Waiting on Santa

On Christmas eve we always go to my parents to spend time with them and let the kids open presents. This year the plans were made, the gifts were purchased and everything was ready to go. We were going to be at my parents around lunch so that we could be done in time to leave around 5 to attend our Christmas eve service. For some reason plans are rarely kept with my family so my family decided that we needed to change the meeting time to 6 o clock which meant missing our church program. Needless to say my wife wasn’t happy as she was looking forward to the Christmas eve program. We thought it would be best to suck it up and just go at 6 to reduce the amount of tension as well as try to leave early enough to get the kids in bed. The time spent with family was good and tension was at minimal levels. We made the hour drive home and put the kids to bed so that Santa can do his thing and we can get some sleep. Ironically my son who normally falls asleep in 2 minutes or less was still awake at 12:00 anticipating Santa’s arrival. I walked into my bedroom after verifying my son’s alertness and my beautiful wife is laying cross ways of the bed on her stomach wearing her normal sleeping attire of panties and a t-shirt.

I immediately crawled onto the bed and straddled her hips. I gently started working the tension out of her neck and shoulders. As the tension was being massaged into oblivion her moans of delight began to turn me on. I soon found myself hard with my dick being enveloped by her panty clad butt cheeks. Let it be known, we havent tried anything anal other than light touching so this is not an anal exploration story. As she would squeeze her butt cheeks the tightness and intensity would drive me crazy. After a couple good squeezes my beautiful wife says to me,” I am very wet, maybe we could have a quicky while we wait on him to go to sleep.” At this point i bounced out of bed and locked the door.  While I locked the door my beautiful wife removed her panties and spread her legs on our bed.  I crawled onto the bed and easily slid two fingers deep into her pussy while my tongue found her sensitive little clit.  I continued to feast on her lovely wet pussy while my other hand tweaked her rock hard nipples.  While I was totally engaged in removing all of the day’s stress and tension from every nook and cranny of my wife’s sexy body, she was stroking my rock hard cock.  Soon my wife pulled me closer so she could suck on me while I continued to get her closer to orgasm.  After a short time I felt her pussy start tightening around my fingers and I knew her orgasm was close.  Her moans intensified as her orgasm exploded throughout her body.  As soon as she came down from her orgasm I lined my rock hard cock up and slammed it deep inside of her making both of us moan.  We were in unison, as i would push down she would push up giving her every inch i could give.  Soon my intensity grew as i felt my balls tighten and I came deep inside her.

We lay together in sexual bliss and I prayed thanking God for a wonderful wife, a beautiful family, and wonderful sex.  After our quicky romp, my wife said,” We need to make this a new tradition!”   What better to do while you are waiting on Santa?!

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  1. Gracie
    Gracie says:

    I would agree with your wife, what better thing to do while waiting for Santa! Great story, looking forward to hearing more from you.

  2. hornyGG
    hornyGG says:

    This was a hot and fun story. I once got screwed by Santa. Well, actually it was Ben dressed in a Santa suit ( fake beard and all). Kinda kinky I guess but a whole lotta fun! God bless and STAY HORNY always.

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