Best Date Night Ever

I walked to the car in a cute summer dress with nothing on under it. With my hair, down with curls, and shoes with wedge heels.

Then we drove to the restaurant, as we were waiting for the table I whispered in my husband’s ear, “I’m not wearing any panties.” I saw a twinkle in his eye and he just smiled. We sat down in a little corner booth, we both ordered a drink and another one right afterwards.

Then we ordered our food and he scooted over closer. He put his arm around my neck and grabbed my breast. “No bra either I see,” he whispered. It was chilly and my nipples were so hard. He put his hand on my knee and slowing rubbed his hand up my thigh. I smiled as I uncrossed my legs. Then ever so softly, he slid that hand over my clean-shaven clit as I squirmed in my seat, he slides between my legs and slowly flicked my clit. I quietly moaned as he pushed one finger into my wet pussy and caressed my g-spot. I instantly became wet. Then when he slid in a second finger and I forgot anyone was around. It felt amazing.

About that time, the waitress come by and asked if we needed anything. Both of us looked up and said, “Yes, another round and some water, please.” When our food and drinks arrived, he licked he fingers and whispered, “I hope your appetizer was good.” You could smell my cum all around, we finished our meal and climbed into the car.

I looked at his jeans and he was clearly rock hard. I slid down the zipper and released his cock from the tight jeans. I leaned over and took the whole cock deep in my throat. I wanted more, so I leaned as far over as I could with my bottom in the air. While sucking his cock, he grabbed my hair, took control of me, and said, “Suck that cock, my sweet little girl. You better listen or I’ll give you a spanking.”

I love when he takes control and told me what he wanted! As we passed cars on the road, everyone was getting one heck of a show. He pulled into the next parking lot and I stopped before he came all over my face. I looked at him and said, “I’m not finished with you yet, but you have to wait a little longer.”

We walked into a lingerie shop and they have private dressing rooms where the men can see you model the outfits. I went and grabbed a few that I knew he would like. First one was a short little shirt with thigh highs and red high heels. The top was a push up bra and panties that said “SPANK Me.” I came out and he were grinning from ear to ear.

One of the ladies who worked there brought us some champagne, we drink some and giggled. They had a pole so I did a Little dance, leaned over to “fix me heels,” smiled, and returned to the dressing room. The second outfit was an all-black leather push-up corset with thigh high tall heeled leather boots. I modeled the outfit and he just stared at me like I was the prettiest women in the world, and began to caress his cock. I walked over to where he was sitting, gave him a kiss, and then he asked me to spin around. He just smiled and stared at me, I came over and sat on his lap and stroked his amazing cock over and over. The head was blue from being so hard and being teased for so long. I slipped off my leather panties and slide his cock in. It felt so good, but he said, “No, not yet!”

The next thing I remember I was back in my clothes and we were walking by the river. We sat on the bench and he told me that he had never been so hard before! I came over for a kiss as he pulled me on his lap. I unzipped his pants and slid that hard cock out. I was so wet it was so easy for him and his cock to slide between my hot lips. I couldn’t stop sliding up and down and the harder he thrusted in me the more my tits bounced, more they bounced the harder he thrusted I came over and over again.

The front of his pants was covered in my cum and his cock was so wet. I climbed off him and licked him clean right in the middle of the park. I zipped his pants back up and we walked to the car. We both were so quiet the entire way home, I am pretty sure we were thinking what had occurred must have been a dream. We climbed into bed and cuddled. When we woke up the next morning, we were so horny because of what we did the night before.


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  1. Ilvmywife69
    Ilvmywife69 says:

    Very hot! I doubt my wife would be up for the bounce in the park, but when it warms up this may be a date night try. Especially the restaurant and lingerie shop! Very good story!

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