Beach play

My wife and I recently took a Caribbean trip over the Christmas holiday and we found many ways to enjoy ourselves!

On the third day of our trip, we decided to take a five-minute boat ride across the water to a private island owned by the resort. We heard that it was much quieter so we booked a private beach cabana for the day. Leaving the hotel suite that morning I noticed my wife wearing my favorite swimsuit. The bottoms sit high enough to expose the bottom half of her ass without it quite being a thong and the thin strings that wrap around her hips met a black triangle of fabric that frames her beautiful pussy lying underneath.

It isn’t until we are stepping off the boat onto the sands of the private island that I appreciate the way her large breasts bounce between her golden shoulder length curls. I’ve been obsessed with this girl since the time we were kids and I still can’t get over how lucky I am to truly be unified with her now. Her gorgeous proportions amaze me as we walk the beach to find our cabana. Her 5’1” frame was created to love: perky breasts, athletic hips and shoulders, light Spanish skin, and light freckles splashed across her face.

Reaching the cabana at the far end of the beach I feel the need to bridle an early erection as Brooke bends to lay out towels on the queen-size beach bed we rented. Without my shirt on my erection would be more than obvious in light blue swim trunks. I no longer have the physique from my high school football days but at 6’4” and still athletically built I’m sure the large outline of my cock would make the approaching cabana girl blush.

Brooke gives me a devious smile as the cabana girl shows us how to lower the three privacy flaps so we won’t be bothered. As our hostess leaves us with a tip in hand, I’m left to wonder if Brooke feels the same burning anticipations for the morning as I do. I take a seat on the edge of the bed to face the water as she gets busy lowering the back and two sides of the cabana. Kicking my flip-flops off my feet I notice how alone we are at the far end of the beach…

At that moment I begin to feel Brooke’s hand sliding down my chest as she nibbles on my ear while kneeling behind me. When her hand reaches the half-erect cock I was so sheepishly trying to hide, I can feel the surge of pleasure rising from my balls as the length of my shaft begins to unfold. Brooke let’s out a giggle as I moan and she tells me she’s been thinking about my dick since she caught me dressing that morning.

“We’re really all alone baby”, I tell her as she pulls me backward into the cabana with her. I find myself on my back as she crawls over my head still in pursuit of the only dick she’s ever known. She stops on all fours while kissing down the front of my abs. With my head on the pillows, I stare up to the ass cheeks that lit my fire earlier that morning. As her hand and mouth begin to work on my bathing suit ties I can feel my nerve endings send lighting up through my stomach.

My fingertips soon find their way inside the edges of her suit near her anus. My carefully positioned finger strokes (she doesn’t like to be touched there directly) bring an exhilarated exhale from the woman now pulling my shorts down past my balls. Our size difference has never worked for 69 but as she takes my cock into her mouth I begin to pull her black bottoms down and off her legs so I’m left staring up at her delicious pink pussy. The warm lapping of Brooke’s tongue around the tip of my penis makes me tighten my ass in response.

I have always loved pleasuring her. I learned how to ignite her sexual passions several years before our wedding but we put these skills on hold when we vowed for purity in our relationship. How quickly Brooke has remembered these skills since our wedding day in 2014… she’s never gotten much pleasure from my clitoral skills, but I have become the true master of her G-spot in this time.

Moaning more deeply now she slides the length of my shaft into her warm throat as she simultaneously drops her hips and silently begs me to finger the only pussy I’ve ever touched. My two fingers slide effortlessly into the folds of her sweetness and she rewards me with the increased cadence of her mouth’s effort to drain me of the fluid that will one day create our child.

I can feel my orgasm building already as she works hard to make me cum for her. My focus sharpens so I can please her before I fill her mouth and throat the way her actions beg me for. My fingers pump in and out of my wife’s swollen pussy lips as I equate the warmth of her mouth with the luscious silkiness I feel as I fuck her with my fingers.

I curl my fingers to pleasure the soft mound of her g-spot and I hear her gasp as she momentarily lifts her mouth from my throbbing cock so close to its climax. She spreads her legs further as each thrust of my wrist causes her wetness to run down the insides of her thighs. The view of my knuckles buried into her tightness as her anus constricts to the rhythms of our fucking is enough to almost make me cum onto her face as she still gasps for air above my cock.

I keep the cadence I set for her impending orgasm as I relish the emotional closeness we gain every time we make love. “Keep going baby,” she says as she slams her hips backward against my fingers. I feel the familiar shutter from deep inside her abdomen as our history reminds me that her explosion is near.

“OHHHHH!” My Brooke moans as quietly as she can manage in the war between orgasm and the limits of sex in a semi-public place. My thrusts continue to meet hers as I curl my fingers into the magic spot that intensifies the contractions of her pussy lips around my fingers. Her soft moans align with the gentle splashes of her cum I can now feel hitting my arms and face. I’ve always been able to make her gently squirt her warm juices when I finger her from behind, and I find intense pleasure on seeing the cum spray from between my fingers now.

As she calms with the waning of her orgasm, she takes my yearning cock back into her mouth in order to bring closure to this moment together. It feels as if she fully intends to make me repay every ounce of her wetness lost on my chest by demanding I now lose control of my load into her mouth. I pull my fingers from inside the woman I love to expose a gaping pussy left expecting to be filled with my cock.

With Brook’s eager distraction at hand, I take the opportunity to lick her salty cum off my own two fingers (her insecurities never allow me this pleasure when she’s watching). My senses near max stimulation as she fucks my dick with every part of her mouth, the taste of her spent lubricant on my tongue and the beautiful view of her swollen pussy lips still parted in submission from its recent euphoria.

The moment is too much as I try to hold back my cum as long as possible. Grabbing her thighs to steady her pussy in front of my face and I tell her I’m going to cum. With one last deep throat, she pulls back her mouth to the tip of my dick to assume her favorite position when allowing me to unload my cream into her mouth. Her skilled hand strokes the shaft of my penis to intensify my orgasm and she swirls her tongue against the tip that remains inside her mouth. The feeling is electric! I can feel every inch of me explode from my balls up through my shaft…

With each pelvic contraction, I can feel my cum spurting through her firm grip and into her mouth. I focus on squeezing my balls hard so that I might fill her mouth with my warm liquid and get the pleasure of seeing her return to licking the excess off my shaft. I can feel her slobbering all over my cock and balls as she focuses on accepting the flow of cum from her man and continuing the acrobatics with her tongue. As the peak of my orgasm passes Brooke continues to suck on me with all her love until the lessening grip on her thighs signals that my explosions are finished.

She removes her mouth from my dick but loses some of my cum as she lifts her head to swallow. We both focus on redressing our lower halves before Brooke crawled up to lay with me. I notice the drips of my cum on her breasts and bathing suit top. It crosses my mind to lick my cum from her chest but I know that may make her squirm. Instead, I wipe my cum with the same fingers that I put inside her wetness and look forward to the day when her sexual inhibitions allow for more fun with the taste of our juices.

As she cuddles up against me I hope we have many more experiences like this over the next few days. I always love the Intimacy of using our hands and mouths but I’m sure I will be ready for my cock to explore her later today.

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10 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Nice story! Vacation sex is always fun! Then again, sex always is anyway! God Bless

  2. tgrcpl says:

    Sounds like you guys had tons of fun. Keeping the love life alive! Great story. Keep us posted on more adventures.

  3. says:

    Sex as God designed it! Wonderful story, wonderful! The description of your position left me with the tingles. I like to wait till I'm with my wife before doing anything though.
    The description of the moments following your sexploits was wonderful. A husband and wife enjoying Gods gift.

  4. wifeylover says:

    Thank you! I love pleasing my wife so much… She's a very eager but impatient lover though! I could honestly lay between her legs and lick her pussy for hours, but she couldn't wait that long for me 🙂 it's the details of her body that I'm obsessed with. Every sight, smell, and taste. They all drive me wild!

  5. PacMan says:

    Wow! From the ocean view to the fingering to the swallowing… I could totally imagine my wife and I in this beautiful scene. It was definitely hard-on inducing! Keep writing more like this!!

  6. Juicy says:

    Beach sex is a fantasy for so many but not easily achieved but you made it happen in that cabana! I love reading when a man speaks about his wife so sweetly!

  7. LuckyMan says:

    What a great story! The quality of your writing transmits the passion of the moment, and your love for your wife. You have so many great years ahead. As your marriage celebrates 3 years, mine celebrates 33 this year. It changes over the years, but it only gets better, if you can imagine that! Blessings on you both…

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