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Sex over the Years

After over 25 years of marriage, I can look back on what is probably a history of making love with my wife an estimated 2000 to 2500 times.  I have realized that our past sex can be grouped into a few categories of how each session turned out.  I am going to take a little […]

Haven’t Done That in A While

My wife and I had little time to connect on this most recent Valentine’s Day.  Our kids were playing in an all-day basketball tournament, which made for a busy day.  I was just happy she wasn’t sick, which has seemed to be the norm on recent V Day’s. As the evening grew late, I tried […]

How Fast Can You Be?

    I lay in bed recently on a Monday night (usually one of the nights my wife and I make love), unshaven and this time ready to get right to sleep. We usually avoid intercourse when my wife is on her period, and based on her schedule, I expected that she would now be […]

Spontaneous Valentine Delights in a Candy Box

My wife and I just recently enjoyed a rather spontaneous, but very hot and sexy Valentine’s Day evening that I couldn’t resist sharing the adventure. We both had tried throughout the day to spark a special idea for this special day, but no light bulbs were coming on in the planning department. When late evening […]

Sex Game Suggestion

Here’s a fun sex game to try with your spouse. When I asked my wife about playing this with me, I referred to the game as MLB or Married Life Baseball (sports fans will realize this is a spinoff of professional baseball which is the MLB standing for Major League Baseball). The idea of the […]

Writings of My Beloved

The following was written as a personal remake of Song of Solomon’s, Chapter 7: 1-9, specifically for my wife. Once I got started, the desires for her and admiration of her just kept going. I hope you enjoy it! Your feet are as soft jewels, needing to be held with care and tenderness, to be […]

Desiring Her Pussy

My wife and I just recently added another beautiful baby girl to our large family. As most parents have discovered, there is a cycle that our sex life goes through during the pregnancy and after the delivery of the baby. For us, my wife is quite fatigued during her first trimester, but when she comes […]