After Shower

23rd of August, 2015.

When it’s After Shower, you know what’s coming after your shower. Or should I rather say “our” shower…?

The memory of that night remains in my deepest of memories. Because it’s not the shower that was out of the ordinary, but what came after that. The way we teased one another when we’re cleaned up and ready to go to bed. The way you looked and stared at me and told me how beautiful you found me; all of me. The way you then came closer up to me, completely naked, staring into my eyes, lifting both hands up to the sides of my face and kissing me with the most tenderness of love that I have experienced. You explored my inner fears, feelings and vulnerability.   All of that by only one soft kiss. What more were you going to do?  I didn’t know at that exact moment, but I probably could’ve guessed just by the fact that your hardness down there touched my inner thighs.

“Lovie, I love you, and you know that. But each time we make love and become one and share our inner souls, I love you even more because we are meant to be. Of that, I am more than just sure.”

So after your extraordinary kiss, I kissed back. And wasn’t that just amazing- because I realized how much I wanted you. How much I needed you. And how much I couldn’t wait for you to be inside of me. Your hands caressed my back; your hardness kept growing, and my lady place became warmer. Warmer for you. Warmer for your love.

After a while of teasing, loving, caressing and tenderness, you picked me up, and I brought my legs around your hips, holding a grip with my inner thighs, and you lifted me to the perfect height for your hardness to enter my lady place. Seconds seemed to stand still, allowing our thoughts to dance around, exchange happiness and falling even more in love. Seconds didn’t stand still, because, in a matter of time, you were inside of me, giving me the one thing I love most- your love. With one thrust you gave away your ability to make me yours. Making me vulnerable to your love.

The second thrust and the third thrust after that was faster than the first, but more intense.  I whispered in your ear, “Lovie, let’s go slow this time, feeling every movement…” I tried to sound seductive to turn him more on. Something must’ve worked because his next thrust was so slow yet so intense that I nearly came that instant. Feeling him inside of me, feeling my lady place contracting and expanding at the same time, feeling this warmness against me, I knew that the night might become even better.

Before I knew it, we were on the bed with me lying on my back, you on top of me and still inside me. Your love intoxicated me in such a way that I didn’t even realize we moved from the bathroom to the bedroom and on the bed. But your sexy grin and whisper of “Tonight You’re mine to love,” softly next to my ear made me anxious to have you even more. You rested both arms on your fists next to the sides of my shoulders, and you constantly looked down to the scene of how you mounted me. Your butt cheeks contracted and expanded as you thrust each thrust, and I couldn’t help but dig my nails into your back while you loved me. Waves of excitement flowed through me, and your breathing picked up pace. Your grip of hands became stronger as you kept looking me right in my eyes- right through my soul. I loved every second of it, and it felt like I could never get enough of you.  Later on, you took one hand and rested it next to my head on the pillow, where you softly grabbed a few of my hairs and pulled it slightly. That is your way of indirectly saying you’re enjoying the moment, but you want me to come first.

My heartbeat quickened, and my body started dancing to your body’s rhythmic moves. You realized that I was close and you whispered “Cum for me,” while thrusting and emphasizing every word. My eyes quickly found yours, bouncing before me as your body moved up and down above me, and in me. I grabbed your hair and one shoulder separately with both hands and slightly pulled your head backwards while my body started receiving waves of shock movement.

Your breathing became louder and you thrust even harder, more specific and precise. I let out a soft moan and came with more than just an exotic feeling. My hips lifted to meet your thrusts halfway; my body shivered, and my head rolled back on to the soft pillow. My orgasm overwhelmed my feelings and thoughts while turning you on even more and sending shock waves through your body. You thrust harder, meeting each thrust precise, closed your eyes and whispered “I’m cumming,” sending loads of orgasmic love deep into my body.

Slowly releasing our pace, you rolled off me and laid behind me just to put your arms around me, caressing my breasts and giving me warmth all over my body.

Softly sighing, my smile turned into a grin when you whispered “Thanks for being mine, I love you,” and softly planted kisses in the back of my neck while cuddling behind me.

This, my Lovie, is one of the thousand reasons why I love you back, love you more and love you most.

Greetings & Love,





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  1. Upcomingauthor
    Upcomingauthor says:

    Fantastic story. Most of society thinks guys only like it fast and hard, but some of my favorite moments with my wife is where I take it real nice and slow and she feels it all! Love this! Also love getting "dirty" right after taking a shower. 🙂

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