Wife Offers Herself To Me – Part 1

My wife had once told me that a fantasy of hers, as a teen and young woman before marriage, was to have a man make love to her passionately, possibly a little rough, and almost forcibly enjoying her body.

At the time, she mentioned it the comment just passed and we never discussed this desire of hers. Years went by until recently I asked her if I had previously heard this correctly and did she have some unmet desires that I could fulfill for her.

Here is her response she sent to me via email.

I was thinking about how exciting it would be if some unexpected evening you let your passion for me take over. Where you wanted me so badly that you told me you wanted me as your lover now. You would take me as I entered the room and hold me tight. Your arms would wrap around me in passion as you groped my body. I would be powerless to resist you as I felt your strength and passion. Anything you wanted would be yours.

You might straddle me and rub your cock anywhere you wanted on my body. You might feel it pressed tight on my legs as your weight holds me down and rubs the right spots. You might sandwich it between my boobs. You might feel it run through my hair. You might put it in front of my face and thrust it in and out of my mouth.

You might want me to show you everything about my body. You might want me to rub my boobs and pinch my tits. You might want me to squeeze my breasts and nipples to spray my warm milk into your mouth. You might want to watch me open my vagina lips to show you my swollen clit and wet vagina.

After demanding and watching me show you my body, you will partake of my body however you wish. You might partake of my milk and breasts as you aggressively suck and lick them. You might make me lie on my stomach and thrust your cock in and out of my pussy. You might… Your wish is my command.

I will feel the power of your body on me as you have your way and satisfy your desires – as you place me as you wish. I will know the force of your love as you desire me alone and are satisfied completely in all I have to offer.

Part 2 will be the story of how this request ended. I am so blessed!

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7 replies
  1. Juicy says:

    As a woman, I can tell you that YES, being taken in a primal, yet loving way, is HOT! There is something about feeling so needed, being told that you are needed, and being the only one who can satisfy that need that is so incredibly erotic for a woman. It is all about taking her with action as well as with words. Can't wait for part 2!

  2. ladygarden says:

    Joydaddy: Loved this; yes–please share Part II! Adored how she put her requests into writing and your willingness to honor them. Especially enjoyed her desire to have you partake from her milk. That really got us going this morning! Breast and nipple play with lactation is extremely beautiful and quite erotic in our view. Looking back, we loved the sight and sounds of K tweaking my nipples expressing my milk; enabling me to spray those natural streams of warm sweet goodness across his hungry lips and throbbing prick. Makes my nipples tingle just thinking about those days…

    Thank you for taking us back!

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