I am a Blessed Man

I had driven my wife to a nearby town to pick up some supplies she had found online. Though I was tired from working all day and didn’t feel like going, I happily agreed with no complaints. It turned out to be a pleasant trip and I was actually not minding the drive and really enjoying our alone time. We even stopped on the way back to treat ourselves to an ice cream.

As I pulled onto the highway for the 30-minute drive back home, I noticed that my wife was staring at me. I looked her way and saw a very mischievous twinkle in her eye.  When I asked what she was up to, I got no reply, but the look didn’t go away. I turned my attention back to driving and tried to ignore her stare.

The next thing I know she reaches under her dress and removes her panties. She slides her dress up and starts rubbing her pussy.

“I have been going to this MarriageHeat website and I got encouraged to let my imagination go. Would you like it if I rubbed my pussy and made myself cum?’ she asked.

“Are you kidding. I would love that,” I said.

I knew she was getting very wet because she took her fingers wet with pussy paint and painted under my nose. Now I was smelling her scent while she continued masturbating.

“Can you grab my tits?” she asked.  I began gently rubbing her tits over her dress. Then I slipped my hand over the front of her dress.

“I have a confession to make,” she said. “I started masturbating about a couple weeks ago, are you ok with that?”

“You know I am,” I said.  She started to moan as her fingers were doing their best. Soon an orgasmic wave took over and I was hard as a rock as she climaxed.

She had removed her seatbelt and had laid her head in my lap. She was rubbing up and down the inside of my legs, every so often gently grabbing my balls through my pants. Well, it didn’t take long for my cock to respond. She turned her head and looked into my eyes as she slowly undid my jeans button and then slowly lowered my zipper. Now this was getting very interesting.

Her hand slid inside my jeans and she began massaging my now rock-hard penis. I was trying very hard to concentrate on driving, but it was getting increasingly difficult. She then pulled my jeans down just enough and pulled my cock out of my underwear. There I was driving down a major highway with traffic all around and my erection fully exposed. What a complete turn on.

She looked up at me one more time and then went to task. She licked my cock up and down applying plenty of drool. She ran her tongue around under my head very lightly a few times, and then up and down the shaft. Then she guided my head into her mouth and gently sucked. I let out a soft groan and nearly closed my eyes from the pleasure, but I had to keep driving.

In and out she sucked the head of my cock, then slowly more and more of my shaft disappeared into her talented mouth. She has a way of swirling her tongue around my head as she takes me into her mouth and she uses just a little bit of teeth as she pulls it out. Faster and faster she fucked me with her mouth. I was moaning with every stroke and she was sounding like she was enjoying every moment as well.

It didn’t take long for me to reach the moment of orgasm. She felt the telltale spasms begin to run through my shaft and pulled her mouth off just in time. She grabbed me with her hand and stroked me to an explosive orgasm right into her mouth. She swallowed. She never did that before.

All I can say is I am a Blessed Man!


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  1. Achingturtle@gmail.com
    Achingturtle@gmail.com says:

    Sexy. So many bj on the highway stories. I just don't understand how you all live to tell the tale, lol.

  2. Gracie
    Gracie says:

    Thank God for MH!! I love the mission of this site, and how it's blessed and liberated so many couples in their marriages. Thanks for sharing this great story, BlessedMan! Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  3. Marie Lister
    Marie Lister says:

    I enjoyed your story very much. Sounds like a "Pleasure Trip" to me. I have no idea how you kept your car on the road. Is this or texting more dangerous? Keep your stories cumming. LOL!

  4. TD-CEO of Sex Toys Store
    TD-CEO of Sex Toys Store says:

    This is such a sexy story and it is really nice to hear that regardless of the situation you and your wife was able to enjoy each other sexually. This is a great way to spice up the relationship and keep things exciting. I hope you have many more orgasmic rides with your wife and yes you are blessed!

  5. Bolayemi
    Bolayemi says:

    Great story. I introduced my wife to marriage heat 4 plus years ago but, (sigh) she is still lukewarm about sex. While she enjoys it and orgasms when we do have sex, she is too inhibited to take the initiative or to even touch herself to help me out from twisting my wrists excessively. So when I read about bold women like this, it amazes me. But please be safe. 🙂

  6. Lovingcouple920
    Lovingcouple920 says:

    Great story, it turned me on as read it. I love giving my husband "road head". It is exciting to think we might get caught by another driver as I masturbate or suck his cock.

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