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For many years, Friday has been a night we enjoy our married bliss (along with Monday night, typically) despite the rigors of running a large family. This week was to be no exception, but this time my wife suggested an accompanying date.

“Great,” I said, “and you can come up with anything special you want to include.”  My hope was that something would get her thinking sexually about how she can please me, because that actually seems to get her the most excited and ready.

When she gave me her idea, it was “Let’s drive the van somewhere and make love in the back.”  Wow, she was really feeling risky tonight! She had mentioned previously her fantasy of making love in the back of our van, so that part didn’t surprise me. We planned an ice cream dessert at a nearby restaurant after the youngest kids were sleeping, and I was to plot out a place to “park.”

In preparation, she showered and presented herself in a short skirt complete with thigh-high panty hose and high heels, revealing the legs and backside I adore. Her sheer black blouse with her nipples protruding excited me even more for the evening ahead.  As we left the house she donned a light sweater, appropriate for the evening temps and to cover her top better while in public, and we headed out the door.

My mind was still working on a plan for after the ice cream. We were relatively new to this city, and I definitely did not feel familiar with the best “hiding” spots nearby.   We climbed into our 15-passenger Chevy Express van, and she revealed her next surprise for the night.  Before buckling up, she hiked her skirt up towards her waist, turned her legs toward me and spread them to display her pantyless pussy.

“I bet you are looking forward to this after dessert,” she offered seductively.

I responded, “I think that will be dessert as soon as we take care of my hunger!”  My lovely wife was feeling a bit playful and naughty, probably a bit wet already as well, and I loved it.

We needed to drive only a short distance to get to the nearest Culver’s restaurant. There we chose our favorite flavors of ice cream and decided just to take the ice cream back to the van. She felt a little uncomfortable dressed as she was, especially knowing some of the local church youth (and friends of our own children) worked at that particular establishment and may wander out from the recesses of the kitchen at any time and see her.

We climbed back in and sat next to each other in the first bench seat, mostly hidden by the dark privacy windows in the passenger section of the van.   We chatted, kissed occasionally, and even let our hands wander a bit between bites.  When we finished our snack, the moment of truth came.

“Well, where are we heading?” she inquired.

“We could, well, ummm, maybe, let’s just . . . head home,” was all I could say.

“I agree,” she quickly replied. “That’s probably the safest place.”

So our driveway was going to be the place and fortunately we both agreed without question.  Though we live on a crowded suburban street, we do have a long driveway that reaches almost around to the back of our house, away from cars passing on the well-traveled street.  That would also put the van at a spot where the older kids in the house would not likely see the van because it was usually parked on the side of the house, not hiding around the back.  We were just hoping they would all be distracted when we came back into the driveway and not suspect anything out of the ordinary.  With the approximately six-foot-high privacy fences all around the driveway and the dark tinted windows of the van, there was very little chance anyone would know the van was occupied by two hot middle-aged lovers exploring each other’s private parts and enjoying the pleasures of marriage.

We made the short drive home, parked the van in its planned spot at the back of the driveway partly behind the garage, and made our way back to the second bench seat from the back.

She removed her sweater as we sat close, and our lips came together immediately in passionate kissing. My hands quickly went to the spots I had been waiting to touch all evening. I started at her breasts, softly taking each tit in my hand and massaging it before focusing on pinching her erect nipples through the thin fabric of her blouse.

She cooed as our tongues continued to wrestle together.  Her hand went to the hard lump straining against my pants, and she rubbed my erection, making me purr with pleasure like a happy kitten.

At this point, I am usually the aggressor, especially since I hadn’t touched her between her legs yet. But this time she moved away from our kiss and used both hands to open the zipper on my dress slacks and find my hardened manhood hidden inside my silk boxers, which she freed.  Her head went to my lap and she engulfed my cock in her mouth as best she could.

I lay my head back, closed my eyes, and stroked her hair, aiding the movement of her head bobbing up and down gently in my lap.  This was a marvelous change as she rarely volunteers to do oral on me, though typically graciously does so for my pleasure when asked.  My fantasies were becoming realities one right after another: a wet wife in public with no panties, my bride initiating sucking my cock, all while her long-expressed fantasy of making love in the van was about to come true.

What happened next was an unexpected realization of one of my longstanding fantasies.  After sucking longer than usual on my pleasured tool, she came up and asked if I was ready for my dessert.

“More than ready,” was all I could reply.

She commanded, “Lie down and be ready for a special treat. I think it is #69 on the menu.”

I realizing our quarters were a bit tight. As she moved to the edge aisle to remove her skirt, I pulled the pins out that secured the seat in front of us, removed it, and slid it forward towards the front of the van, giving us a couple more feet in front of the seat we were trying to occupy.  I lay down on the seat sideways and she moved her pussy over my face into a 69 position, with one knee on the bench seat next to my head and the other foot planted on the van floor.  I grabbed her ass cheeks and went tongue first into her honey pot of a treat, only to find something missing – her pubic hair.  In the past I had mentioned more than once how curious I was about her shaving her womanly region but had realistically given up on ever feeling what it would be like.  But here it was: her shaved, smooth pussy lips dripping wet and begging for my attention.  I dove in with vigor to devour her and was soon enjoying a juicy treat of lapping, sucking, licking, and then sucking her clit again while her mouth found its way back to my cock sticking up boldly towards her face.  When my tongue finally started to feel some fatigue from this activity, I stopped my licking and she climbed off.

“Sit up,” she now demanded.  I did as she said, and she bent herself over, grabbed my face with both hands and planted her lips all around my mouth for a long hard kiss.  “Mmmm, I taste good, don’t I?” she smiled, knowing I loved the thought of her tasting her own juices on my face.

She then turned around so she also faced the front of the van and started to squat over me.  Her hand found my pole to guide it into her lovebox while she looked over her shoulder at me with a glowing passionate desire in her eyes.  I slid easily all the way into her and we just relaxed for a moment taking in the feeling of being intimately connected as one flesh, the way God intended.

Following the brief relaxation and our usual “Oh, that feels so good” exchanges, the passive pleasure gradually turned toward passionate lovemaking.  I grabbed her hips. She leaned forward to put her hands out on the seat in front of her for some stability, and I began rocking in and out of her wet opening.  With her weight now slightly more on her feet than all on my body, she began raising herself up and down in unison with my cock. Each thrust pulled all the way out to the tip and then plunged back into her depths.

I closed my eyes and just took in all the pleasures of the soft skin of her hips under mu grip, the cushiony feel of her bottom pressing against me and then releasing, and the perfect fit of her slippery vagina pleasuring my rock-hard penis.  My hands released from her hips and wandered around to her breasts, pulling her back a bit closer to me and tight into my lap.  She leaned over her shoulder to seek a kiss from me while my hands kneaded at her tits.  My fingers were soon pinching and working her nipples as she always loves while she sat up straight and began more of a back and forth grinding movement on my dick.  A few more thrusts like this and I could have filled her pussy with my cum, but I slowed and took my turn at having control of her.

She removed herself from our sitting connection, sat across my lap briefly, and again our faces met in an aggressive, sloppy kiss.  My hand was between her legs, finger extending into her shaved pussy, which felt wetter and certainly smoother than it ever had.

“I want you on your knees on the seat,” was my request.

“Love to,” she grinned as she moved into position.  A favorite spot of hers when not in our bedroom in the house was to kneel on a couch or chair in front of a window where she could just watch the moon and the evening stars while I enjoyed my pleasure of filling her from behind.  It worked too in the van, though the seat was not as soft and stood at a slightly different height than our couch in the living room.

As this was a favorite position for me, too, I quickly guided my cock into her pussy again. Alternating my hands between her hips and reaching around for her tits, I pumped in and out of her to my delight, or at least as long as my leg muscles could handle the strain of just being crouched under her and not resting on anything.

“Where should we finish?” I asked.

She replied, “I want to ride your cock until you can’t take it anymore!”  It was now my turn to sit on the seat and slide my butt to the outer edge as she positioned herself over me, again grabbing my slippery cock covered with her love juices and guiding it to her opening.  She smiled again at me and breathed in before she exhaled while sliding down the full length and began her movements.  We again found ourselves enjoying this position in so many ways, not wanting it to end, yet wanting all the feelings associated with the ending.  Could we both hold it and share our orgasms at the same time?

My hands were everywhere at different times—groping her breasts, then pinching one nipple at a time while pulling her soft ass in tighter to me, or rubbing both nipples simultaneously, reaching up to caress her face or run my fingers through her long, blonde hair.  She pressed her breasts to me, for awhile locked in a kiss, then with her head tucked into my neck as we held each other tight. Our groins grinded together as we rocked in rhythm.

With a long reach of my left hand, I was able to feel all the way around her back side to the juices flowing out of her, soaking my cock and now lubricating my middle finger.  I then slid that slick finger across her perineum to the entrance of her anus.  I spread the juices from the finger so that it soon was easily inserted in her butt hole to about the depth of my first knuckle, just as she had come to enjoy recently.  I was expecting this might push her over the edge; I increased my intensity so she knew I could fill her at any time she felt ready.  She moaned a bit, her breathing increased, and in my ear, I heard the words I love.

“Fill my pussy with your cum.  I want to feel you shoot in me.”

I pressed in deep and felt the soft weight of her pussy right on the outer bottom of my shaft, the pressure point that releases my orgasm.

“Are you ready?  I want to explode in your wet pussy.  You’re so sexy, riding my cock.” I panted.

“Yes, do it.  Fill me,” came the response, and I did.  Holding tight together throughout, her body quivered in orgasm as my cock spurted and released, then spurted some more until it was emptied into her love hole.  The sweaty aggressive passion eased into relaxed bliss as we stayed connected for a couple more minutes, basking in the afterglow of our intimate connection and ecstasy.

We dressed, tried to arrange ourselves back to normal just as if returning from an innocent date, and headed in the side door of the house leading to the kitchen, exhausted and hopefully not looking too disheveled but extremely satisfied.

Our 18-year-old daughter was there making coffee and immediately asked jokingly, “Why did you take the van instead of the car tonight? Trying to waste gas again?”  She knows I am always cognizant of who was driving which vehicle so that everyone used the gas efficient car whenever possible ahead of the gas-guzzling Suburban or large 15-passenger van.  All I could do was lie.  “The van needed gas before our trip tomorrow so I just wanted to fill it up as long as we were going to be out.”

“Sure,” was her only reply.  I thought that was pretty quick retort and that she had bought it.

She started to walk away with her cup of coffee before turning back to add, “I heard you come back about 45 minutes ago.  What have you been doing in the van at the back of the driveway since then?”


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7 replies
  1. Cuddles says:

    Hot! Passionate! Sexy!

    Your descriptive writing took me on a ride in your van too, and into that sexy back seat!

    Thanks joydaddy. I look forward to more stories from you.

    Cuddles xxxx

    • joydaddy says:

      Thanks for the encouragement. Just need to have some more of these adventures to give me new material to write about.

  2. LovingMan says:

    That was a great story. And your young adult daughter knows that you still love each other after many years. That is actually being a good example to her, in my opinion.

  3. Southernheat says:

    Love the story ! Love fooling around in a car! May be embarrassing but great example for your daughter to know her parents still love each other and marriage can stay fun!

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