hot monogamy wife

New York Hot Monogamy Wife

Hot Monogamy Wife

We moved to New York City. At first, I did not like it. The corporate environment threatened me. I worried that my husband and I would loose our sizzle. All was not bad. I enjoyed Redeemer Presbyterian Church. The school we picked was great, and our kids seem to be doing well. Sex was slow at first. My husband was caught up in a new busy routine, where he was traveling more. Thankfully, they have a corporate jet that brings him home sooner.

In early February, I made the decision that our move to NYC would be a good thing. The apartment was finally all set up. I was ready to learn how to be my husband’s New York Hot-Monogamy wife. Our apartment is only a five-minute walk to the office. That means my husband can come home for lunch when he is free.

The week after Valentines Day, at lunch, I made the announcement that fit right into my husband executive personality.

“Now that I am settled, I want you to command my sexuality. I get turned on by your commands,” I said.

“You sexy girl. Are you sure?” He said.

“Oh, yes!” I said. My pussy was getting wet as I said this.

“Touch yourself right now,” he said.

I pull up my white dress and starting petting my pussy over my panties.

“I want you to think about something before you cum,” he said.

I let my dress drop and took my hand away from my pussy.

“You are such a control freak. What happens if I cum?” I snorted.

“You will be signing up for a cause. If you start playing with yourself after you hear about the cause, I know that you are all in! Will you surrender yourself to this mission?”  He asked.

“What is the cause?”  I asked.

“It will include lots of sex,” he said.

“Ok,” I said. Some of you may think, I am crazy. Understand this. I am very horny. I love masturbating. I love getting licked or fucked. If I were not a Christian, it would not be good.  Thank you, God! As long as my husband does not share me, I will usually do anything.

“I have a social justice issue I want to work on,” he said.

“A social justice issue?” I asked. My husband gets crazy ideas.

“We have been here for a few months. Some very attractive women have made passes at me. Some of the men and women have been unfaithful to their marriages. The feeling that many have is that marriage is the death of hot sex.” he said.

“Go on. I do not understand,” I said.

“You know that I like winning,” he said.

“I want to have fun, but not judgementally flaunt a hot-monogamous marriage. The perceptions of Traditional marriages are being attacked, let’s have some fun counter-attacking those perceptions,” he said.

“I am beginning to see your plan,”  I said.

“Yes, since we are married, you can visit me at the office and subtly engage in your hot-monogamous sexuality, I can return the vibe. Since we now make more than we can spend, even here in NYC, buy that Ivanka low-cut dress. After I fuck you standing up in my office, for instance, at some lunch hours, be subtly transparent without obviously revealing your post-fucked state of being.”

I could viscerally feel my pussy getting wet for social justice. I was going to be a campaigner for hot monogamy rights!  Instead of boycotting something, I was going to campaign for something. Instead of public protest signs, I was somehow going public for the cause of hot monogamy.

I was also excited about buying the “protest” uniforms, that is the outfits and other tools for the revolution. I was going to be a “freedom” fighter for hot monogamy. I knew I found a cause I could get into in NYC.

“Do you want to do this?” My husband asked.

I took one hand and lifted my dress, and the other hand went over to my pussy area. My moist panties revealed my enthusiasm to be a “community organizer” for hot monogamy. I like this kind of hot “movement” if you know what I mean.

Soon I was getting lost in touching my pussy. I sat down and spread my legs giving my husband full view of my commitment to this national cause. He released his member from his pant, and his member was standing in attention. As he and I were masturbating our passion, we were experiencing pleasure, but a pleasure higher than ourselves, for God, for marriage, for our country!

I pulled my pantie off and continued my caresses. He walks over to me giving my the non-verbal cue to take his tool in my mouth. I took it right in, while still caressing my pussy. I was now multi-tasking in the “movement.” I was getting close to cumming.

“I want you to cum with your fingers,” he asked. “I want you to sign up for this cause with your hands”.

I quicked my caressing while still taking his dick in my mouth. I have never cum while also doing oral sex on my husband. I continued losing myself at this moment. I felt the wave starting to come over me, and then this wave immersed me with hot-monogamous pleasure and release. My husband knew I had given my signature to our project; at one moment in my climax, I was moaning in pleasure over this member, screaming into his skin.  I wanted to drink from his cup now.

I took his cock in my hand and looked him in the eyes. “Cum in my mouth, baby,” I begged.

I inserted his cock back into my mouth and did my thing.

In a few minutes, he shot social justice down my throat.  I drank it all up! We partook in our mission!

I am looking forward to my adventures as a New Your hot-monogamy wife.




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8 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I love New York, my husband and I used to have an apartment there, when we went on our vacations there. This was such an erotic story, thank you! God bless dear

  2. ladygarden says:

    This is a wonderful, creative and sensuous story, great job whoever wrote it! Strawberry? Bravo. Loved how you celebrate hot monogamy and how you signed the contract and agreed to work for this "social justice cause," lol. And how you demonstrated your commitment to "being all in." Outstanding. You both seem romantic, erotic and professional in your relationship and commitment to hot marital sex.

    Really admired the picture too, the white panties and how she is attempting to cover her modesty with her hand; would have been fine with me if she did that exact same pose without her panties. Either way, the image is innocently romantic and erotic. Sweetly hot.

    Ladygarden (Kay)

  3. Strawberry says:

    Thanks Harper, So far, We like NYC. A little crazy and busy at times. Your stories are so inspiring to me. Ladygarden, your fun hot monogamy life stories also so encouraging.

  4. Gracie says:

    Great Story! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures as a New York hot-monogamy wife.

  5. Lovinghusband says:

    "He shot social justice down my throat"…

    What a line! What a mental picture! So hot! LH

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