Hot Hotel Encounter

I married my lovely wife two years ago. This last week has been sizzling, awesome for both of us, with unlimited intercourse.

Yesterday, while I was at work, my babe started to feel horny. She began to sext me and I responded until both of us nearly lost control. We couldn’t wait to be in each others arms again.

While we counted the hours until I could leave the office, I called a nearby hotel and booked a room with jacuzzi. Wanting to surprise her, I asked them to arrange for flowers and cake to be delivered before we arrived. As soon as I clocked out, I went to the hotel and checked us in.

When I arrived home, my honey assailed me with sweet, passionate kisses. When I could break free and calm myself, I asked my lovely wifey to allow me to take her out on a date. I suggested that, as a special favor to me, she might shave her pussy lips and wear a bikini as her outfit along with fishnet stockings and heels.

She was shocked. She did not like to be so exposed in public, but she agreed to wrap up in a large shawl and go with me. I took her straight to the hotel and whisked her to our floor in the elevator. We entered the room and she was blown away.

And as she removed her wrap and let it drop to the floor, so was I. True, the flowers were lovely and the cake looked luscious. But, in my eyes, neither could hold a candle to my woman.

We jumped directly into the jacuzzi and started kissing and fondling one another. I unclipped her bikini top, lowering the cups and feasting my eyes on the treasures it had hidden. Then I feasted my mouth, as well!

She went wild, almost too wild. Though she is usually quite hesitant to do so, she wrapped her beautiful lips around my member and gave me head. It was so unexpected!

After our time in the tub, we toweled each other off. Then we tumbled into the crisp, clean linens and fell asleep in each other’s arm.

She is beside me right now and we are again enjoying reminiscing about our memorable night. We hope you are encouraged to surprise each other with a wild, romantic night, too!

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9 replies
    • bighead says:

      Thanks Mateee… we had two more encounters in last two weeks or so!!!! Spicing it up in marriage makes it lively.

  1. TorrHead says:

    Cool. The hotel surprise is a big win. I've played that card a couple of times and loved every minute, every time. My wife did, too. Thanks for the reminder to mix things up with the unexpected. Write some more.

    • bighead says:

      Thanks!! yes we are looking for more!!!! It is fun to be with my lovely wife. After these things started between us, we have been falling in love again and again with each other…

      Two more encounters and challenges which we did. I am busy these days will write more surely!

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