Spontaneous Valentine Delights in a Candy Box

My wife and I just recently enjoyed a rather spontaneous, but very hot and sexy Valentine’s Day evening that I couldn’t resist sharing the adventure. We both had tried throughout the day to spark a special idea for this special day, but no light bulbs were coming on in the planning department.

When late evening arrived with the kids all quieted, we just started with pulling out our massage table and setting it up in our bedroom along with some candles and a space heater to warm up our otherwise cool bedroom from the cold winter. We took turns giving each other full body massages (had bought her some special lotion for the occasion) and just generally connecting after a long day.

As a last second idea I had taken a few candy hearts that have the little messages on them and written with pen on the other side of them some more suggestive sexy messages. I realize they actually sell these already written on but didn’t have time to wait for those to get shipped to me so I opted for making my own.

After the intimate, soothing time of the massages, it was time to turn up the heat with the hearts. We took turns picking candy hearts from a container and then doing whatever it said, or actually doing whatever you wanted it to mean. Other than putting a couple aside for the end (such as “cum inside me” and “take me now”) so that we could experience all the foreplay-related hearts, here are some samples of the messages on the hearts and how we enjoyed them.

“Lie on Me” was a good one to start with as we had the first opportunity for our bodies to be close together while we kissed, put our bare chests in contact with one another, and as I lay on top of her grinding my hardness into her pelvic area.

“Touch Me”- this was actually one of the first hearts, and since the massages had been almost exclusively non-sexual touching, this was the first opportunity to touch each other’s special parts. I stood next to the massage table she was still lying on and slid my hand inside her skirt and panties to feel and spread her wetness while she rubbed over my hard cock on the outside of my satin shorts.

“Rub Tits” – no questioning what this one meant so I again while standing by the bed she closed her eyes and I enjoyed her breasts. I first enjoyed exposing them, raising up her silky blouse and finishing the removal of her bra, before kneading, rubbing, pinching her nipples, all the things I know she loves.

“Suck Me” – as planned, I was glad I got this one and she lied on her side on the table as I pulled down my shorts and exposed my hard rod in front of her face. She sucked up and down more aggressively than she usually does while I eventually started thrusting in and out of her mouth, and eventually after incredible pleasure for 2-3 minutes we moved on.

“Lick Me” – no doubt what that one meant either. She lay back on the table while sliding closer to the end where I could have perfect access to her glistening pussy. As my hands went under her butt cheeks, her legs moved up over my shoulders and I went to work (if you can call such pleasure work). I gave her several minutes of a tongue lashing just as she likes it, alternating between light flicks on her clit with long slow licks top to bottom, pressing my tongue as deep as possible in her, and short sucks back up on her love button. Eventually we moved on though as I knew there were other hearts that would get my tongue back between her legs later.

“Pics Time” – we took a short break to snap a couple photos, first of her hand wrapped around my hard cock and a second one of my hand sliding over her mound with one finger pressed into her love canal.

“Milk Time” – no, this did not require a trip to the frig. She is still nursing our youngest child and loves when I suck her tits and taste her sweet milk. She moaned in pleasure as I squeezed and sucked a little taste from both of her luscious boobs.

“Spread Em” – since we were still holding off on making love fully, I took this as another opportunity to taste her love juices. She sat in a little different spot this time sideways on the table so I could eat her again from another angle.

“Ride Me” – you will see the theme here. I originally wrote this for her love of riding me cowboy style when we make love, but again with more hearts still left in the container, we decided to wait on that. Again, however, I talked her into sitting not on my cock but on my face instead so I would get yet another chance to taste her divine pussy delights. This time I lie back on the massage table and she positioned herself on all fours over me so I could bury my tongue inside her wetness in all the ways she enjoys.

There were a few more hearts gone through in some shape or fashion during this time, but finally we had to join ourselves together after she picked the heart that read “Open Up.” I had her sit and move to the end of the massage table where she raised her legs so I could lick her yet for another minute or two before standing up and finally pushing my penis inside her dripping love pot that she opened up for me. The height for thrusting was perfect. We were face to face and kissing, her tongue lapping around my mouth to taste her own juices on me.

We then abandoned the massage table and moved to the bed and I knew what my wife wanted most, to carry out the true meaning of the “Ride Me” heart. I lay back and she, still having on just a loose long satiny skirt and shiny matching aqua-colored blouse, pushed the skirt up around her waist and lowered her slippery pussy onto my erect shaft. She immediately then raised up the blouse revealing her tits in front of my face, and again I knew what she was most in need of, my mouth sucking at her nipples.

We proceeded to enjoy this position for some 10-15 minutes of heavenly bliss, with her on a couple occasions letting me know she was about to orgasm. We often cum together when she is on top, my final release being the last push she needs to go over that wonderful edge, but I have to admit this time my own effort to finish was a bit half hearted as a envisioned completing the night doggy style. She ultimately pushed one of her tits into my mouth again and pressed herself into me, so I both aggressively gnawed at her nipple and rhythmically began thrusting upward as hard and as far as possible into her love hole. The combination pushed her to her orgasm, which she enjoyed with moans and thrusts against my hard cock while I just kept pressed up into her as best I could.

“Oooh, that felt great!” she exclaimed as her body relaxed, which was followed by my favorite words, “Now, where do you want me?”

“On all fours so I can enjoy you from behind,” was my immediate reply. We quickly repositioned and after a couple seconds of enjoying the view of her inviting vagina, I placed the head of my penis at her opening and slid in effortlessly. I could have enjoyed this for another 10-15 minutes but promised her I wouldn’t take long. I alternated between hard animalistic thrusting and slower in and out movements with added downward pressure of the front base of my cock against her slippery pussy walls for just the right feeling.

“Do you like that wet pussy?” she asked sneaking a peak around at me.
“I love being in your wet pussy,” I responded with another full thrust.
“Are you ready to shoot your cum in me, sexy man?” she queried.
“Almost there, sexy wife,” I answered.

And I was. I edged close to orgasm but not quite over where I hoped to last for a minute or so, but made the “mistake” of telling her how close I was. She reached through her legs to massage my balls and at the same time squeezed her vaginal muscles and arched her back slightly to push against me and there was no longer any holding back. My hands grasped her hips tight and I pushed deep in her as the grunts and then waves of spurts from my cock began. Since she loves to watch me cum but couldn’t from this position, I let her know verbally more than usual how great it felt and the “Oh, yes, oohs, aahs” and grunts flowed out. As my body finally relaxed, she said, “Wow, that sounded like it was even better than usual.”

I pulled out and collapsing on the bed next to her replied, “Yes, right up there among the best ever, at least of what I can remember. Thank you for being my Valentine.”

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    That was HOT! It got me turned on big time! I might just go get my hubby right now and show this to him 😉 God bless

  2. Clara Olivia Thornton says:

    You might just have given me a creative idea! Thank you for that 🙂 God bless you all

  3. joydaddy says:

    Thanks for the encouraging comments. And finally two months later the massage table came back out again for another round of fun and games just recently. Might be worth another story!

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