An Arousing Memory

As she lies next to him she wonders, Do I satisfy him? Even though he's always reassured her that he is content, she still doubts.

Maybe the years creeping past make her insecure. She remembers a time when she didn't have to worry if she satisfied her man. She was younger then and more spirited. But those days are long gone. She is more in love with him today than she was three years ago, but wonders if it is the same for him.

With all this worry and stress, it's no wonder she can't let loose with her own toe-curling orgasm. Still, she almost always makes sure he gets off. That's partly due to a fear that if she doesn't, some one else will.

What she wouldn't give to feel that passion and fire, the sexual bliss she knew when their relationship was new. She misses how they devoured each other. Raw, unadulterated, sexual attraction - thinking back on it now makes her quiver in all those places only he seems to know how to touch.

The more she meditates on those times, the more aroused she becomes. She runs her hands down her breasts. Finding her hard, sensitive nipples, she gives them a slight twist.

A flood of juices wets and warms her pussy. She dips a finger in them and rubs her clit. As she is swept away by the pleasure, a soft moan escapes her lips. She pictures the first time they met: his eyes as they glanced at her, his smile... God, his smile alone made her pussy bubble.

She pauses for a moment to lick the slickness from her fingers and savor the taste of herself. Caught up in the arousing memory, she doesn't realize her vocalizations woke her husband.

He has been watching her pleasure herself, his arousal growing. His cock throbs in time with each swipe of her fingers on her clit. He can wait no longer. Surging forward, he grabs a breast. His hungry licks and sucks bring forth even louder groans.

Lost in her fantasies about him, she wonders if her imagination has carried her away or if she is feeling his actual touch. Deciding not to question it, she pulls him on top of her.

"Fuck me," she whispers. "I want to feel your cock buried deep in my dripping wet pussy."

Of course, her husband is more than happy to oblige. He buries every inch of his rock hard cock in her pussy. It is silky, wet and begging for him. He almost loses it on that first thrust into her, feeling her tighten around him.

"Deeper," she moans. "Oh, God, yes! Deeper!"

Her pussy devours his penis, juices bubbling and flowing all over it. With each thrust, a new gush squishes out. She is so wet they can both feel the cum splashing as he plunges.

She senses his pace and rhythm increasing. Wanting to climax with him, she reaches for her clit again. She works it hard and fast, letting go of all thought, just urging him on.



Each time, he complies. The strain creases his sweaty brow. Maybe? Maybe? And then...

Electricity! She cries out as they cum as one.

Her pussy and clit throb their happiness. And her doubts are finally eased by the self-satisfied look on his face as they lie wrapped in each other's embrace.

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  1. Lila69 says:

    Mmmm! Nothing like lots of juices. Speaking of juices, your steaming hot story made my pussy extremely wet! Thank you very much, haha!

    The detail was amazing, that's what made me so freaking wet.

    I also love the sounds of my sopping wet cunt taking my hubbys big cock with each pump. His cum drenches my pussy and his cock even more. I'm a squirter, so that my explain how I'm also able to get so wet. I always end up squirting like a garden hose on both of us. Then we lick and suck my pussy juice. We absolutely love it!!!

    Do you have anymore cummin'? Please tell me you do!! 😉

  2. Lila69 says:

    Hehe, by the way for this story, I was trying to figure out which to option to choose for the oral sex poll about blowing your hubby. They always say "spit or swallow."

    I have never chosen to do just one or the other. I always do both at the same time. Spitting is great, swallowing is great, so you should have the best of both worlds! However, sometimes I like it to have him release his huge load of hot cream all over my face instead of swallowing it when he has came to me.

    On some occasions I'll let him squirt his big load in my mouth, then spit it all over him, and THEN suck it back up and swallow. We also love doing and seeing that.

    Anyway, so it's just my suggestion that you guys should leave the option to choose all 3: spitting, swallowing, and having it released all over her face.

    Let me know if you agree with what I've said! God bless!

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