Morning Hardness

It was a Saturday morning early, I woke up with a rock hard cock, I must have been dreaming about something but I can’t remember what. My wife was still asleep and my mind started wondering, thinking back to our intimate time earlier in the week when we decided to spend some alone time discussing important options and changes that will affect our family and marriage going forward (will appreciate all Marriage Heat prayers we can get). We both just had a nice bath, the kids were in their rooms, we said our good nights to them and locked our door. We took our clothes off and got comfortable on our big king size bed, I couldn’t help but stare at my wife’s beautiful voluptuous breasts she asked for her favorite lubrication (the ones that heats up her pussy), needless to say, my cock started to grow. She was lying on her back with her legs spread, slowly starting to massage her pussy lips. I took my cock, by now it was full and hard, and started stroking up and down slowly.

We’ve enjoyed great sex throughout our 20-year marriage and I can definitely say it’s getting better and better through the years. My wife was initially very reserved and slowly but surely got confident about her body and sexuality. There was an awakening to our hot marriage sex over the last couple of years, more openness to different things, we started sexting, taking naked photos and masturbating together – thank you so much Marriage Heat Community !! I hope that we can continue growing and surrendering our bodies completely to each other as one.

We continued pleasuring ourselves as we discussed our hopes and dreams and faithfully praying and trusting the Lord to guide us with these important decisions. My wife was now softly moaning, her eyes closed and her head tilted slightly back. I stroked harder and faster, I could feel my balls tightening and cum building up, I jumped up, grabbed my wife by those sexy hips and pulled her to the edge of the bed, spreading her legs wide. Her neatly trimmed pussy looked awesome, she was now rubbing her clit fast and hard. I entered her aggressively and thrust as deep as I could, I could feel her juices flowing freely over my cock and shaft as I pulled back and entered back in, slamming my balls against her ass. After stroking her hard for some time, I pulled out of her dripping wet vagina and moved to the side to give her access to my cock. We switched hands, she grabbed my cock and I rubbed her clit, which was now big and erect. It was not long before her hips bucked back-and-forth, her legs stiffened up and she cried out…..I’m going to cum, Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuuuuckkk. She came hard, right after she opened her legs again, I rubbed her soaking pussy again and within seconds she had another orgasm, which seemed better than the first. I was close to exploding as well, I climbed over and straddled her chest. I asked her to grab my cock tightly and fuck it hard while I squeezed her heavy tits together. Before I could help it my cum squirted and shot out all over her tits, covering her nipples and dripping down her neck. I took some underwear cleaned her up and we got ready for a great night’s rest. Back to the present……… morning cock was still hard and now dripping with pre-cum, waiting for the love of my life to wake up !!!

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8 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Wow! Amazingly hot story, OneCouple! Yes, orgasms after first are always better for me too. Don't get me wrong, the first ones are amazing, and I'm satisfied with one, but when I have more… wow! And I'll pray for you, and your family. God bless 🙂

  2. OneCouple says:

    Thank you Mrs Harper, this is definitely a time for prayer for us and I do appreciate it very much ! This is the first story of our adventures, it took me a long time but I'm glad I did. I've got a substantial higher sex drive than my wife but thanks to you and others on this incredible Christian site I now understand myself much better, so much less frustration that made me a happier and whole person. I now have a healthy understanding of hot Christian married sex, no fear, no limits and pure enjoyment of each other. My sexy wife is everything I could ever want in a woman and I love nothing more than this journey between the two of us and our Creator ! God bless you.

  3. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    God bless you, I'm so happy for you! Husbands and wives can do whatever they want in their marriage bed. Anything at all! Praise the Lord for Marriage Heat! 😀 I don't know what you're going though, but I pray it's nothing serious. God love you

  4. OneCouple says:

    Glad you enjoyed the story Shawn, there is nothing like hot marriage sex between husband and wife the way God intended it. It sounds like you guys have fun together when you come back from your trips. I hope this story can get some horny action going for you ! God bless and be safe on the roads !

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