoiding his swollen member. His eyes widened as I took off my bra and played with my infinity scarf around my neck, giving him differing views of my bounty. He reached out for them. I let him pinch my nipples and fondle me. In his distraction I pulled out the hidden scarf and tied it around his one wrist, securing it to the arm of the office chair.

“Oh, mischievous you.” He said while he made good use, a little more urgently, of his other hand on my body. I playfully took off the scarf I was wearing, fully exposing my bare breasts for him, and tied his other wrist to the office chair.

He wispered out my name a few times as I continued to massage his legs, carefully avoiding any touch of his now throbbing hardness.

Then I finally let my hand brush against his cock as the song ended. His whole body quivered.

I let my mouth get near his manhood and he let out a moan. I gently let my tongue graze the tip of his cock. My hands clenching his thighs, I plunged his cock in my mouth. I sucked and swirled my tongue around his tip, my hands not moving. I looked up at him as a sucked him to see his enjoyment written all over his face. His member stiffened more. Just before he could have a sweet release, I stopped my movements.

“Not yet. Are you going to be good and do what I say if I let you loose from the chair?”

“Uh-huh.” was all he could muster.

I told him to lie down on our bed. He obliged. I made sure he was watching when I slipped my panties slowly down my legs. I let him have a good look before I climbed on top of him. Only letting him feel my wet pussy against his cock, I kissed him and nibbled his ear lobe. As I did, he tried moving his hips to position his cock inside of me. But I wouldn’t let him. Oh, I wanted his hardness inside me so badly, but this was all about him right now.

I went to the end of our bed with a trail of kisses down his body, and wrapped my mouth around his cock while my hands fondled his balls. I sucked and fondled his balls intentionally not pumping his shaft.
His body quivered, he pumped his hips, he let out moans of pleasure and frustration. I loved teasing him this badly. I let my hand wander to his shaft. I didn’t have to pump long before he was ready to explode in my mouth.

I stopped uruptly, his cock smacking against his abdomen.

“Not yet.” I said simply

“Not yet.” He muttered breathlessly with pleasant frustration.

I saddled his leg and rubbed my wetness against him. Pleasuring myself against him. He moaned as I fondled my breasts. I reached for his hands, pulled back, brought him to a sitting position, and placed his hands on my breasts. I let him play as I grinded against his strong thigh. His left hand slipped down to feel my pussy, fingering me feverishly. It felt so good. I stopped him before I could cum.

“This is for you right now. You can give me a good pounding to thank me later, babe.”

Slipping down to the end of the bed again, I took him in my mouth. Sucking, swirling, and this time pumping his shaft. He was trying to be quiet, letting mutters of enjoyment escape his lips. When he was ready, I let him shoot his warm load in my mouth, sucking out every last drop. He couldn’t hold back a cry of pleasure. (Thankfully he didn’t wake anyone!)

I knew I just gave him the best orgasm in his life. He couldn’t move. I worked my way up to snuggle into his strong arms with a trail of kisses. Enjoying how I fit in the crook of his arm I let my fingers wander to his sack to fondle his balls.

“Happy birthday, babe,” I whispered

“Yeah…happy birthday indeed…” He let out breathlessly.

Ps: we were both so horny that he thanked me two separate times that night.

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37 replies
  1. Anonymous says:

    I just loved this story. God is so good. It's really remarkable that you were able to give your husband such a great birthday gift by overcoming your past abuse. I'm not a wife yet, but I hope someday if I am, I can love and pleasure my husband like this.

    • Belleame says:

      Glad you liked it Anonymous! It's definitely been a journey. I think if you are here on on MH, have the right heart too, you're going to have one hot monogomy with your future husband!

  2. PassionateForChrist says:

    I second Anonymous – great story! You did that build-up all throughout the day towards his grand finale present so sweetly! I couldn't see myself do videos yet but then again that's perfectly normal seeing that I'm not even married yet… you have built up trust and understanding and a mutual depth of love for each other with your husband throughout several years before you came to the point of finding such courage in you to go for it and do it. A surely awesome gift you were able to give him! God bless the two of you!

    • Belleame says:

      Thank you so much for that validation PassionateForChrist! It took such trust for me to know he has these very vulnerable pictures and videos in his possession! I was completely honest with him after about how I needed to pray for courage to be bold for him. Which started a very loving dialog of our growth and love. And months later, those same emails I sent him are being used to keep the heat very much ablaze!

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      I love how you prayed for courage when you felt within yourself the nervousness that comes with taking new ground. That was such a powerful and precious moment in your story! Makes me remember how I prayed for courage in March 2013, in the privacy of my hotel room, right before stepping foot into church for the first time after having been unchurched for most of my life – 1 and a half years earlier, the day I gave my life to Christ in the privacy of my room at home, I had promised God that I would respond to the altar call in church, stand up and publicly confess Christ to be my Lord and Savior, if He would make the way for me to be at the church He gave me as home to my spirit and soul… He did make the way, and I was focused on keeping my part of the promise, I knew in a new crowd I sometimes end up feeling insecure and shy, so I was nervous that I may chicken out when asked to stand in front of all the people – knowing my weak spot, I heartily prayed before going to the service that God would help me be bold because I wanna keep my promise, just like He did keep His to me. The way I felt my heart beat in that moment when the pastor was speaking the words of the altar call… I was sitting in first row of the church – the sweet and lovely pastor's family wished to honor me for coming, so I was their special guest and was sitting with them and friends of them… in the moment of the altar call, there was but God and me, I focused on Him and fulfilling my promise, and I remember how I hit myself with both hands on both of my thighs as I stood up – kind of sparking myself up, encouraging myself in boldness and courage, and there I stood giving my life to Christ publicly. It was awesome! One of many meaningful moments in my personal history with God 🙂

      I so love it when couples can lovingly talk with each other about their journey together and really open up to each other! I love it when a couple has reached such a willingness to be vulnerable with each other that any and all walls become irrelevant… the shared bonds of love and trust are so cherished and have grown so strong and deep that the partners let one another wholly in – into the most intimate places of one's soul. It's awesome and way beautiful how you keep the fire ablaze between the 2 of you! Way to go!!

      Ps: I have taken pictures of my bare chest and private part here and there – very few, just for me, because I was curious how it all looks from another's perspective – and I love these pics of my body, my femininity. Thinking about it… I have actually once recorded myself while self-pleasuring because I was curious to see what happens down there in the process of arousal and so on, I was curious how it would look… it was my big discovery season… I made sure my face was not involved on the record because that would make me feel weird, like too exposed… I basically just had it focused closely on south of the border… I watched it afterwards and deleted it again… I definitely couldn't see myself having the courage to give such a record out of hand – those would be shoes I would have to grow into with time and with the loving, dependable support of my future husband in the safe harbor of marriage.

    • Belleame says:

      Beautifully put about God giving you courage and how you expressed exactly the love that came from our honest talk after his gift. And totally awesome that you opened up to yourself to film your sexual femininity! That is such an important step in a woman's life, to know and appreciate our Maker's design and gift. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, praise God! I am especially thankful, in this context, for the design of a woman's clitoris – no other function than as a pleasure button! Such a gift!

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      You're so sweet, Belleame! God taught me what matters in marriage and what it takes and He was gracious to give me all that would be necessary to give on my part, just my dilemma that no man (already married men excluded of course) wants a marriage-kind of love from start to finish. I'll learn to live with it.

      Thank you so much for your positive reaction to what I shared about my own discovery ventures, Belleame!!! In my personal life, I've never experienced being received in such a positively encouraging way concerning sexual matters… wow, reading through your gracious words felt unusual to me yet so loving! Thank you!!

      Ps: I love my pleasure button too! I used to not know I even had one. By now, I don't know what I'd do without it. Such a glorious gift indeed!! Grateful to be a woman!! Grateful to have been given what I have been given! Love my body, especially my sexual areas. No one else may wanna delight in them but I sure will – I will give thanks and praise to God for what He has given me.

    • copen1 says:

      Hi PFC,
      I just wanted to comment on the first paragraph your response. It reminded me of when I accepted Christ as my savior. I was all nervous and jittery. I was afraid of what my friends around me would think. So many things went through my mind and heart right up until the moment I chose Him. I will never forget the peace and relief I felt when He saved me. Praise God for His goodness and His mercy! It was good to hear your testimony and I just wanted to say so. Prayers and Blessings!

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Thank you so much copen1!!! His salvation is truly amazing – the fullness of God all in one moment taking us over and changing us never to be the same! Only several months later did it truly hit me, did I fully realize the Great Exchange that had taken place all in that 1 moment! And what an amazing moment of revelation that was to me personally! I was struggling with something back then… something that I had been struggling with before… and I thought about what the Bible says that I was free in Christ and made new and all… and I was praying to be set free from that struggle… and I remember how all of a sudden I got it – a lightbulb moment – I fully realized the core of the truth that I was already free from it, I just had to enforce what God already did in that 1 moment of salvation in my inner being. I was already made altogether new in that 1 moment! Old things having passed away in that 1 moment! On the journey I am to walk out with God what He has already done on the inside of me in that 1 moment. Mind-blowing amazing to think about it!! 🙂

      God bless you much, copen1!!!

      Ps: Thank you so much for the prayers!! Keep them coming! My sweetheart has reached back out to me in the morning – sweet snack of a message that renewed my hope and sparked my heart like only he can… with it, came the promising prospect that the drought shall come to an end soon, thank God!!!! Thank y'all for hanging in there with me!!! <3

    • Beachlover Guy says:

      Thanks for sharing your Christian testimony and experiences with self-photography. Shortly after I bought a digital camera, I had the urge to try self-nude photos too. It was a very erotic experience even though I was alone and just doing it for myself. The nude shots turned out well, I think, and after a while I thought about doing more risqué photos, just for my own enjoyment. It surprised me how much of a turn-on it was to photograph my erection and climax. I missed getting my ejaculation because it's hard to time that just right, so I shot a short video of me masturbating and then cumming. It was a lot of fun and the POV was something I hadn't seen before. I deleted the files, but every so often I do it again just to see how my body reacts. Thanks again for sharing and for reminding me of how much fun self-photography can be!

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Thank you, Beachlover Guy, for sharing of your own experience! I love that! I can relate to what you share yourself – I too am really happy with the shots I've taken of my private areas and like a lot how they turned out… they are not staged or anything, they are plain normal, of me at some point in time… usually taken on a spur of the moment choice… I love it all the more because of this, for they show me just as I am and I'm happy to say that I like myself – and this is so precious to me: to see the beauty God has given into my body and be able to recognize it, especially concerning my most intimate (=vulnerable) areas. Because taking such pictures is quite special to me, I found myself often gazing at them, studying myself, and I''m glad that I ended up feeling good about myself whenever I had taken such shots and discovered myself in detail. I remember how I shaved my secret place bald for the first time (or one of the first times – I came to appreciate it being rather orderly down there, so I got into it), I chose to take some close-ups of it (all just for myself)… and I liked those a lot. I shared about my video already… I remember how I had taken close-up pictures of my secret place too where I could see the juice grace my opening… I was curious about that… I think I was kinda checking if everything was working as it should. The pictures I've taken over time, I've kept them somewhere only I know. Videos I do delete… I do feel way more exposed on video than on picture. Thinking about it, it's a bit funny to me that someone as shy as me has a rather bold streak about herself in that area. But I must say I grew into… I was a girl who refused to have any pictures taken of me (normal pictures, selfies, whatever)… I hated seeing myself on pictures… I always felt I looked kinda not beautiful on pictures (truth is I was beautiful but my eyes just pinpointed every tiny thing I thought to be a flaw about myself when I looked at myself on picture)… and God gave me a season where He motivated me to take private selfies, not to post them and make a public show out of myself, just in private for myself… I remember the first times I did this I had spent an hour or so taking a selfie of me and among the dozens of selfies I took I found one where I could say – I love that picture, I love how I look on there (no filter, just me)… I kept at it with God and am at a place where I have not much trouble having a picture taken of me (normal picture)… depending on the situation I might still get a little nervous but God is gracious to always make the pictures turn out beautiful and to give me the vision to see the beauty of and in myself for real… so, I grew into being bold about taken nude selfies for myself – all through beginning to accept and appreciate the truth that God has made me fearfully and wonderfully and beginning to look for it, to see it, to recognize it. And, yes, it can be quite exhilarating to venture into self-photography. Still, I believe it would take me a little to get comfortable doing this with my future husband present in the moment… I would first have to be rock-solid convinced in myself that I could trust him with such material and that I could entrust myself in his loving care in such a major moment of vulnerability. Then again, in the beauty of the building of the relationship and the tethering of our love for each other, our sincere devotion to one another and time should be able to build that necessary foundation well. I believe I may be enticed at some point in my future marriage to venture into recording one or the other wonder of becoming one with my hubby. I imagine that to be something special, fun and meaningful to share with my beloved at a later point in our marriage. Thanks for sharing, Beachlover! God bless you!!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Passionate, I love what you wrote here! I think that is my journey too – becoming more open in liking how God made me – seeing and noticing the beauty of it. My wife only has seen pics. Like you, it has made me want to be more "orderly" down there. Now, I have the funnest time maintaining my shaved cock. It is a foretaste of fun to come as I maintain. You mentioned seeing your juices. I don't need a picture or video to see my cum come out – but I've enjoyed pictures from right after I have cum. Both on my cock, stomach, and only one time on my wife's butt. I wish I had more! Anyway, your comments encouraged me! God bless you my friend. LH

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      LH, dear friend, I'm grateful I get to encourage you back with what I share, for you are often the one encouraging me with your comments to me! That's awesome, thank you! 🙂

      "Now, I have the funniest time maintaining my shaved cock. It is a foretaste of fun to come as I maintain." I know, right?! There is something about it… something.

      I must say, as much as I enjoy studying the beauty God has given into my body, always thanking Him for having given it to me for my future husband's unending delight and good pleasure, what I really long to study intricately will be my husband's body and his surely beautiful precious private treasure, which God has given him for me to deeply cherish and shower with love unending… the wonder of his body, still a mystery to me for now, is the greatest turn-on to me in my mind and the one canvas I wanna delight in discovering every day of our future shared journey of life.

      Thank you for weighing in – always good to hear from you! God bless you and your wife, dear friend!! 🙂

    • Beachlover Guy says:

      What a great way to look at taking self-nude photos! They're fun to do, but also a way to appreciate the body that God gave each of us. We have been "wonderfully created" in all our variety and yet our bodies are made to fit together too. Reading through your comments encouraged me to try more nude photos, both regular and erotic. I have to confess that I became erect and aroused at the thought of you practicing your photo poses for your future husband so that he might join you too in creating some with you. Even if it's just posing alone though, it's a great way to document the moment in time and to enjoy the gift of masturbation, which I believe it is. Happy photographing and masturbating too! I hope you enjoy your next session and the sensation of going nude for your own enjoyment.

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Thanks, Beachlover! Happy to have been able to be a source of encouragement through what I shared, and to be able to even serve you a special spark through it… wow… to be able to cause such a reaction in a man still amazes me to no end, especially when I didn't even aim for it in any way. I must say though that you surely paint me to be way sexier at this in your imagination than I truly am in real life… I haven't really practiced poses in the nude pics I've taken…the season I talked about, that I had with God, was all about non-nude normal pictures – I literally had to start with God from scratch in the process of tearing down inner chains of insecurity about my perception of myself, my body image. Concerning the nude pics, I've just really taken some shots, so I could see what I naturally have no way of seeing of myself in an unhindered way… I had no real plan I must admit and my motivation was mainly the pure curiosity about what I would look like to my future husband in those areas, what I would look like from his visual perspective on me… my shots were surely not erotic or so, I believe, for to me erotic implies that thought has been given to how the picture should look in the end and the lighting and such has been thought of and all… erotic implies artistic to me, and I have no artsy talent or streak in all such matters… if you ask me, mine were really just plain normal, ordinary – just me, perfectly imperfect 🙂 But you certainly have an artistic streak in you about photography and that's cool. You can surely feel encouraged about the desires God has placed in your heart and the talents and gifts He has endowed you with. Feel free to enjoy yourself with your heart set on Him in everything! God bless you!

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Ps: "We have been "wonderfully created" in all our variety and yet our bodies are made to fit together too." – I absolutely love how you said this, Beachlover Guy!! Thanks again for sharing from the heart with me/us and for your encouragement! Your comments blessed me.

  3. Juicy says:

    Phew, that was amazing! I also love when I am in control pleasuring my husband and he is aching. He has a love/hate relationship with my teasing but it really brings him a more intense climax.

    To be able to be confident enough to do this while fighting off some demons from your past is a true testament!

    Urgh….. I have not been intimate with my husband in almost a week and I have been aching for days for him but our schedules have been hectic this week. With inspiration from this story, I may not give him a choice tonight!

    • Belleame says:

      Thanks Juicy! Once I got into it, it was some major fun being so mischievous!
      Fighting those demons has gotten a little easier -praise God. What really helped me was Song of Songs 2:15
      I hate when our scheduales don't line up and life in general keeps us apart too! Make it happen and go get 'em tiger! 😉

    • Juicy says:

      I have been trading sexy texts with him all afternoon and basically threatened (teasing of course) that I was going to orgasm tonight either by him or by my vibe……his choice!

    • Belleame says:

      Hahaha, love it! We had a week like yours last month. I resent him some of those videos in this story and one new pic holding up his choice of thong I should wear that night. I was so horny I practically begged him for a romp – which worked out in my favor! Have a fatastic night, Juicy!

    • Juicy says:

      I had a fantastic night!! I wrote a story and submitted it already! Boy was I on fire and nothing was going to put out the fire except an explosive orgasm (or four!). I am a happy woman!

  4. Lovinghusband says:


    This was amazing! So perfectly planned and executed – all while trusting God for the grace to carry it through – and by His grace you did! What a testimony of seeing God work over time – to finally bring a degree of healing that led to this

    Your husband's discipline to not come after you during the day is greater than mine!!

    Can't wait to hear what continues in this new season! God bless you. LH

    • Belleame says:

      Thank you Lovinghusband! I'm so glad we have this amazing platform to share God's glory, healing, and grace to be a witness for others who don't fully realize the gift sex is in a monogomous marriage.

      Hahaha, I think the only reason he didn't come after me earlier was that our day was so busy there was just not really a good opportunity for a quickie. But like I said, he thanked me twice that night. Totally worth the wait and build up!!!

  5. Gracie says:

    Wow Belleame, great story!!! I love your confidence. I know I wouldn't be able to do half the stuff I do in the bedroom with my husband if wasn't for the help of God. Love that you prayed about, that always help doesn't it.

    • Belleame says:

      Thank you Gracie! My confidence has grown, but insecurities still like to creep in. I am definitely more confident because of committing our intimate moments to prayer. I love that God gave us such an amazing gift, and it's ours to enjoy to the fullest! God bless your marriage Gracie!

  6. Lovinghusband says:


    I'm still drinking in the view of my wife's pussy, clit, and especially how her pussy is made and looks. I know it in part. But what it fully is – I have to drink it in bit by bit!! I love the regular installments of learning her pussy! God bless LH

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Thank you for sharing, LH!! It is absolutely fascinating to me to think about how rich and deep the experiences in all this are going to be!! And I consider it such a blessing that we get to fully share this unending, magical journey of discovery with our better half, with the love of our lives in every moment! I know I will not only be so amazed and fascinated by discovering my beloved's canvas but experiencing how he will discover mine intricately and will (hopefully) be amazed, fascinated and totally delighted by it to no end himself is so mesmerizing and beautiful a thought to me! I just wanna thank God for this blessing right now already!!

      I have moments where I still feel nervous to head into this chapter of my life, for I'm well aware that it will be a game-changer on so many levels… I mean, I will be changed through the experience… no doubt about it… and still I am so excited about this!! I don't ever wanna cease to discover my future husband's canvas, his body, my God-given treasure to behold and cherish… I have a hard time to contain my excitement about this now that I have finally found for myself the love of my life, the man God gave me, so I heartily believe. The struggle is real – I'm torn about making my choices… wanting to make the right ones… not wanting to put the relationship at risk in some way while still being myself so sure at heart and crazy in trust to God that this is it. Working (or rather brachiating) my way through this still 🙂 God bless you!!

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Just to share, that I've finally realized I've strayed too far… I will pull back from the path I've begun to actively plow into.

      LH, you were right from the beginning – thank you for being an unwavering voice for the Word always and for correcting me whenever I need it! God bless!! 💝

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Passionate, I praise God for His grace working in you! Your words so encouraged me

      This is how life with God is – Him lovingly correcting our steps

      You are much loved dear Passionate

      God is blessing you! LH

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Thank you so much, LH! I am way grateful for the love y'all have towards me! I am for life thankful for His mercy and Grace – I honestly would be so lost without them… without Him. Scary how close I was to just flat-out disobey God… I had one foot already in… what's most scary is that I knew that the one reason speaking against my "plan/idea" is that it would be against what God would want, and still the temptation to follow through on my plan was so strong that I kept dismissing the one reason that wouldn't allow me to do it and pushed for the many reasons I played up and down in my mind that would make it sound like a great idea… it's sad that in this moment of choice, I have shown unfaithfulness towards God because my soulish yearning and the dreams I had all nurtured to no end had taken such control over me that I couldn't find the grip to keep them in their proper place anymore after having been closer than ever before to seeing the miracle I had been working towards and praying for happen. And I'm grateful that the Word proves true yet again, for God is faithful, even when we aren't! Unfailing love, unending mercy. How great is our God! Grateful that He never lets go of me and keeps working on me 🙂

  7. Steller says:

    Very steamy story that I could only dream have happen to me. I love my wife dearly and am fully committed to our 34 year marriage, however, she is very conservative and not comfortable with trying new ideas. So, I enjoy this site… and dream.

    • Wonderingheart says:

      That story was breathtaking. The intensity and desire was amazing and the love and the sensuality expressed was incredible. Thanks for sharing and it and i am breathless from it. Fantastic indeed.

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