Wanting Him So Badly…

It was a weekday and my husband took the day off, which almost never happens. He works very hard and even goes in when he is sick. So if he took a day off, I wanted to make the best of it!

The first thought that popped into my head was, I’m going to give it to him today. Little did he know how much I wanted him. I could barely wait until nap time for our two little ones.

All morning, the image of my husband’s hard cock consumed my thoughts. I imagined his big, sexy hands and how he knows exactly where to put them. How he firmly yet gently grabs my ass and pulls my butt cheeks apart to nestle his shaft perfectly between them. Just the idea of kissing his full, luscious lips makes me wet.

Nap time came, and the kids were finally fast asleep. I went to the closet and donned his favorite outfit: a pink plaid miniskirt for easy access, black stockings that went up past my knees, and a black long-sleeved see-through blouse, left unbuttoned. I sprayed on his favorite perfume and rubbed body oil all over my tits, pussy, stomach, and ass.

I couldn’t get downstairs to get him fast enough. I found him in the garage and beckoned him to the door. He was surprised by what he saw and was very quick to stop what he was doing to come inside for some fun.

While he was washing up, I ran upstairs to close my children’s doors. Today I wanted to be LOUD, to let it all out and not worry about waking up the kids. I wanted him to hear what he does to me. I feel I can never be loud in our bedroom because the kids’ rooms are too close.

I made my way back downstairs and went straight for him. I took his clothes off, admiring his broad shoulders, sexy chest and the big cock pointing straight up, ready for what was to come.

I kissed him and felt his hard member pressing against me. Arrgh! I had to have it in my mouth.

“Sit,” I told him and pushed him down on a bench in front of me. Then I sucked his delectable cock into my mouth. It felt so silky.

I so enjoy the feel of him. Sucking on the tip of his cock is my favorite. I like to start off slow. I have a small mouth, so taking him deep is hard for me. But I always try to engulf him. I want it all.

I started going faster, taking more and more of his hardness into my mouth. I could feel my husband’s cock getting longer and firmer as I slurped him as deep as I could.

I love that sensation! It drives me wild and I just can’t stop.

“Baby, please! Your gonna make me cum.”

As he moved away, I tried to keep his erection in my mouth. But he pulled out, then drew my face to his and kissed me deeply. He then directed me to stand over him, and his hands found their way to my pussy.

His eyes lit up when he felt how wet I was. Playing in my cum, he rubbed it all over my pussy. His finger slipped right in, and I trembled. He knows all my pleasure spots. As he fingered me, I orgasmed again and again.

I backed away a bit and grabbed his dick, wanting it back in my mouth.

“Grab my hair and tell my mouth where to go. Show me how you like it.”

With my lips wrapped around his big, hard cock, he pulled me by my hair, guiding my movements and speed. After a few minutes, we had to stop once more before he lost it.

His thick fingers went straight for my pussy again, and I swore loudly. We start talking dirty to each other, which made me even wetter. I had cum everywhere and couldn’t take any more. So I got on all fours on the bench and begged to be mounted.

My husband rubbed his glans up and down my slit. He grabbed my hair again and pulled it tight as he buried his shaft in me.

“Harder. Harder!” I shouted, screaming his name. He pulled my hair more severely, and wave after wave of pleasure washed over and through me.

Bottoming out inside me, he delivered a pleasure/pain that is hard to describe.
I kept cumming and cumming as I felt him burst inside me. I always orgasm even more when I know he cumming.

No one else can do what he does to me. He drives me wild every time, even after 12 years of marriage.

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6 replies
  1. Old Lover says:

    A description of delightful, pleasure/pain that my Anne expresses when I cum deep inside her.

    ‘Bottoming out inside me, he delivered a pleasure/pain that is hard to describe.’

    Well written, Sassywife!

  2. OneCouple says:

    What a hot and erotic story sassywife, really enjoyed it, marriage sex does get better and better doesn't it ! Please write more, God bless you both !

  3. Lila69 says:

    Wow, extremely hot. Literally made me soaked in my lady place. I don't think I'll change my thong 😉

    Please write more! Let us know if you do have anymore stories cumming!

    Keep getting that dick, girl! God bless you and your marriage !

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