It Gets Better When You Wait

My wife and I have been married for over 14 years. Our sex life has had its ups and downs, but it has always been fun. Lately, we have begun to learn that waiting to have sex for a few days makes us both extremely horny for action. We waited for 5 days recently and it was incredible. By the time we had sex, she was so horny I could hardly touch her without her having an orgasm. I took things very slow and massaged her now puffy boobs and softly sucked and licked her nipples. Every time I would lick her nipple she would gasp in pleasure. Her sensations were at a high. I finally got around to fingering her clit and she could hardly take it. She was soaking wet and moaning like crazy. When I went down on her and started licking her clit she went absolutely crazy. I don’t think she lasted much longer than 30 seconds until she had an orgasm that made her legs shake.

I, on the other hand, was so sensitive I could hardly stand to wear briefs. My balls were very swollen and they were big and very heavy. The feeling was out of this world. Pleasure isn’t the word for it. It was heavenly. When I pushed my rock hard throbbing cock into her extremely tight pussy I hardly moved until I squirted load after load into her pussy. I think there were about a half dozen squirts of cum that shot out of my cock.

After that, we both fell asleep.

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  1. PacMan says:

    True, it’s somewhat biological that holding off will increase desire, sensitivity, and even pleasure intensity. But to me it’s always just a silver lining. Hmmm. This could be an interesting poll for the community. In any given week, would you rather have TWO strong/intense orgasms or SIX avg/good orgasms (if you could only choose those options). If I had to order my sex life off a menu, I think I would choose the SIX option over 90% of the time. What would others choose?

  2. NotMadMax says:

    Add some edging!

    For her, pleasure right up to just before orgasm 5-10 times two nights before and then on the night before touch everything but the clit — slow massage and breast play.
    For him, slowly build up, then one big edge (before orgasm starts) or a ruin (as soon as it starts to feel like you're going to blow, stop and let a little dribble out while you shake and squirm).

    This makes not just the night after waiting great, but heightens the days and hours before, making me hard and the lady wet.

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