Passion: The Game (A)

This story includes a short mention of anal play (A).
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Since the stay-at-home order with the recent world situation, my wife and I have had a bit more time and gotten more rest. I realized it had been a while since we had ventured into anything out of the ordinary for intimate time (though sex is never “ordinary”). I had downloaded a game called “Passion – Erotic Game for Couples” on my phone awhile back but hadn’t found the right time to suggest it to my honey. Tonight would be the night.

“How ’bout a fun game with me tonight?” I texted her mid-afternoon.

“Maybe. Got something in mind?” came the reply.

“Yeah, an app on my phone called Passion, so I can show how I feel for you,” I responded. Yes, it sounded a bit sappy, but I hoped to impress her too.

“Great, I’m up for that,” her text read.

“No, I’ll be “up” for that, if you know what I mean. Hoping you are wet for that,” I saucily replied.


And thus we set a date for that evening. Finally, the kids were settled and quiet for the evening, and we convened in the bedroom behind locked doors. After an obligatory opening kiss and snuggle following her change into some sexy nightclothes, the first step in the game was to enter names for each of us. I typed in Horny Dog for me and showed her the screen. She took it and keyed in Moist Kitty before handing it back.

“MMMM, nice, hope I can make that into Dripping Pussy by the end,” I told her.

I hit START. The game is basic, alternately assigning to each partner a task and a period between 60 and 180 seconds. The instructions become increasingly intimate or passionate through three levels called WARM UP, DALLIANCE, and INSANITY.

Moist Kitty went first, and the instructions read, “Gently massage your partner’s intimate parts with the clothes on.” I lay back and relaxed on the bed as my wife’s hands went to work. I was wearing thin, nylon shorts, which showed my bulge, already hard underneath and pointing up towards my upper body. For the next 90 seconds, I closed my eyes and enjoyed her stroking and caressing me to full hardness.

The timer beeped, and it was my turn. “Tell your best erotic dream. Your partner may make it come true.” Well, at the moment, she wouldn’t make it come true, but I thought of something relatively quick since the timer only gave me 60 seconds. My dream was about her wearing a revealing sundress with no panties while we went out to eat then walked in the warm summer night at a secluded park.  My cock would come out, and she’d get on her knees in front of me, then I’d bend her over a picnic table and pull her dress up. I’d finger and lick her, then enter from behind, and… you can imagine the rest. Maybe someday soon.

Her next instruction was, “Blindfold your partner and suck and lick his/her ear for 60 seconds.” While I liked the blindfold part as we had one available for the occasion, the ear part sounded like a bit of a disappointment. But it turned out to be very sensual. She first knelt next to me for some nibbling on one side, but then climbed on top of me while she licked the other ear, ending with a whispered, “I can’t wait to feel you inside me from this spot.”

“Romantically and gently kiss your partner’s neck,” the game instructed me, followed by, “Hug your partner and kiss on the lips,” for her. On our last warm-up activity, the app said, “Lie on your stomach. Your partner will lie on top of you like a blanket. Rub your bodies together.” I think I would have preferred being the blanket and grinding my hard cock against her soft butt cheeks, but I did enjoy the feel of her satiny nightgown on my butt and back while her tits pressed into me and her long hair was draped over my head.

The game now moved into the Dalliance phase, and the first task for Moist Kitty said, “For three minutes, fondle your partner on any chosen body part.” Hmmm, I wonder what I would choose. Of course, I pulled my shorts down this time, lay back with eyes closed again, and allowed her to pleasure me with her masterful fingers for the full three minutes.

Yes, the heat was rising. My next instructions were to “Gently bite your partner on their most sensitive body parts.” I asked for her direction as to where those would be, but she just responded, “You can probably figure it out. Surprise me.” I had only to decide whether to work head to toes or toes to head. 

I decided on headfirst and knelt above her. Mostly kissing more than biting at first, I worked from her eyelids to some nibbles on her lips, then soft pecks on her neck and in the crook of her elbow. I quickly landed at each nipple, where I spent the most time. With my last 15 seconds, I slid down to pull her panties aside and just teased her clit gently with the tip of my tongue and told her I would return there later if the game allowed.

She then had 120 seconds to “Blindfold your partner and make him/her stand up. Touch your partner’s whole body with your fingertips.” I reveled in those wonderful feelings for the full two minutes before the app instructed, “Lick your partner’s hips, slowly approaching the intimate parts. Tease!” I also had two full minutes for this “teasing,” which she thoroughly enjoyed, but I think it titillated me even more; I wanted so much to get the full taste of her now wet pussy.

The game continued by directing her, “Put your hand softly under your partner’s underwear and start to massage THERE.” That meant more teasing of my hard cock, which certainly yearned for it at this point. I finally got more of what I was waiting for with the words, “Fulfill the task of your partner’s choice.” She gave me the go-ahead to use my mouth on her any way I liked, and I had three full minutes to do it. I started with a passionate, tongue-involved kiss before moving down to split the time between sucking and nibbling her erect nipples and getting the full taste of my tongue, exploring the honey pot between her legs.

The Dalliance phased finished with one more opportunity for her to stroke my cock again—though I wished it were something that would get her mouth around it).  We had to “take one minute each to spread lube or oil somewhere on your partner’s body. Then rub those parts together for another minute.”

My mind first went to the obvious of oiling up her boobs, but then I realized I had a second option: her butt crack. So I had her lie on her stomach and put a pillow under her abdomen to lift her ass slightly off the bed. Then I used some coconut oil to lube up and down the length of her butt crack and made sure her anus was nicely greased up, briefly inserting my thumb to her delight. She proceeded to sensually lube my cock and balls and finished with both hands wrapped around it, spreading the slipperiness from top to bottom. She lay back down on her tummy, and I was quickly on top of her for the final minute, my cock pressed into the fold of her soft ass, sliding back and forth to my pleasure. The timer went off way too soon on that one.

The final stage of the game, Insanity, was finally at hand, and immediately I got the treat I was hoping for. Moist Kitty was told, “Ask your partner to kneel down. Kiss and lick your partner’s intimate parts, and when the heat is on, spank him/her.” I took no time getting to my knees, and she lay down on her side in front of me. One elbow supported her head to the level of my cock while her other arm went between my legs with her hand behind me to massage my butt. Her head was soon bobbing up and down on my cock as I reveled in the view of it playing peek-a-boo in her O-shaped mouth. She eventually gave me a couple of playful spanks on my butt near the end of her time; since neither of us is into spanking, that was sufficient to fulfill the task.

My next opportunity was simple: “Fulfill the task of your partner’s choice.” Her instructions were exactly what I hoped. “I need you inside me. Come fill me up,” she whispered as she lay back and spread her legs upward in invitation. I climbed on top and quickly guided my rod into her wetness. We had three minutes of gentle, eye-to-eye missionary sex, sharing intimate passion and pleasure. My mind wondered if she’d end up sucking me again since I couldn’t remember her ever putting my cock in her mouth when it was covered in her juices.

Passion next instructed her, “Kneel down and play with your intimate parts. Your partner may join, but only with the use of the tongue.” Hmmm, sounded interesting. I watched as she got up on her knees, one hand pinching a nipple and the other hand between her legs, sliding up and down and then in and out of her glistening pussy. Halfway through the time, I got onto my back on the bed in front of her and slid my head in between her legs, the start of a 69 position. I continued to watch and listen from there as her fingers made slurping noises in her slick pussy lips just inches from my view. I then used my outstretched tongue to begin licking her vagina. I couldn’t help myself; my hands wrapped around to her ass, pulling her pussy in tight over my face as I pushed my tongue deeper into her.

“I think that is against the rules. It said only the use of your tongue,” my wife stated proudly.

I stopped licking long enough to say, “Rules are made to be broken. And time must be almost up anyway.”

She looked over at the phone. “No, 30 seconds left,” and she did the unexpected. Her body went forward onto mine in a 69 position, and I felt her grab the base of my cock, wet with her juices, and insert it between her lips. I began thrusting my hips up and down, making love to her mouth wrapped around my hardness.

My next instruction continued more of the same with, “Passionately and fervently suck your partner’s intimate parts.” I don’t recall how much time I had for that, but I would happily do it most of the night if allowed. But time was soon up, and she was given the task, “Touch yourselves there in the 69 position.”

We were a little confused precisely what that meant, but we decided we would get back into the position, and rather than doing oral on each other, each would stimulate themselves in close up view of the other. I found it quite erotic being so near my wife’s fingers as they massaged her pussy lips and clit, knowing she had her eyes glued to my hand sliding up and down my stiff manhood.

The final instruction for me (or at least, we decided it was going to be the last direction) stated, “Do it cowgirl style. You can do it both front and reverse.” At this point, we were both ready to start pushing towards the climax of the evening. She lowered her body onto me, her pussy swallowing up my dick in the process, and slowly began her pleasurable movements. While gently rocking up and down, she took the phone and checked out the last couple of instructions, just to see if there was anything else we would be missing, and then set it aside to “finish” the game. The current position and task were perfect; she loves to ride me to her orgasm, and if I can hold off, she will change direction afterward until I cum.

She was soon bucking, breathing heavily, and smiling down at me until her body quivered in orgasm. She moaned in pleasure and then relief. I probably could have burst at the same time, but I was looking forward to working up to my explosion in reverse cowboy. Since the instructions were right there giving me permission, I managed to save my cum until she turned around to face away from me. Then I grabbed her hips and began pumping in and out vigorously until I reached a boiling point.

“I’m ready to fill your pussy with my cum,” I gasped as a soft grunt accompanied my first spurt into her wonderful wet hole.

When I was finally spent, she moved off and lay back down next to me. “Who won?” she asked.

“There were certainly no losers,” I replied, as we kissed softly and allowed our bodies to recover.

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6 replies
  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Bravo! Thanks for sharing this story. I’ll have to check out this game. My wife and I have used several. But haven’t tried this one. We also find the improvising and “rule breaking” to be some of the best parts of playing.

    • joydaddy says:

      What other ones do you like? This one is pretty simple so you start seeing a lot of the same stuff over and over and some are a bit funny because the grammar is not good, but a nice part is that you can add your own activities (which I did for a couple things I was hoping my wife would be open too and she just thought they were part of the game).

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      We have a variety of ones we’ve used. They fit different purposes and moods. I was just encouraged by MH to write a post I’ve been thinking of about the different apps we use to enhance our intimacy, so I’ll hold off on naming them for now. I haven’t finished it yet for submission, so I can’t give a date but keep a watch out for it.
      We get a laugh out of some of the grammar things as well. Some of the games have obviously gone through a translator without being checked by an English speaker. Makes for some great laughs.

    • O-surfer says:

      Hi, honey. I knew this story would be appealing to you! You have definitely found some interesting and fun games.

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