With No Leg To Stand On

Every marriage is unique.

I think the dynamics of my marriage will be somewhat different to yours. My disability tends to influence every aspect of my life with my husband; not least our sexual moments. I suppose that might go without saying, but look, I’ve said it now, in case there was any doubt. And you’ll find that I go into much more detail about that, if you can bear with the awkwardness of my disability and listen to my story; the story of a simple, submissive, Christian wife… with no legs.

How do I walk? I walk about on my hands, and sometimes I get about on a skateboard that my beloved husband bought and modified just for me.

When I’m standing -or should I say, when I’m ‘vertically upright’- my mouth is at just the right height to lick his balls. My husband likes that about me.

“I didn’t want my wife to be taller than me, so I married a woman without legs,” says my beloved husband. And you might think he has a wicked sense of humour -and in a way, he does- but he is speaking from the heart. He’s not the tallest of men, and he sure didn’t want a tall woman to be his wife. I remember when we met, and I popped the question, “What features do you like in a woman?” “The shorter, the better,” he said, “So you’ll do nicely.” For all the tall sisters out there, I know there are heaps of men who appreciate your long legs, and please be grateful being the way that the Almighty made you. I’m thankful to have found a man who wanted a short woman, because that is what I am:

Having no legs, I’m about half the height of a normal woman. And notice that I didn’t use talking marks when I said ‘normal’. That’s because I’m not normal, and I know I’m not normal. I was confused for a time, because this world is full of people who deny abnormality. They might say that I, for example, am ‘a different kind of normal.’ But my husband cleared up all confusion when I asked him, “Am I a different kind of normal?” “Normal?! How can you be normal?! Normal people have legs! You don’t! Even your DNA says you should have legs!

You were a thalidomide baby, so the drug stopped the normal development of your legs when you were in your mother’s womb. You are abnormal. But you are my deeply beloved. God will not judge you for being physically abnormal, but be normal in your thinking and normal in your deeds, according to the normality which He created and commands.”

“Thank you for loving me, and for choosing me to be your wife and the mother of your children. Every time I look down, I am reminded of how gracious you are to me, and nothing you could say could change my mind: You chose me, even though I have no legs.”

“Wife, I’ve told you right from the start: It was *because* you have no legs that I married you, not in spite of it. I seized the opportunity to marry a cripple -a lame woman- someone who couldn’t get away. I didn’t want a strong, independent, self-confident, egotistical, feministic cow-of-a-woman strutting around my home in high heels and a miniskirt thinking that she owns the joint and is some kind of ‘equal’… getting in the way of my decision making and opposing my right to rule my own life, marriage, and family. Stuff that idea! So I chose someone who never would; who never could! I have always said: It will be clear who wears the pants in our marriage, because you don’t have any legs.”

“I sought God’s wisdom and help to obtain a woman who would never walk all over me, and who would never walk out on me. And I praise God, that he gave me a woman who never could walk all over me or walk out on me, or walk the streets, because she has no legs.”

He’s right: I’ve got nowhere to go, and whenever I do go out, I find that people are a little embarrassed to see me.  And who can blame them? I am an awkward creature -a human with no legs- and I’ve come to accept myself for what I truly am.  If a woman’s place is the home, how much more is the home the place for a legless woman! 🙂

My husband is so full of wisdom and speaks honestly, from the heart, and I love him for it. This world is so full of strange, flattering voices. Some have made a fuss of how impressed they are that I walk around on my hands, or push myself on the skateboard, or how great a backrub I can give, and they say things like, “I wouldn’t say that you are ‘disabled’; I’d say that you are ‘differently-abled’: Look how much you can do, in your own way.” I appreciate that they are just trying to be nice, but they are nice liars. My beloved husband doesn’t mince words like they do: He always tells me straight up, “I didn’t marry you because you were ‘differently-abled’. I married you because you are *DISabled*! I knew that in your weakness I would be strong, and in your disability I am able. I can hold you down and have my way with you whenever I want.”

Sometimes -quite often, actually- he actually holds me *up*! He picks me up and turns me upside down and cuddles me against his chest whilst eating me out. The blood rushing to my head from being upside down makes me feel more hot and horny! I unzip his pants and take out his penis and lick it, and then take the whole thing in through my lustful lips… I like to deep throat him in this position -His erected member curves up and better slides down my throat when we are in the 69 position. I wrap my arms around him and hold his bottom cheeks and squeeze down, so that his whole penis disappears into my mouth, with his two heads loving me deeply, pushing up into my throat with his penis whilst thrusting his tongue deep into my baby hole.

I give him pleasure by receiving him gratefully. And I’m doubly grateful to receive him from both ends. It makes me feel so full of him, so turned on, so intimate, so complete. I am in my complete surrender and dependence on him.

Some of you here seem to indicate that your dominance-submission never leaves the bedroom.  In my case it is more like *I* never leave the bedroom -or I am surrendered to the fact that my whole world is his marriage bed.  I need to depend on him for everything, and he is always the dominant one -the husband- and I am always the submissive one, the wife. For me, my marriage is my life.  I don’t ‘role play’ submission: I fully embrace my submissive role that God ordained for me.  That works for me 🙂 After all, there’s not much I can do, so God has removed the obstacle of the struggle with the flesh that perhaps many others face. My flesh is helpless and hopeless to bring about any will except my husband’s and my God’s.

“I did not marry you for what you would do for me,” my beloved husband declares to me. “I married you for what I would do to you!”

“I didn’t want a wife who would compete with me, thinking to herself that anything I can do, she can do better. So I chose a woman who is not better than me at doing *anything*, except being a woman: You are as good at being a woman as any other woman, because you have the same sexual organs. So I can do with you what a man marries a woman for: I can make love to you, and inseminate you, impregnate you, and make you bear my children.”

“Oh, my wonderful man, you are too kind 🙂 Please make love to me now and let my moist holes be filled with your warm seed! :D” And he did. Lifting my pelvis off the ground and turning me over into some kind of standing doggy position, I held the ground with my hands and he held my hips and buried his lovely manhood into my inner being. Shaking my whole body as he pounded me vigorously, it was not long before he was shooting his warm, seed load into me, filling my womb like a little jar being filled with myrrh; or so I like to imagine.

I know that my children will have legs, because my DNA is fine.  It was a trial drug -Thalidomide- that prevented my embryonic body from forming legs for me.  Being my husband’s sex toy and bearing his children is my purpose in life; my wifely role. With no legs, there was fat chance of me succeeding at anything else in life, so it was easy for me to reject the temptation to be ambitious. Therefore I embrace my wifely role completely. I am completely surrendered to being his dependent. I couldn’t run away from it even if I wanted to. Because I have no legs.

Nor shall it ever be said of me that I ran off with another man.

“Am I special?” I asked my husband one day. “No, my love, you are not special. People just say you are special as a flattering way to say that you are an invalid. Then they say that ‘everyone is special’. But if everyone is special, then being special is common. But special, by definition, means something that is not common. Therefore everyone who is ‘special’ is actually not special at all. And you are not special in any objective way.

Objectively, you are an invalid. You are even less fit for life than most humans: and we are all unfit for life because sin has taken its toll on us since Adam. (Yet, where weakness abounds, so God’s grace abounds and reaches down to rescue and strengthen us.) Objectively, you are just a cripple.  But subjectively, to me, I have chosen you instead of every other woman in the world. So in this sense you are special: You are special to me, and my only wife.

On the night of our wedding I marked you for myself, by thrusting my penis through your virgin hole, destroying your hymen, and by depositing my sperm into you. I have known you as Adam knew Eve, and experienced you like I’ve experienced no other woman, and my DNA has been squirted into you. You are mine like no other woman. You are special, but to me.”

Having no legs doesn’t make me better than anyone else. In fact, as my beloved makes clear, it makes me abnormal, more incomplete, and worse off than almost everyone else -at least physically. But my husband loves me just the way I am, and he is not harsh with me, but understands my disability.

Our Lord said, “Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required…” My earthly lord also understands that I can’t do much without legs, so he doesn’t require much of me. Most of what he does require of me is sexual. For example, I need to be ready for him whenever he wants me. I need to always be dressed appropriately, so that he can have sex with me whenever he wants, with easy access to my breasts and my holes.

While he is out working, I stay at home -of course!- and he leaves me a list of commands to do. For example, today he has commanded me to practice deep-throating a banana, because he wants to have his way with my throat when he gets home. And yes, I see that the last thing on my list is as expected: For the last hour before he gets home, I must think of him and masturbate, so that I will be truly desperate and aching for him when he walks through the door.

And that time is almost here, which is why, as I’ve been thinking about my husband and typing this with my right hand, my left hand has been working on my lady parts. I started by gently massaging my nipples, but soon made my way down to my pleasure hole. I slid one finger in, and then two, working deeper and deeper with each thrust. Thinking of my husband moving in me, I push deep inside and rub that sweet spot at the front wall of my vagina, and then I bring my fingers up and encircle my lovebud before sliding them deep inside me again. I’m so wet now, and my fingers speed up, thrusting in and out of me, making delicious, wet fapp-fapp sounds as I pleasure myself.

“Oh my tall man, I need you!!!” I call out, as I bring myself to orgasm… Wait up! My husband has just arrived home! I must present myself at the door for him. I’ll have to finish this story off later!

OK, I’m back 🙂

I just had a wonderful, warm time with my husband 🙂
I went to the door with no panties on, and lay down on my back, to present my glistening wet labia to my husband, who opened the door to hear the arousing sounds of my moaning and my fapping, and to see the erotic sight of my fingers pounding my hole as I called his name… My husband was so turned on, he dropped his bags and ran the few steps to beside me and leaned down and kissed me on the lips, passionately, whilst he reached down with his strong arm, and shoved two of his own fat fingers deep inside my lovehole. He cupped the heel of his hand over my clitoris and pushed quite firmly whilst circling my g-spot with his middle two fingers inside me, bringing me to orgasm… “Oohh!! I’m so glad to have you home, my man!!!” I moaned.

I reached with my hand to the noticeable bulge in his pants. “Give me your penis! I want your penis in my hole!” My husband is such a good man, always quick to satisfy me. He unzipped and whilst his pants were still on he lifted me up and stood up and cuddled me in the air, face to face with him. Only by his strength can I be brought eye to eye with him.  He passionately kisses me whilst he lowers my legless pelvis onto his rock hard erection. I moaned as I felt the tip of his penis touch and nudge and then push inside my needy hole.

Then he began thrusting up into me, with deep thrusts that I could not escape. He let out a groan and thrust his penis deep into me, squirting powerful shots of his warm fluid deep within me. How he loves to inseminate me!

But not only in that hole! The next thing I know, he lifts me off his penis and turns me upside-down and cuddles me against him with my cunt in the air and my head on his belly. “Open your mouth, you sexy, legless wife, and suck my salty, wet, cum-covered cock!” I submit, with all the desire of my heart, as he lowers my mouth to take in his penis. My mouth is filled with his flavoursome, cummy penis, and I reach around his arse and pull myself into him -or rather him into me!- forcing his salty dickhead deep into my throat. And I love it!

And now I’m bobbing my head back and forth, meeting his thrusts as he makes love to my mouth and throat! And then I feel something wonderful happen! My husband starts licking our juices from the wet lips of my pleasure hole 🙂 And then, suddenly, he stuffs his tongue down deep within me, getting our salty juices all over his mouth. I hear him moaning and carrying on, eating up my pussy like it was juicy mango, and, with my mouth full of his fat cock -finding it challenging enough to breathe, let alone speak- in the quiet place of pounding heart I thanked God for this wonderful, loving, horny man, who does me so completely like this. And as I did, I felt the pressure build up deep within me again, and I orgasmed again, letting out squeals of delight in between the thrusts of his penis in my throat.

Then, continuing to cuddle me with his arm, he reaches his hand behind my neck and the back of my head, and gently pushes my head down, bringing tears to my eyes -but I love the intimacy!!!- burying his dick head deep in my throat, and with a great moan he ejaculates filling all my throat with his seed.

His tension eases and he withdraws his penis from my throat, and I feel his semen run back down my throat, into my mouth and even dribbling out of my nose, which often happens when he does me in this position. Then, gently, my husband, my lover, lays down my exhausted, legless body on the carpet, and leans over me, kissing me all over my face, sucking up all the salty fluid that has found whatever exit it could, from my nostrils and mouth, and kissing me passionately. “You turn me on, my horny wife,” he says, “doing that at the door when I walk in! Thank you 🙂 You have no legs, but you have done well in giving me everything you do have 🙂 I am fully satisfied with you, and I am deeply committed to you, and value you as my most precious treasure.”

Can anyone else see why I love him so much? 😀

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22 replies
  1. InTheNightGarden says:

    I'm very grateful to hear what people think and how you all felt as you read my unusual story 🙂

  2. InTheNightGarden says:

    Copen1, though you are speechless -stunned, perhaps!- and don't know what to say, I hope you enjoyed the story and even had a few good laughs 🙂

  3. InTheNightGarden says:

    I laugh when reading my story and hope you do too, as you contemplate a disabled woman being so helplessly taken by her horny husband 🙂 You probably don't know if you should laugh or not, but it is my intent that you laugh and find my story to be both hilarious and deeply meaningful, and deeply erotic, though shocking. If you are challenged, inspired and moved, my goal is achieved. How did I go? 🙂

  4. OneCouple says:

    ITNG, you did unbelievable, your love, your passion and the way you and your husband share and enjoy your bodies with each other without holding back in any way, is so hot ! My wife and I (as able bodies), can learn from you, not just as far as hot, erotic marriage sex is concerned, but the way you see and approach life in general ! My wife and I have grown tremendously in the sexual arena over the last few years, we are still a work in progress, which I find both erotic and exiting, she is a super sexy woman and drive me wild to say the least ! Please keep on sharing your stories for all of our enjoyment !

  5. InTheNightGarden says:

    Thanks, OneCouple 🙂 May God bless you and your wife in ever-increasing measure 🙂
    I'll take that encouragement and get writing some more 🙂

  6. copen1 says:

    I enjoyed the story very much! My sentiments are generally the same as those of OneCouple. I am very happy for you and the relationship you share with your husband. Thank you for sharing two, (so far 😉), hot stories!

  7. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I agree, you are nothing short of an inspiration, and Praise God that you value yourself. It really made me think and appreciate what God gave me too, despite tough times I endured. So thank you for sharing this, and you are one precious woman. May God bless you and your husband <3

  8. Anonymous says:

    The way your husband speaks to you quite frankly does not seem "honest and wise," but misogynistic… I'm concerned. He says he didn't want a wife walking around who thought that she was his equal? Isn't marriage supposed to be a partnership?

  9. InTheNightGarden says:

    'Misogynistic', like 'homophobic', seems to me to be a term invented by people with a gender-bending agenda, who want to slander those who believe what Scripture teaches about gender, sex and sexuality.

  10. InTheNightGarden says:

    It is not misogynistic that a man wants a woman that knows her place. A person should not be labeled a 'misogynist' just because they reject feminism and equality: They do not hate women, but they hate the rejection of gender roles that our Creator assigned to us. "The head of the woman is the man."

  11. InTheNightGarden says:

    Is marriage a 'partnership'? Sure 🙂 But we would be enemies of God to push that this partnership meant an 'equal partnership'.
    'Partnership' in Scripture would not imply the modern notion of equality, but that both have a share (a role and benefit) in the marriage.

  12. Adam Rose says:

    What has become abundantly clear through your clever words and laugh-out-loud story is that you have spent a great deal of time sharpening your mind. Perhaps due to your disability?
    This story fascinates my inner psychologist to no end! I have always wondered how disabilities effect couple's love lives.
    You positive outlook on life is inspiring.

  13. InTheNightGarden says:

    Thanks for your positive feedback, Adam Rose 🙂
    And thanks Harper and copen1 for yours 🙂
    Yes, Adam, God gave me a sharp mind, and I do think deeply, especially about Scripture and what it clearly teaches, which is accessible through faith 🙂

  14. Ilvmywife69 says:

    Your story is extremely erotic, inspiring, and informative! It sounds to me like you have made the best of your disability! I think it is awesome that even though you have no legs, you probably have more freedom (sexually) than most people.

  15. InTheNightGarden says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Ilvmywife69 🙂 I'm glad you found my story erotic, inspiring and informative 🙂

  16. Brian White says:

    Ah… the old egalitarian versus complimentarian debate. I think we can all agree to disagree. Anonymous sounds like an egalitarian. I don't think this is a "salvation issue." I would consider myself a "soft complimentarian:" I think most Christian women are more comfortable with the man in a leadership role, but I'm not absolutist about it, and I don't think God is. Some women are gifted with leadership abilities and there are exceptions to every rule.

  17. InTheNightGarden says:

    I reason that for believers this issue was settled 'once for all', 2000 years ago, by the Word of God, and never was up for debate. "The head of the woman is man."
    Ours is to believe and be faithful.

  18. CMLove says:

    I know I'm late to the party, inthenightgarden, but I just wanted to say thanks so much for sharing! What A beautiful post of true love and understanding the truths of Biblical roles! May God continue to bless you and your hubby as you follow Him through this adventure we call life!

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