My Very Bashful Virgin Wife

It was our honeymoon. She was beautiful I couldn’t believe I was in the cab with her on the way to our room. She was in a beautiful white sundress she changed into after the wedding. I reached over to rub her thigh, as she looked out the window she smiled, “are you ok baby girl? You tired?”  She said, no she was fine and scooted closer to me but blushed and rubbed my hand on her thigh. She’s so shy I knew that I would have to be in complete privacy with her or she would hide from me.

We got out of the cab and she waited until I was next to her. I took her in my arms kissed her neck and collarbone, she blushed again and said she wanted to see our room just to explore. I followed, she smiled we talked about different people and dance music.

We made it to our room, she smiled and jumped on the bed, it was fluffy and white with lots of pillows. I laid next to her and she blushed hiding under the sheets and blankets so I’d have to find her. I slid up and down her she giggled and hid her face from me. Damn, I wanted her so bad I was very hard.

I slid my shirt off, she watched and wanted to know if she could touch me. I told her, yes, she sat up and rubbed my chest. She had never seen a man naked, so it was all new to her. She rubbed up and down on my chest and as I kissed her. I glided my hands to her her small breasts covered by her dress. I kissed down to her collarbone and stopped and pulled one of her straps down to get a better look. She blushed and covered herself. I kissed her and reassured her that I would enjoy all of her and to not be ashamed. She let me keep going. Her breasts were so beautiful I couldn’t contain my myself, and I quickly moved my mouth to them.  “Mmmmmmm… so good,” I told her as she laid back enjoying me sucking and nibbling.

I slowly unbuttoned my pants she wasn’t paying any attention she was too distracted. I was finally in my boxers, and she said I looked big through my boxers but she wasn’t afraid just curious about why I was hard or if it would hurt. She touched, blushed, and stroked as I laid my face on her shoulder. I got so excited I came while she stroked me. I told her I was sorry, she smiled and licked her hand and told me not to be and that she wanted to make me cum again. I was still rock

I was still rock hard. I wanted to please her so I told her to lay back. I had never tried oral with her. I pushed her dress down to see her cute panties. She watched trying to figure out what I was doing. She asked me not to stare, she was embarrassed, but I told not to be.

I rubbed her clit, and she jumped and said I wasn’t supposed to love her like that. I slowly pushed her legs open to lick her pussy, she squealed trying to get me to stop but I knew to be gentle. She relaxed, and I licked, sucked, and nibbled. She was shaking and moaning my name. I couldn’t stop I needed her. She was soaked.

I moved up and put my manhood in her hole, she said ok she was ready but to be gentle. I pushed, she cried out in pain and she started to bleed I knew it was her hymen. She said to keep going I pumped slow the first few times, she was so tight. I came in about 6 pumps our first round. I was still hard and she wanted to go again. She told me to move slow. I pumped about 10 or 15 times and she became so moist, mmm, I was making her orgasm for the fist time. She moaned my name and started to cum, “Kane…Kane…Ohh!!” I pumped 20 to 30 more times and I came. She told me to cum inside her so I stayed in her while her pussy gripped me. I exploded and blacked out on top of her, she smiled when we came to, she was so happy and I was too.


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6 replies
  1. Clara Olivia Thornton says:

    This reminds me a little bit of my wedding night. My husband and I were only teens when we married (I was 18, he 19) and we were a bit nervous, but that went away quickly. It was the beginning of a beautiful, hot sex life 😀 God bless

  2. kamalesh says:

    wow it was a Sweet and lovely story…..!!!

    i also want to wait for my future wife….and save my self for my love….😇

  3. Zoey says:

    Wow! Great story! Can't wait for my wedding night (which is in two days btw, God I'm nervous), can't wait to give myself to my other half.

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